Liz Cheney hits back at Trump: 2020 election was not stolen 1

Liz Cheney hits back at Trump: 2020 election was not stolen


Rep. LIz Cheney (R-UT) responded to a statement from former President Donald Trump saying the 2020 presidential election was not stolen and anyone who claims otherwise is pushing the Big Lie. Cheney, the number 3 Republican in the House, is now facing renewed calls within her party to be removed from her leadership post.

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  1. ” The Crazies have taken over the asylum ” has never been more appropriate.

    1. @Scribbles if you think Trump was a successful President in any form or fashion, then you are not qualified to identify what the presidency is supposed to look like. You’re probably new to politics. You’re in it for the entertainment value.

    2. @Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Quite the contrary. She is jeopardizing her power in the Republican Party by speaking her mind.

    3. @BK SAL KROOK Anyone who supports no prayers in Public Schools will have to answer to the Lord one day? Who told you that?

    4. As long as one party remains rational, democracy lives on. If REP achieve their Jim Crow or insurrection, democrats are going to start acting just as irrational as republicans. Bye Bye Democracy, REpublic or whatever you want to call it. I have a second home overseas.

    5. If not for gerrymandering, voter suppression and rigged elections, republicans would never hold power.

  2. It’s interesting that those who keep whining about so called cancel culture, are fine with cancelling anyone in their own party who doesn’t adhere to their brand of reality.

    1. She will just say anything to stay in the position of POWER. So she will say what the media wants to hear in order to get airtime! So pathetic and sad she doesn’t believe in anything or has any morals.

    2. Cancel culture is a big problem though… It can ruin innocent people’s lives
      – a democrat

  3. I don’t think she’s taking a shot at anyone I think she’s just stating the facts

    1. She will just say anything to stay in the position of POWER. So she will say what the media wants to hear in order to get airtime! So pathetic and sad she doesn’t believe in anything or has any morals.

    2. @Mr Troll Chances are very high your not even an American let alone a hispanic. Conservatives are liars no matter where they’re from the 21st Century is proving that more and more every day.

  4. I’m from Wyoming and there’s a billboard off the interstate thanking Cheney for defending the constitution lol I’m very proud she’s representing my state

    1. @deadLEE15 Karen, I’m surrounded by doctors and we re all laughing at you right now. You clearly don’t know any doctors! Flat earth videos? Typical liberal response. That’s funny. I’m a racist too I bet. You are still unaware about what’s in front of you. Kind of like your ex cheating on you and you never knew. 😉

    2. @Wayne Claremont Remember when I gave you advice to stop talking because you are making a fool out of yourself? I know several doctors and nurses and we are all facepalming to people like yourself. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

    3. @JVS 3 that makes no sense. Have you not followed her? Values? She has no backing as she is a traitor to the people, a liar. Turn off your koolaid provider.

  5. Mad props to Liz Cheney for sticking to the facts. I never thought I would have so much respect for Republicans the way they have been the last 20-30 years. Cheney, Romney, Murkowski. Standing with integrity amid their party working hard to flush our democracy down the drain.

  6. qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent. “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas”

  7. Maybe Liz Cheney just feels like somebody, anybody, has to dispute the lies that keep being spewed. I really think she’s at the point where she doesn’t care if they expel her or not. I believe she’s doing what she thinks is right by being a voice of reason when apparently no one else will. Have we completely forgotten about doing the right thing just for the sake of doing the right thing?

    1. Liz Cheney is absorbing all of the death threats and hatred that the other politicians were afraid of.

    1. The entire northern hemisphere is dead and doesn’t know it. 2000nuclear tests, multiple industrial accidents, 50yrs of leaded gasoline

  8. Speaking for the rest of the world, this process makes us nervous…we remember the ‘beer hall putsch’, and how it might have been better to end it then in 1922!!

    1. @Aaron Bonita dangers to democracies almost always come from within in the form of cults of personality hiding behind flags, race and religious items. From Bonaparte to Bolsonaro, Modi, and Putin. Throw in Trump and you have the worst responses to the Covid pandemic.

  9. I’m in hell…

    But I still laugh hysterically at my own jokes.

    I laughed hard at what I have to say:

    “Please nobody have a contest to see who can kiss me like in that TOTALLY hysterical episode of Cheers where Woody and Sam were competing to see if they can kiss Rebecca.”

    That is probably one of the funniest episodes of TV ever!

  10. What the hell is a “secret ballot election?” These people forget who they serve. Some of them don’t even realize they’re in a service industry.

    ( it’s the 2021 version of THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES )

  12. Since using facts and telling the truth can’t protect the Big Lie, they must use threats instead. That’s all they have got left.

    1. Yet they themselves always bring up how others want to use “cancel culture”. If this isn’t cancel culture then I don’t know what is? They want to quiet her at whatever cost just because she does not agree with must of them. That’s what Democracy is all about, wether we agree or not people can have different opinions and when we don’t let that happen then we are now in a Communist regime!!

    2. No no it wasn’t stolen it’s just that a barley coherent touchy grandpa won more votes than any other candidate in history

    3. Wassup man, the Republicans are losing ground. Republican leadership is catering to a shrinking base of Trumpublicans. 70% of the Republicans believe Biden won the election. He has a 59% approval rating. The 30% crazies may carry the primaries, but 42% of the voters are independents, they’ll have a greater impact on the election than either Democrats or Republicans. The more the Republicans push the BIG LIE, the more people it will begin to annoy.

    4. @wasup man Trump played the virus just right: he attempted a travel ban which was overturned by Nurse Ratched Pelosi then he left the decisions up to the states as it should have been while clearing the path for a quick vaccine. So join me in thanking President Trump and CHECK YOUR HATE

  13. The big difference between Kevin and Liz is that Liz tells the truth and has spine but not the other one.

    1. @Cody Young Because she’s disagreeing with a lie? Because they’re both republicans, or because you’re a trumpist that ignores the truth?

  14. The world is watching the US crumble right before our eyes… Sending Peace vibes your way. From BC Canada The People need to start another party…

    1. Yup, the wife and I are seriously wondering if we should retire to Canada or Mexico. This is just starting.

    2. The Democrat party can run this country just fine. Also, it is willing to work with the Republicans if they do not try to destroy US.

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