Liz Cheney May Lose GOP Leadership Role For Refusing To Lie | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Liz Cheney May Lose GOP Leadership Role For Refusing To Lie | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The rift within the Republican Party over Liz Cheney's full-throated attacks on Trump's big election lie is reaching a boiling point as the top Republican in the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, is caught bad-mouthing Cheney on a hot mic. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Yamiche Alcindor and Denver Riggleman.
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    1. @BRYAN STARS I’m confused, are you saying I look like Donald trump in a ginger wig?

    2. @Ignoranceisbliss Well close but you look like Biden that falling down the stairs. If you know what I mean

    3. @BRYAN STARS no, but then clearly English isn’t your first language, so I guess you’re doing pretty well.

    4. But that’s exactly what Dump and his criminal cohorts want.Following Putin’s orders.

    1. @tom jenkins Yeah, but she can call it an armored Kaiju, but that won’t make it an accurate comparison. The modern GOP shares specific traits and requirements that with cults, such as total commitment to a belief

    2. Brian Walker
      My question is do you ever get an understandable Statement from Joe when he Preaches to you?

    3. @Alex Hamilton You know statements are very different from sermons don’t you? You read statements, and you preach sermons. I thought you righty-tighty, MAGA-WAGA, Christian values guys knew all about preaching. It’s what you’re do when you’re taking a woman’s right to birth control away, or a poor person’s access to help and welfare

    4. @tom jenkins That is ok, he can”t remember the next day what he said the day before LOL

  1. The Republican party and the Trump follows reminds me of a scene in The Life of Brian.
    ‘I’ll say you’re the Messiah, Lord. I should know I’ve followed a few.’

    1. This Radicalized, Marxist Democrat Party reminds me of all the evil peoples of the Old Testament. They are EXACTLY like the Sodomites (homosexuals), Canaanites(baby-killers) and Babylonians (government worshippers) who came before them…

    2. Noblemann
      that is cool. The Democrats remind me of Patrick Star when he is trying to have a thought and you see drooling from his mouth 😀

    3. @James Gambrell his cult sycophants think he’s their shepherd messiah 🙂
      Sheep need a shepherd, cultists need a messiah master (ask Mao, KJU, Jim Jones or David Koresh or trump)

  2. Whatever happened to the old saying, “ I may not believe what you say but I’ll fight to the death to defend your right to say it.”

    1. That’s great, except it’s not happening. Even YouTube is regularly censored, so you’re actually picking and choosing when you defend someone’s right to say something.

    2. It was replaced by : ” Let’s ditch the Warmongers that sent thousands of our marines to their deaths in the Middle East”

    3. Chivalry is non existent on the Hill these days. I will stand by Cheney for going against the grain. The Trump GOP has lost its morals and will soon find themselves as the outcasts.

    1. @CLUELESS JOE It’s about her problems with the liars in the Republican party. Grow up.

    2. @jennti I will take you seriously if you tell what a “forensic audit” is. You’ll have to include references not just made up bs.
      FYI, an audit that is conducted in secrecy and done by uncertified “auditors” is not a real audit.

    3. @Antonio Montana “The aim is to detect local outliers to the usual patterns of election results, such as in voter registration, voting turnout, vote shares cast for the incumbent, blank or invalid ballots cast, ballot tabulation machines, or other anomalies in the official results. Where outliers cannot be explained satisfactorily by other factors, these appear to indicate cases of irregularities arising from practices such as electoral fraud, ballot-stuffing, malpractice, bribery, or vote tampering.”
      “The multi-layered forensic audit is comprised of three separate audits.”
      “The audit of the tabulation equipment’s software and hardware.
      -Analyze election equipment software and hardware’s hacking vulnerability.
      -Verify if malicious malware was installed.
      -Test that tabulators were not sending or receiving information over the internet.
      -Confirm if vote switching occurred.”

      AZ audit is lawful and completely done in the open with live stream recorded cameras throughout.
      That is why Dems failed in their attempt to stop it.

  3. So America’s revered George Washington cherry tree myth is laid to rest as nothing more than a myth for the GOP

    1. We can’t ignore them. They will eat us if we do. Their voter suppression, protest suppression, and now their Education Suppression (literally banning slavery from education now!) is just their Coup Conspiracy, by another means. Total destruction, or be totally destroyed. There’s NEVER a third alternative with Fascism.

    2. @Paul Kearsey : Time for a, “democratic,” conservative party, to split away from the GOP? Telling the TRUTH is seen as, “attacking,” the GOP? . . . Where do real conservatives GO for representation??? . . . It’s Democrats or Fascists, right now! America NEEDS a REAL opposition party!

    3. @Ash Roskell Well, that is why we wait till their numbers are down… then we start spreading science education and they will die… They hate science.

    4. @Ash Roskell The USA has a opposition party. It called the GOP fighting Biden and his socialist policies.

