1. For real man there is nothing that is going right her and no one is getting convicted for these corrupt act .That’s why the issue won’t be fixed

  1. Pot a cuss kettle, everyone of them are corrupt. Away with them and begin a fresh, put measures in place to audit them and strict fines and punishments for discrepancies fraudulent activities.

    1. @Andrew Blake Is this you saying all the agencies are corrupt indirectly?

      Letting be known I am not choosing a side and stating we live in eutopia. I am saying just as how FLA is accused of corruption with some proof (and this so called proof can be false), I am saying the sellers must be accused on the same basis and not accused on baseless premises.

      I am asking for the country to use their brain and compute a response and not use instinct.

      I myself have had bad experiences with the JCF but I can’t group all, this does not deny the fact the the system is indeed full of corruption.

    2. @Andrew Blake All in all, I do know and understand where you are coming from.

      JA seems grim at the moment. Trust is hard for any entity.

      No hard feelings at all.

      My questions were just based on logic and also to increase my knowledge. 👐🏿

    3. @Dr Anggelos as I had said earlier, some things are better left unsaid my friend . Some ears have not heard nor have their eyes seen what some has, and if they were to be revealed the very one would pounced upon by the unbelievable mulititude. So with that I digress and wish you soundness of mind and a strong stomach cuz we shall need it.

  2. It is not the Weapons Dealers and the Training Ranges fault if they have sold firearms and ammunitions to persons who got their Purchase Order approved by the License Firearm Authority. Investigations goes through FLA not Weapons Dealers or the Training Ranges. The Weapons Dealers can only sell to persons who have been approved by FLA and the Training Ranges only sell ammunition and training to those who have been approved by the FLA. The one thing about new License Firearm Holders are pissed about is the amount of money they have to pay for a Firearm and Ammo. Well If the Jamaican Government decides to drop the 100% importation charges of the Firearms and Ammunitions, Firearms and Ammunitions wouldn’t be that expensive.

  3. The government needed to asked the attorney general’s to investigate FLA.
    This can’t sweep under the carpet..

  4. Shut down everything FLA and the gun ranges everything no guns at all in Jamaica. Prime Minister please we have to protect the future of Jamaica the guns are a very big problem…all these people need to go to jail for a very long time.

  5. Is there an organization left in Jamaica that’s not corrupt ? Jesus Christ manage like everybody is managerial or leadership position in Jamaica is corrupt

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