Liz Cheney Swears To Do ‘Everything She Can’ To Prevent Trump’s Return

Liz Cheney Swears To Do 'Everything She Can' To Prevent Trump's Return 1


    1. Ask Herman Cain who was at Trump’s rally during the summer of 2020 if he wants Trump to run for president again. 🀷

    2. @S Lin I was at his rally this summer, ask me? When your number is up its up, God calls the shots.

    3. Turned out that the Sicknick story was bogus. His death was unrelated to the Capitol ‘riot’. But the Dems didn’t care. They used him in a big fanfare memorial service at the Capitol… all theater to promote a false narrative – Trump is horrible, a threat to our democracy. He caused all of this. But maybe the fact that you stole the election had something to do with it.

    4. @Michael Tudda You can’t jump off a bridge or go to a Trump rally and put that on God. That’s blasphemy and insulting to God. At Catholic School it was talked about over and over again. Proverbs 14:16 πŸ‘‰ ” A wise man is cautious and turn away from evil but a fool is ignorant and careless”. A wise man would have been cautious and turn away from evil Trump. But the fool who goes to his rallies and are ignorant and careless since a pandemic was around. Herman Cain and many others pay the price for that. How much people died from Biden’s car rally during the pandemic?… πŸ‘‰0

  1. Is she the person of the hour?
    I didn’t expect a day to come when her departure would be a bad sign.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis: Going against the Republican narrative has nothing to do with leading the party? Do they have the right to chose their own leaders or not?

    2. @Reason tell that to those republicans that WERE voted in! Their allegiance is to the Constitution not a has been reality star.

    3. @Carla g: What are you talking about; “the Republicans that WERE voted in?” What does that even mean? She’s not being removed from Congress. And what exactly is a violation of the constitution here?

    4. @Carla g I think you need some followers on your side to be a leader. Seems like her followers are on the other side?

  2. ‘his lack of commitment and dedication to the Constitution…’ haha, she is a master of euphemism.

  3. Popular acclaim has always been the way of demagogues: no accountability, no transparency, no integrity.

    1. As a Dem in Wyoming, I’m voting for Cheney in the general because she is more effective at sticking it to the Trump cult than any Democratic candidate would.

  4. “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

    — Liz Cheney, 5/12/21.

    1. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! So she will last longer than Trump then? 😏

      And I hate to break the bad news but… Biden was inaugurated back in January.

    2. @St.George so you thing she should follow the lie and push it just the rest of the idiots,? At least she has brains enough to see through the lies no matter what the people of Wyoming want. Its like her telling children whats good or bad for them, now those children are stealing the cookie while mommy is away. That is how those people are behaving. And Liz acting like the adult in the room is how you WORK for your people

    3. @Ian B sorry but impeachment based on fabricated and doctored evidence does not count.
      Try again.

    4. @St.George two factors. The impeachments of the one term failure are a matter of history, they will stand as a signpost. The 45th president was impeached on two occasions in a single term.

      Secondly, the basis of the impeachments are a matter of testimony and quite accurate. There are still legal factors related to both working there way through the legal system today.

      Consequently your point is incorrect on the first point and irrelevant on the second.

    1. it still has more power in the courts and more control over the vote than we do.

    2. Question when did it start? post the 60’s? When they thought Rockerfeller was too liberal for Fords VP? lmao

  5. The old orange d. duck’s days are numbered . . . the best we can do, and that includes the media, is to ignore him entirely.

  6. β€˜The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power – pure power.’
    George Orwell 1984

    1. As a Dem in Wyoming, I’m voting for Cheney in the general because she is more effective at sticking it to the Trump cult than any Democratic candidate would.

    2. @lilly pad He is all about being a Socialist Democrat like Bernie. Take from those that are willing to work and give it to those that won’t. To the Republic for which it stands.

    3. @David Leung Actually Cheney is sticking it to the people who voted for her.
      They won’t be fooled again…I am sure MSDNC will offer her a job, not sure about her Dad did they forgive him yet??

  7. Thank you Liz Cheney.
    Odd sensation to be feeling any respect and sympathy for a Cheney …. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still clear-eyed about what side she’s ultimately on.

  8. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command”

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