Lisa Murkowski The Only GOP Senator To Support Voting Rights Bill 1

Lisa Murkowski The Only GOP Senator To Support Voting Rights Bill


NBC News’ Sahil Kapur reports on the level of support so far in the Senate for the John Lewis voting rights bill.

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Lisa Murkowski The Only GOP Senator To Support Voting Rights Bill


    1. @Bailey Bratach Trump has MINCED YOUR BRAINS WITH LIES, MISINFORMATION AND CONSPIRACY THEORIES. I wonder, if Republicans had won the elections, would they cry : THE ELECTIONS HAVE BEEN RIGGED….

    2. @Shaylei Bellew It’s unbelievable how there are still Trump Republican Supporters.
      TRUMP: Mexico will pay for the WALL, I like to PLAY IT (Coronavirus) down, Fraudster, Tax Evader, Liar , Con Man, Cheat, Serial Adulterer, Racist, Failure….
      I will release my TAXES when I become PRESIDENT…..still waiting….

  1. Can we just have Joe Manchin and Lisa Murkowski just trade parties? Everything would be easier

    1. @Progressive Humanist HR4 is all that is needed to undo the damage caused when SCOTUS undid the original Voting Rights Act. It could be passed. HR1 has too much that is unpopular, in too much of the country, to ever become law. Why waste time on something that was never intended to pass, instead of something that fixes the problem? I’d rather win than be right.

    2. @Deborah Freedman , “I’d rather win, than be right.” Boy, if that doesn’t sum up our current politics perfectly.

    3. I rather think Joe Manchin has already switched parties; he just isn’t being honest about it.

    1. @James Smith Like the DMV? The IRS? The military budget? Taxes on sugar and alcohol and tobacco? Raising taxes on middle class? Yeah, those things all make us better off HAHA

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot why do you extremists think Republicans picking their voters instead of voters picking their reps is good? Why do you extremists think oligarchs controlling the country is awesome?

    3. @Zachary Rodriguez, how does voter ID laws equal representatives picking their voters? Nearly every country has voter ID laws including the countries leftists admire like the Netherlands, Canada and Australia. That’s hardly an “extremist” position.

  2. The US is in precipitous decline and if it continues we all will be in the hands of China and Russia.

    1. @ralph holiman
      November and January were indistinguishable from a stockyard auction. Best elections money could buy…

    2. Not so fast. As long as I work for the government, we know what’s going to happen before you.

  3. Joe manchins daughter raised epipen prices by 600% so manchin say freedom means keeping the poors poor

  4. Manchin is up to something. I predict he switches his party when his reelection comes up; he justs wants to keep his seat.

    1. @Johnny Z Yeah. That is why it is socially acceptable to be on the left and be a part of BLM and PROFA as you go around beating people and burning down buildings. But, a bunch of unarmed old men casually walking into the Capital is the single worst thing ever.

  5. Chris excited your on the news coverage love you when you cover for someone on there day away

  6. if they can cherrypick specific things to circumvent the filibuster like financial things or judges why not just END THE FILIBUSTER specifically for voting bills or some such workaround???

  7. Democrats need to go out and promote the bills in his home state. Instead of allowing him to hold all the power and help Republicans all at the same time

  8. Look at the title of the video

    Ever get the feeling there’s nothing after the ellipsis?

  9. When the democrats make a bill labeled “for the people” they’re talking about their people, not you or me.

  10. Congratulations, Biden’s Voting Access Bill and For the People Act will ensure republicans cannot create vote suppression.
    Democrats and Republicans like to think they are so different and yet the rest of the world just see uneducated Americans.

  11. She’s a complete disgrace for supporting this bill. A vote for this bill is a vote against honesty and integrity.

  12. It’s astounding that so many people have no idea how their own government even works, and are so easily hoodwinked. Shameful.

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