LL Cool J Addresses Racism In America: ‘You Do Not Have To Be Afraid Of Me’ | MSNBC

LL Cool J Addresses Racism In America: 'You Do Not Have To Be Afraid Of Me' | MSNBC 1


  1. LL Cool J is such a well spoken young man, yes I said young because I’m much older. I have always had much respect for him and how he stands up for what’s Right! God Bless this Man!

    1. You just committed CASUAL RACISM. Y’all (white folks) need to check yourself when you call us (black people) “WELL SPOKEN”.

  2. I remember when LL’s Mama Said Knock You Out got labelled as promoting violence. Even though the song is about doing your best. Lol.

  3. Yes LL what does it profit these few billionaires to gain the whole wealth but lose your soul! Deep stuff..

    1. Did you know some white billionaire is paying protesters to incite violence? And it’s probably a Democrat you know the ones that were slave owners

    2. chauncey the gardener yes I do believe that and if you want to be fair republicans also are paying people so let’s keep it real.

  4. I love LL Cool J! Always have! I watched that vid he did. It touched me deeply. Love and light.💞

  5. It’s truly amazing what it took to finally make America pay attention. The good people who have been out for the last 3 weeks have made a difference. Still a long way to go, but there are finally cracks in the armor. God bless every protestor who have given their time and spirit to this long overdo reform.

  6. i Love LL Cool J i’m His Fans From The 80’s and Until Now My Number One Song From LL Cool J i Need A Love i Have A lot of Black Brother i Don’t Care What Color of Skin’s We Are We All Human i Love Every Culture i Believe Bible i’m A Asians Canadian i’m From Thailand 😎👍👍👍👍

  7. LL Cool J’s been trying to knock me out since 1990. I don’t know what I did to his mom, but she’s got it out for me.

    1. @GET EVEN WITH TIME. I bet you money that the killer feared white genocide and own a maga cap. Watch

    2. Wow. Very sad remark. That has a certain ring of racism to it. And, yes, you can be racist toward white people.

    3. well, I knew that MSNBC is fake news, but I did not know it is also a pedophile ring

  8. He’s right. If you’re so fearful of policing then find yourself another job–any job that doesn’t give you fear. Cowardice is not an excuse to go out and murder people.

    1. It isn’t fear. It is prevention of further crime and putting an end to noncompliance. It works very well.

    2. Despite the media’s narrative, we need the police WAY MORE than we need “Black Lives Matter.”

  9. An outsiders thoughts; reading through the comments threads I can only shake my head at how disparate the American people have become. I did live & work there for 5+yrs for my company. However once my daughter was born I requested a transfer back to Canada. That was over 22 years ago now and she’s just finished her degree in Conflict Resolution (global & local focus) & is studying to become a Human Rights lawyer. The reality of the reasons I left; inadequate schooling, gender/race bias, this inane notion that if I shout the loudest then I’m the winner, the incomprehensible idea of arming yourselves & your police like your heading into a war zone every day is honestly quite beyond me. Apologies for the diatribe; but perhaps you may want to consider making all your lives better by working jointly on solutions and stop the finger pointing…as my grandmother always said, that leaves 3 fingers pointing back at you; so what are YOU going to do about it. Enough people, we are all watching and are beyond flabbergasted that a country with so much potential is more willing to tear itself apart in spite of itself. Fix yourselves and help all you can along the way.

    1. Yes
      That’s what we need someone who wants to protect
      Thank you 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. A lot of “money don’t matter or make you happy” talk from two guys who are extremely comfortable and making money during these times. Lol

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