Lisa Raitt on Conservative's campaign review: "Up to us to figure out what happened in Ontario" 1

Lisa Raitt on Conservative’s campaign review: “Up to us to figure out what happened in Ontario”


Former Conservative MP Lisa Raitt and strategist Ann McGrath discuss how parties are responding to election results.

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    1. Of course Manitoba wants to leave. Let’s pick it up and attach it to Florida or something because it’s cold af here.

    2. As a person who was born and raised in Manitoba, I do not want to leave. If you do go pack your bags and go to Saskatchewan or Alberta.

    1. @Vittoria Colonna Dumb reply considering the left splits between 3 parties, the majority voted for anyone but Sheer lol. Keep telling yourself that though.

  1. But to be honest Doug Ford wrangling with health workers is enough to cause the down fall of a political party!
    Conservative caucus need to call him to order!
    Also Andrew Sheer look like a weak leader and need to be replaced with a more vibrant personality.

  2. When a leader of a political party loses they step down. If they stay they will keep losing. That goes for both the ndp and the so called conservatives.

  3. Why would Gays want someone to March in their PRIDE parades when it is EXPECTED or ENFORCED? They do NOT!

  4. When Trudeau says. Diversity is our Strength , he refers to the division he sows. His results, show in the national picture. Unity is Strength. If a PM is against Unity, they are against Canada.

    1. Trudeau meant it when he wanted Canada to be a post national society. Now he’s ripping the nation apart. West in, Trudeau Out

  5. The Conservatives did not win because many Canadians believe that the Conservatives help those who are better off financially more than they help the poor and struggling middle class that is the truth not all the mumbo jumbo talk you hear.

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