Live To 100 And Use DNA To Save Your Life: Secrets From Billionaire 23andMe Founder 1

Live To 100 And Use DNA To Save Your Life: Secrets From Billionaire 23andMe Founder


Anne Wojcicki, the technology veteran and billionaire founder of 23andMe, explains her unconventional vision for using DNA and ancestry to give people more knowledge about their lives and power over their health care and future aging in this extended interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber. She also discusses philosophy, vaccines, post-pandemic healthcare, and what she's learned in her unusual career. This is a new installment of The Summit Series with Ari Melber, a series of in-depth interviews with leaders at

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    1. @MENTALLECT “maximum human lifespan is 150 which science already proved.”
      when was that “proved”?
      edit to add: I know you’ll never be able to link to credible “proof”

      I also know trump couldn’t live to be 200, no matter what drunk “candy-man” doc said about trump being 6’3″ and 238lb

      but tell me more about this “maximum lifespan” lie that you’re pushing.

    2. You want to make sure you bank balance is strong too or you will just become somebody’s financial burden.

    3. @efs 1066 Yes they want to keep their customers alive for as long as they can, it’s so amusing to me when I hear people proclaiming they want to live to 100 yet delude themselves that the last 20 years won’t be spent in a nursing home wearing diapers and being spoon fed, big pharma will make money regardless.

    4. @MENTALLECT *My paternal great aunt and uncle are 102 and 104. Both have good minds and my aunt is also mobile, no walker. Both live at home with no caretakers.* ….they are an exception to the rule.

    5. @MENTALLECT anecdote, not data.
      and 102 isn’t 150.
      “maximum human lifespan is 150” is “12 hr work weeks by 1960” and “flying cars by 1980”

  1. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election
    Do you hear that horrid shrill shrieking noise off in the distance?

    That is the sound of the Trump Organization losing ALL lines of credit due to Fraud charges!!

    1. No, all I hear is the vindictive cat lady Auntie Pha, with a severe case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

    2. @HS I’ve heard of TDS.. Isn’t that when you ignore all actual facts and cry “fake news” when you hear something you don’t like?

  2. Access to my genome has helped me identify and find treatments for a couple of serious conditions I have. It is an invaluable tool.

    1. How is it a tool for you? Can you really make accurate risk assessments and then develop a lifestyle to minimize the risks? It seems to me that the medical field might have a use for this data when they can make significant use of it. I don’t see how the average individual can make good use of this data. It seems on the par of TV ads for medicines.

  3. Insurance companies love this! They can deny everything as pre-existing!! I did some outside testing from a private lab for my thyroid and took it to my HMO doctor. She refused the results because she said “We don’t test to that level. By our tests your thyroid is fine.” Huge waste of money trying to manage my own health care. Unless you are rich, you are at the mercy of the insurance companies. This segment is not news, it is one long sales pitch.

    1. Like she don’t have enough money, she’s trying to compete with her ex-husband’s new wife!!

  4. Yeah, just what the earth needs, 8 billion humans and growing, living for a century or more.

    Meanwhile out fellow great apes are down to around 10,000 to 15,000 total, and dropping.

  5. Yeah but if you get a test from them, there is no way to permanently delete your DNA profile from their databases.

    1. To me she looks like the polar opposite of Elizabeth Holmes, the woman who became rich on founding the blood testing company Theranos — until that was revealed as a scam.

  6. Definitely agree with her regarding not wanting my health information filtered through a doctor. They’re far far far from perfect. I’ll be my own judge of my info, thanks.

  7. imagine being rich, being too lazy and ignorant to come to even the slightest agreement. Let’s petition to fire the government or take from their pocket Money is good for only three things : fun, investing, and giving

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    2. All I can say is that his the best there is to offer when it comes to trading I’m certain of that… judging by experience

  8. Mr. Ari, are your questions penetrating? Intelligent? Evocative! Ms. Anne gradually rises in spite of her complex interests. A brilliant interview, Mr. Ari, brilliant! You both rise IMO. Amazing!

  9. There are animals that already naturally live hundreds of years. Nature has already told us what’s possible

  10. I gotta thank the girl who made this DNA kit I’m so happy that I came back full blood native american results thank you for the results blessed to be 100.00% native American i come from the 4 mountains I’m really Apache Chiricahua after all blessed to be here

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