1. *leftists will always accuse you of the things they’re guilty of doing/being. racism, sexism, scandal, hate, intolerance, the list is endless.*

    1. @deadeye445 *George Soros went from helping the NAZIS to helping the DemonRATS not like there’s much of a difference*

    2. @Danielle Banyard how does the right race bait, isn’t social justice a far left thing? The right is more about jobs and personal freedom not banning the cute little land o lakes Indian girl

  2. Having written what she said he did, he has some nerve talking about racism (or any other kind of prejudice)

  3. Still no reporting of the violence and chaos unfolding in Seattle, but CNN finds time to berate the UK for being racist…

    1. No mention of Trump administrations corruption on every level…. how convenient of An idiot Trump 🤬 supporter….🤢🤮

    2. @Michael McCullagh what do you mean? CNN talks about that all the time even when it isn’t true. Moron.

  4. Why is CNN not covering and raising awareness of the record number of black deaths in Chicago and New York City happening every weekend? There were also children involved. Seems pretty racist….

    1. @Andre Jenkins aaw poor baby crying white privilege. I’m glad. It makes me happy to watch you cry about your own shortcomings.

    2. @Andre Jenkins sorry fool. Nobody cares about you crybabies. You’ve had every chance to make something of yourself. It’s not my problem if you decided not to.

    3. @Michael McCullagh every problem comes back to him. you’re the latest iteration of the thanks obama meme.

  5. Hey CNN why aren’t you reporting on the shootings in Chicago and the three year old that was shot and killed where is the outrage for that, where is BLM, where is the protest?

    1. doesnt fit the narative
      cnn only cares about news that make whites look bad
      of there is no news they will invent something

  6. Yesterday in London 12 people gots stabbbeded after the latest BLM rally by a jogger from Libya. is Racism really wrong or is it a defense mechanism to stay alive?

    1. Right, Colin Flaherty is right, stop apologizing or feeling bad about your god given instincts!!

  7. Why does the reporter not give up her job in order for a more diverse representation in media?

  8. A 3 year old black boy was killed in Chicago. He was pure and. Beautiful. His picture made me smile and cry at the same time. Where is the story? Where the hell is the outrage?

  9. “I don’t value indulging irrationality, hyper-partisanship.” -Chris Cuomo on the topic of his job on CNN

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