1. @CarolCorp5x5 So you’re saying that a 3 time looser of a bowel obstruction mopped the floor with Trump during the 2020 election. I never thought of it that way. Wow! That means that other than the 35-40% of the population, the rest of the country really hated the way that Donny Boy tried to run the country! Thanks for making it crystal clear! A bowel obstruction is more popular 100 days into its presidency than that spoiled little baby of a man that you supported. You’re very insightful!

    2. @Eric Hoberg you voted for a 3 time loser hahaha and I voted for someone who won the only election he ever ran for. And Biden didn’t win he cheated. That’s why you call Georgia voting laws racist. Now Arizona is doing it and so will Pennsylvania and Nevada. Then no more mail in voting and you can’t cheat. Sorry. I know so racist right?

    1. @Mouse Dragon true. We won’t agree with her on most things, but on this one, she’s definitely right. How I wish she becomes an independent and caucuses with the Dems sometimes.

    1. Remember when they said that trump worked with the Russian, kinda funny even Van Jones said there was nothing to it.

    2. Funny how trump thought he was above the law and could hide the truth from the American public.
      Get the popcorn ppl. It’s just beginning to get good. Let it all hang out! Lol.

    3. @Cindy Pomerleau the only problem is now we have Biden son doing more harmful stuff with China! I agree after 2022 let’s impeach!

  1. She should get with his niece who wrote that book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man – a tell-all book” His niece continues to predict what he does before he actually does it.

    1. @Tom Torrell and how do you knows she’s been more wrong than right do you know the family and sore loser sound so familiar oh ya like Donald Trump and the will story Donald wanted all the money for himself that’s how greedy he is and just like he is still looking for funding from the 74 million idiots who voted for him so that he can use it in his businesses.

    2. With Limbaugh now fertilizer…..and Trump, Giuliani, Gaetz, Barr, and many more eventually heading to prison….2021 will be known as The Year of Reckoning.

    3. @Augie Rockero Looking so forward to our getting closer to the oranges of the investigation.

    4. @Xaviotes Harris Nope..she has no concern about the country. It’s all about the $$ money which she thinks she’s entitled to. She hated her grandfather. But he had the last word. The book will get her some money. She wanted to make hay (money) while the sun (Trump) was still shining.

  2. Thank you Liz Chanie for standing for the truth instead of the BIG lie! God bless you!

    1. @Satiric Games that’s not what he said, though. Dirty hands doesn’t take away from the fact that about this she is absolutely right. What she is standing up for morally sound.

    2. Yes thanks for standing up to your dad when he spread the big lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that cost millions of people their lives! Are you sick?

    3. @Dave Mendoza tf are you talking about?so you think liz Cheney had inside information about WOMD when her dad was VP? Come tf on, that’s just ridiculous.

    4. @Doc hell no! Just like I don’t think trump’s boys or daughter knew anything about Russia! Are you sick man?

  3. If somebody had told me 15 years ago that I’d be rooting for a Cheney, I’d have laughed in their face. Crazy times!

    1. @Sam Mendez if I need incoherent gibberish from a Biden clown , you’ll be my first call

    2. did u forget her dad and Bush took us to war in IRAQ with THE BIG LIE OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION> YOU DO KNOW THAT SOLDIERS PERISHED THEIR right

    3. @Four Monkeys Cafe Sure you do boris because your translation from russian actually was word for word from what i said to you last week. Amazing how that losing putin parlor playbook is old. Next boris.

    4. @dan dansen He gave Arizona to the Dems when he ridiculed John McCain who died, then his wife decided to endorse JOe Biden. He lost Georgia by telling Georgians that their votes were rigged by the Dems. So, in counties with 78% republicans, only 33% voted during COVID. And they wouldn’t even consider voting by mail as per their fearless loser. So, why crawl back to Trump? What power does he have? The people who can gerrymander and suppress votes seem to like him; the polls say republican populace does not. Who will win?

  4. Agree with her or not, you have to give her that: She has more balls than many of her male colleagues.

    1. @Floyd Allyn She’s causing turbulence in within the Republican party. When the Republican base wanted her out Kevin McCarthy and others defended her, but for whatever reason she has gone rogue against her own party. She has betrayed the GOP.

    1. @Mark Hudson proven how?? What are you talking about?? Just because judges didn’t want cities to be destroyed by the liberals doesn’t mean anything was proved

    2. @Brian Jones And just like that: The divide manifests. Every liberal in the comments section is going to say it wasn’t stolen and every conservative is going to say it was.

      The end result doesn’t change however. We have political power and you don’t. Consequently, I stand by my original statement that the Trump train has ground to a halt.

    3. @Kegan Vlogs Sometimes there was no evidence of fraud for the judges to even look at. Just stop being sore losers. Have some dignity

    1. You know she’s toast when the communist Democrat party is The only one defending Liz Cheney. The warmonger from the old George Bush party. lol

    1. lol. You know she’s toast when the communist Democrat party is The only one defending Liz Cheney. The warmonger from the old George Bush party. lol

    1. You know she’s toast when the communist Democrat party is The only one defending Liz Cheney. The warmonger from the old George Bush party. lol

    1. @Void OfTheDarkness dont forget grown men have the right to use the same bathroom a little girl can
      democrats are scum

  5. Man, that woman has guts and integrity!! I’m truly shocked if she is in the minority

    1. At the moment she does. She voted over 90% of the time with Trump’s position during his term. She didn’t seem to have any of this conscience after Barr threw congress a load of bullshit about the meuller report, which a federal judge confirmed… for the third fucking time recently. She’s not a hero, but her voice is needed for sure. No way I’m gong to stay silent while she tries to set herself up for a whitehouse run as if she’s one of the only republicans with integrity. https://cheney.house.gov/2019/04/18/statement-on-release-of-mueller-report/

    2. Squeaky wheels get the grease and she’s about to get greased right out of leadership!! She’s part of the deep state and will be dealt with by my President, The Don

  6. liz will flip parties and WYOMING will be a solid blue state.
    they are ready for liz and the ACA

  7. Cheney is not afraid to speak her conscience despite the consequences. You have to respect that.

    1. @WatchMy Shine Trump was an actual leader. Sleepy joe looks weak on the world stage, can’t handle any questions that aren’t pre scripted and just spaces out constantly. You’re lost.

    2. @Brian Wong At this point I want her to stay safe. Some of these lunatics wanted to take a closer look at Mike Pence’s neck. Couldn’t believe it when I saw it online.

  8. Absolute respect for Liz leading with integrity. She is also replacing the legacy of her dads big lie by fighting this one and bringing some respect back to the Chaney name. Plus she’s plenty wealthy and will not fall on hard times

  9. the fact they were able to raise millions on a lie is the scariest stuff around. Kudos to Cheney, she is standing up for what’s right.

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