Loeffler pivots after US Capitol riots | USA TODAY 1

Loeffler pivots after US Capitol riots | USA TODAY


Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler drops objection to electoral votes after Capitol riots
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Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia said the violence in the U.S. Capitol made her reconsider her objection to electoral votes for Joe Biden.

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  1. Bitterness? Doug Collins should have been in her spot. America needs many more such days, these spineless politicians won’t save anybody.

  2. She shows true Republican qualities….
    Support Trump while he’s in a position to help her, turn on him when he’s no longer of any help.
    Sound like anyone else we know????

    1. Some Republican are spineless, very easy change their mind and are not consistent in their conviction that the 2020 election was rigged. Shame on her, she is no true conservative patriot. Now we know what she stands for.

    2. @Salvo Connivers assume the guise of a Republican but eventually their egomania core gets exposed.

    1. She is either a very dumb person or she is a sell-out. What does a protest, violent or not, have to do with the election results being accurate or not?

    2. @Kylo Ren It’s not about Trump or Biden. It’s about the election process. If her answer is honest it doesn’t depend on what out come the answers will have.

  3. I live in Atlanta and GLAD I was able to VOTE against her! LOL, so glad she lost! Who in their right mind takes photos with someone in the KLAN?!!!

    1. Biden , Obama & Clinton take pics with kkk Members. I agree Kelly is a bad person
      I’m a Trump supporter
      I’m learning that the government is dividing us the people so they can have all the power!
      We have to unite against this GOP!
      Now that Biden is president you think blm will truly get the support … think Obama .. we could do much more for the people together

    1. @Joan Of ARC They peacefully broke the windows and stormed the building vandalizing it and injuring police forces?

  4. If she was convinced enough to object yesterday what changed? Certainly not preserving transparency or integrity.

  5. She’s trying to save face because she lost her election. She changed and yelled YESTERDAY about how she would challenge this certification if she won. And watch as they applaud her. Evil does not go away, it hides in waiting

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