Liz Cheney still isn't backing down to Trump in new interview 1

Liz Cheney still isn’t backing down to Trump in new interview


Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney accused former President Donald Trump of having committed the worst violation of a president's oath of office by inciting the January 6 Capitol insurrection — and taking a jab at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy over his subsequent visit to Trump at Mar-a-Lago.
"I was stunned. I could not imagine any justification for doing that," Cheney said of McCarthy's visit to Trump during an episode of David Axelrod's "The Axe Files" podcast, which was taped Saturday afternoon as part of a University of Chicago alumni weekend event. "And I asked him why he had done it, and he said, well, he had just been in the neighborhood, essentially."
House Republicans ousted Cheney from her leadership position last month over her public rejection of Trump's lie that he won the election — an ouster that McCarthy supported. Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, has repeatedly clashed with McCarthy, who has tried to align himself with Trump, and subsequently the Republican base, going into the 2022 midterms.
Listen to the full interview on "The Axe Files"

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    1. @Gregory Guidry Hate to point this out, but plenty of Democrats believe in the second amendment as well as in the rest of the Constitution, on which Trump regularly trampled. We will not let you underinformed seditionists do a damn thing to ruin our great country.

    2. @Gregory Guidry O M G, your delusions have now taken on the dramatic level of a soap opera! Get some help, Dude, to learn what is real and what is not.

    3. @Amazing Grace And…. your basing this on the fact that I’m not going to pretend I speak for a ton of people I don’t, like your trying to? Wow! What a weird metric.

  1. Give credit for standing up, but never forget she’s part of the reason we’re in this mess!!

    1. @brown sugar 2 showing you what you are is my pleasure. Keep up the good work. Stupid magats!

    2. @Dominique Brasseur you are not comprehending the other issues commented on. I referred to pay disparity,, meaning C suite paid at obscene levels relative to workforce.Corporate executive pay is out of whack with other executives in other leading countries. No one is worth 300+ TIMES average worker pay! This is my field and know it well. Of course trickle down BS and pay disparity goes back to Reagan. Well known! Beginning of transfer of wealth to the wealthiest and reducing middle class. GOP doing everything they can to eliminate FDR’s efforr to build the middle class and eliminate poverty! They also want to eliminate social security, Medicaid/Medicare, health care and ANY responsible program to help US citizens. Has ZERO to do with global tax rate. Separate issue. Global tax rate is smart since GOP have gifted corporations ZERO taxes. Ridiculous. Middle class cannot afford the burden of majority of tax revenues. Disgust here at the extreme level of GOP corruption. Allowed my outrage! You might want to inform yourself better before commenting on information.

    3. @B Happy I disagree she only impeached trump once. The problem is she voted with his policy 95% of the time. While I don’t like her I find it refreshing that she found at least something resembling a spine. It is never too late to speak up and do the right thing

    4. @Bruce you or Republican supporters: which one knows right from wrong? Well, reading your statement here brings about the obvious fact that you do not aquire your opinion by listening to real facts. Most all people who oppose Trump, or the conservative moral commen since and intelligent approach to what is right or wrong, just have nothing but jealously eating at them. Jealous because Trump is rich, Trump does right, the country is soooomuch better of under Trump! Isn’t it pathetic that our intire country has to suffer just because low IQ people are jealous

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    2. @Rosanne Green largely according to cdc (over 80%) of dead were very ill already with serious illnesses as well as over 80. The other 20% were apparently ‘unusual”. That was officially stated ,not only by cdc but other countries such as Sweden as well. Which explains why over 75% of the dead i michigan,for instance were african-american. Black to use the new ignorant expression. Reason being that race and income are highly correlated with bad health histories. In LA ,thousands and thousands but none in malibu or beverl hills. E

    3. @clumsy wizard yes and they said as much. They love the revenue compared to before when it was lousy (before trump and covid which were ratings boosters for cnn and msnbc both) Thanks bro

    1. @Brian Nave and he did nothing. Controlled all of Congress – just gave more money to the elite

  2. If members are too big a coward to vote their consience, they need to get into another business. That’s why we send them there. Have the courage of your convictions.