    1. Ms. Alcindor has been getting more and more confident, and providing more and more authoritative, in-depth reporting over the past few years. A good choice by PBS. Thank you.

    1. Just remember your party is responsible for 62 million aborted babys in 50 years. 62 million just in America. If that’s not a cult I don’t know what one is.

  4. SDNY needs to start putting in the overtime. They’ve been years at this now. Where are the indictments?

    1. The trump party members will do everything possible to keep him from going to jail because they know if he does he will bring everyone of them with him.

    2. right?? i remember pundits and reporters saying that by 2pm January 20th the indictments would be on their way. that this was among the many many reasons we had to get trump out of office, so that he could finally be charged. so that those that aided and abetted him could be charged, and on and on. it’s now may. come on. this is crazy. either don’t lie to us, about all the evidence you have and the myriad of charges awaiting. or let’s start seeing the work. enough. we aren’t going to make it much longer with where we are now.

    3. @Mark Cicero ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.’
      — ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Now we know…..

  5. Found this Eisenhower quote in my passport today: Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world must first come to pass in the heart of America.

    1. Hayes Dabney
      well, it better hurry because at the rate the Democrats are going there won’t be much America’s heart left.

    2. he also spoke out against the military industrial complex in his farewell address. How about that, a Republican ex-General who thinks that military capacity shouldn’t be a tool of corporate greed.

  6. Getting booted for not being in the RAT pack (rep., against truth) . We will find out soon just how many Rats are infesting the house

    1. @Sharon Mores …you’re completely indoctrinated…those are straight up RINOs….just go join the lib party….you sound just like them….

    2. @Sharon Mores …Romney is a complete shill ! What a joke…they are the only ones left?…haha…no they are the shills who will be weeded out..probably totally implanted by the liberals just like Justin Amash…total implant to try and destroy the party from the inside…didn’t they teach you how Marx!sm works in school?…don’t bother the answer is quite obvious!

    3. @George B if you knew anything about your history and ww2 would know that nazis use democrat jim crow laws as their own but instead of putting blacks in ghettos they put jews what are they teaching y’all

    4. Unfortunately the majority are rats and they will pay the ultimate price by never being voted back in again.The people will never forgive or forget.

  7. They want her removed because she’s telling the truth. These folks are shameful. They won’t even acknowledge trump’s part in the insurrection and that says a lot about them.

    1. @Samia Alam Lol nice try, we’re not even angry about it. And is it supposed to be your thing?

  8. How dare Liz Cheney tell the truth, of course the lying republicons are going to throw her out!

    1. @Demetria Karnavas lol ignorant Republicans aren’t the ones who think men can be women n women can be men and
      That a men that claims women can be in women sports …
      Democrats are the ones with mental health issues ..

    2. @Demetria Karnavas MANCOPHA COUNTY mic drop ….the citizens of that county don’t even believe joe biden won and he supposedly won that county by a large percentage yet the same people saying no we did not vote joe biden

    3. @rudyyy60Doesn’t matter that 30-40% of republicans believe Trump’s voter fraud hustle. It’s a free country, you can believe anything you want. Doesn’t change the outcome of the 2020 election.

    4. I want to know if we the citizens of United States can sue Trump for all the emotional stress we feel because of his cruel behavior

  9. You go Liz! You are doing a wonderful job and standing up for the truth! I’m so glad to hear about someone that won’t crumble under the lie. And for it to be a woman is just icing on the cake! So glad there are people like Liz in politics. And so sad there are so many spineless Republicans that will crumble under the lie. Purely pathetic.

    1. @Win H You only like Liz Cheney because she’s upholding the fiction that Joe Biden was legitimately elected. He wasn’t. Liz Cheney is not only disgraced herself by defending Joe Biden’s voter fraud. She’s also ended her career by doing that.

    2. @Mark Cicero show us the proof. Repubs state officials all over the country and the AG of the U.S. emphasized there was no fraud. This was the most secure election ever. The lie is on Trump, his imps and you.

    3. @CLUELESS JOE your name fits you. The most despicable politician is Trump and second is Cruz and third is McCarthy. They have no balls. They might as well be eunuchs.

    4. @Win HHow was this a secure election? A third of the House of Representatives refused to certify the election, multiple states are auditing the election, and 47 states are passing laws against voter fraud. Maybe all that is just a coincidence.

  10. It’s the GOP paradox: Lose your status in the Crump crime gang party of loonies, but win by honoring your conscience.

    1. Republican party “LEADERSHIP” has completely lost control and given in to the LOONIES. They no longer even pretend to be a serious party. That’s why we need to end the filibuster so Dems can move the country forward, given the Republicans have no intention of governing. And after Jan.6th, they don’t deserve to participate in the democratic process they tried to overthrow.

  11. She should be happy she’s not going to be a part of those lunatics soon. Have a party, celebrate Liz.

    1. war criminal is bad regardless, all bush republicans are bad for starting iraq, this woman should retire 34 years ago

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