    1. @Jimbo Richmond clearly you can only regurgitate msnbc talking points (lies) but ok, yeah the border is totally under control. It must just be all those Republicans dressing up like illegals to fire up the base.

    2. @D Martin Hayden oh the constituents are clueless, coming from someone that believes in the insurrection and of course absolutely zero fraud happened. I see you are 1 of the constituents that you talk about

    3. Courage doesn’t matter to them, once they’re in the door, they’re instant millionaires. They’re only concern is getting reelected. They’re products of capitalism and it will never end until their greed and malfeasance ends it for us all.

  3. They created their own worries about security and safety- and now we have to deal with it. LOSERS

    1. @Lynn Schmitt roflmao he is done in fact bubba is waiting for him in prison. Your orange god looks like death warmed over.

  4. Definitely give her credit for standing up now, but Michael Cohen would say, “I told you so, should had listen to me me when I tried to warn you all.”

    1. @Melissa Pearson Melissa Melissa Melissa. Oh how trumplicans project, it’s kind of adorable.

    2. @Anthony oh, how cultist of you to say I’m a trump fan, TDS sufferer. I stated an opinion regarding Michael Cohen!

    3. @Anthony Lol you need to start watching real news. Your Biden has ruined the boarders, child trafficking is at its highest now. Everything is going up in price because of what the Dems have already spent. Kills pipeline jobs here in the USA but supports them in Russia so we get to pay them for fuel. We are no longer energy independent like we were with Trump. Help wanted signs everywhere but know one is willing to work since this administration keeps sending unemployment checks. Your blind dude and need to wake the eff up.

    1. @Rapsheets Sorry, I do my research. I read multiple articles from different sources on the same topic. You know what reading is don’t you? Or have you got FOX NAZI NEWS tattooed permanently on your eyeballs? And quite frankly your opinion means absolutely nothing to me, I just consider the source.

    2. @Rapsheets Your warmonger comment is what I was responding to. And you responded with, I buy into whatever CNN sells. Then I responded with research and your eyeballs being tatooed. Keep up!

  5. Legislators worrying about their’s and their families lives sounds like threats from a mafia. Would make a suspenseful movie. Too bad it’s reality.

    1. @Geo78 well since you’ve opened you’re mouth letting us know how stupid you are this will be easy. There were absolutely no cops killed that day, the 1 officer that died a few days later was because of natural causes. How do I know you ask? Well the coroner and the family have both said this. What about the cop that got his face smashed in with a fire extinguisher? Oh that never happened. The only murder was of a veteran, Ashley Babbitt.

    2. @Ron K I was referring to the so-called peaceful protestors that caused BILLIONS of dollars in damage and theft, along with about 30 people who were killed as a direct result of those terrorist’s

    3. @Edward Hosmer Name calling, what-aboutism, denial, and alternate facts. You failed to include the 40 some police assaulted by this hypocritical law and order mob. That ‘veteran’ was breaking the law.

    4. or is their claim of being worried about their safety just a convenient excuse for voting to end democracy

    1. While Ms Lindsey was tightening the ring around trump, McCarthy was bringing up the rear, so to speak.

    2. Cheney’s father lied about WMD’s to get us into the second iraq war. She is just as bad…

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    1. It’s kind of a big deal everyone should care that’s why we are in this mess too many don’t care

  7. CNN’s in love with a RINO that is at the dead-end in her political career. CNN will latch on to anyone who is anti-Trump regardless of what is does to their ratings. I heard Trump will be buying CNN , it’s getting cheaper by the minute.

  8. When can everyone feel how messed up this administration is end of the summer fall winter or maybe next year

  9. McCarthy actually kissed something else instead, the kneepads he wore to Mar-a-Lago proves it.

  10. Just like her father, Liz Cheney has sold out to self-interest groups in this country and abroad. A true RINO.

  11. there’s an A-team of retired Dems. Shouldn’t they come out of retirement and run for Senate and Congressional seats?

  12. She is not in the group, “The KNEELERS” Kevin is one of the lead singers in the GOP/Q group against DEMOCRACY!

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