Long Overdue Memorial To Native American Veterans Unveiled In WA, D.C. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Long Overdue Memorial To Native American Veterans Unveiled In WA, D.C. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Ali Velshi tells the story of the military service of Marcella LeBeau, a 101-year Native American former Army nurse, and reports on the opening of the National Native American Veterans Memorial by he Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Aired on 11/12/2020.
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Long Overdue Memorial To Native American Veterans Unveiled In WA, D.C. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

53 Comments on "Long Overdue Memorial To Native American Veterans Unveiled In WA, D.C. | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. You are right on one thing. They served “THEIR COUNTRY”. What an amazing woman. Guess later is better than never?

  2. Veterans are heroes,not losers. Thanks to all who have served.

  3. Evert Vandenberghe | November 12, 2020 at 2:41 AM | Reply

    Tnx. Finally!!

  4. Funny how Native Americans, Nisei, Black Americans, Latinos and numerous other ethnic groups serve a country that at times has despised them, while a large group of White “Patriots” can’t even wear a mask.
    Sorry to be political on this day celebrating all our heroes, but the freedom lovers are killing us at a faster rate than our wars.

  5. What a fascinating piece.
    It was quite moving to hear the emotion in Ali’s voice as he read to camera.
    Sadly, it is special interest or historical groups that are responsible for erecting monuments like this when they should be a government initiative and a true symbol of ‘national’ recognition. However, given the track record of the succession of US governments to issues of national sensitivity, it was probably better that someone like the Smithsonian took the lead on this and produced something of cultural significance . . . rather than the State Department nailing a brass plaque to a rock in a desert somewhere…

  6. Our Indigenous Heroes deserve our love and respect.

  7. Katrina Middleton | November 12, 2020 at 3:01 AM | Reply

    Thank uou for your service. Sorry it took this long.

  8. What kind of person could dislike this story? Oh, a racist. This was their country first! I’m white and so tired of the racism. We should be apologizing for the way all ethnicities have been treated in this country and have more memorials erected for the great people of color who did so much for this country.

    • Shaun Kellison | November 12, 2020 at 9:35 AM | Reply

      A. Donald Trump is going to use section 14 to claim discrimination at poll locations When Republicans weren’t given the same viewing angles as Democrats.
      2. He’s going to use evidence of 1200 people who died who have voted, a software glitch in dominion voting machines used in 48 districts that he’s suing, 353 whistle blowers from the US PS and an undercover video from an FBI agent trying to convince one of the whistle blowers to change their story “ for the good of the country “.
      3. This is going to put the FBI in a position we’re lawyers are going to argue they can’t be trusted, this will go to the Supreme Court, They will rule based on the evidence and throw out all of the mail in ballots from those districts like Giuliani is Requesting.
      4. Democrats will fight it, it will go to a supreme court decision. Amy Comy Barrett is the deciding vote. If one of the Republicans defect it goes to a Senate decision. Republicans have a vast majority in the Senate now…
      5. Remember when we said that we’re all going to except the results of the election? Is that still the case? No matter who wins?

    • Thank you for your comment.

    • @anita fifen your welcome. It’s just the truth😊

    • I disagree. Fibrous law suits can disbar lawyers. If you vote on time and then die, it still counts. It’s a long path to the Supreme Court. Biden is no fool.


  9. And don’t for get the Native American were the code talkers in WW2.

    • Just in case you hadn’t heard, S. Korea has never forgotten the code talkers during that war and the Korean War to the point that earlier this year when the 1st people had no PPE’s and asked this administration and were sent 1000 body bags instead, S. Korea sent PPE’s and medical staff to assist because as they said, they never forgot the code talkers.

    • @Mary Rodger I did some research.Did you ever get the full amount of financial support promised from the administration for COVID-19.Hats off to South Korea,I am speechless with what the administration sent you,so sorry to hear this. God bless your Nation with peace and love and truth.

    • @OBoo Strauss SOUTH kOREA.

    • @Bruce Bartup just an error my apologies.

    • @OBoo Strauss no problemo. soorry for the CAPSLOCK. It’s just . . . diplomacy, y’know. Likee not the USA n oth amrica when you relly mean Canada. y’know?

      all the best

  10. As a disabled US Army veteran, It’s about time and makes my heart happy she lived long enough to see it. Thank You to all the nation’s and for your service and sacrifice for me, my family and all Americans!

  11. Yes, long overdue.

  12. Thank you for telling her story. She is a winner.

    • @Lisa Carr, as a lifelong resident of the now shameful state of South Dakota, so refreshing to hear something good for a change! Cheers!

  13. This is a very important story. The new memorial is beautiful.

  14. Shame.., good to see an American get emotional about how the US has treated your First Nations… it’s never too late to change

    • @Maggie Rezac
      Cheers, great to get the possible context.., I was listening to him.. & started to hear his throat..? Great to see TV/ News presenters showing emotion & empathy.., “a nation” needs to look at & get to see itself…We here in 🇳🇿 are going through major changes, need to & luckily have been for 30 yrs…., but we have so far to go to recognise ourselves, history, first peoples… I am told that we have start/ towards decolonisation?👍
      But I imagine we want the good n happy happy results in 2 weeks😂 …. but colonisation damaged so much over so long.. still we re finding our path forward I believe 👍
      My white grandchildren can sing Waiata to you in Te Reo, hopefully in a few years Te Reo will become core language in school.👍

    • @Tiger Tiger New Zealand, the home of the band Alien Weaponry, clicking, I think? The Mongolian band I’m thinking of is Hu!
      In other world news of goodness today, fans of the band System of a Down have been putting out videos and fundraisers for the people of Armenia, today, a peace accord has been signed!
      Pilamaya is Lakota for thank you very much!

    • Christine King | November 12, 2020 at 1:57 PM | Reply

      @Maggie Rezac I moved to Missoula, Montana last year from Boise, Idaho, my son’s mother-in-law is an RN in Havre, she retired after many years serving in a Native clinic. The poverty she describes is just awful, of course, our rural areas are suffering overall. I hope President Biden and Vice President Harris will address the lack of jobs and services in rural America. Pilamaya!

    • Christine King | November 12, 2020 at 2:08 PM | Reply

      @Maggie Rezac When I saw this, I remembered Icelandic throat singers, Skvalthr, this video gave me goosebumps. I was also following Swedish kulning, cattle calling that uses some throat singing. We are different, but the same! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU15xs9TgdE

    • @Christine King I am 25% Dane and 25% Swede! I’ve been binding on the band Wardruna these past several months as a way of soul healing!
      And yes, I have also enjoyed the Swedish Cattle calling! Wow, small world indeed!

  15. The two thumbs down to these American Heroes are obviously Atgolf Twitler deplorables. To all who serve we thank you.

    • As of 1056 EST , 6 in number, what is wrong with people, guess it could be worse

    • @Sam McConnich There is this sick “reverse discrimination” meme among some conservatives, if any racial/national/ethnic origin is mentioned, they accuse the other of discrimination. I don’t know if it rests in projection or deflection, but it is a false flag. This is a beautiful tribute to such a marginalized group of Americans, many of whom have been hit very hard by the pandemic. “Every treaty was broken…”, I knew that intellectually, but to hear Ali say those words is heartbreaking.

    • @Sam McConnich Exactly I know I’m getting old but common decency and our Veterans are non negotiable

  16. And the country treats them so badly, steal their lands and supress their votes.

  17. ByeDon Twenty20 | November 12, 2020 at 4:44 AM | Reply

    This is a beacon of light in the darkness that is this country’s history and through the grayness of the low hanging clouds over the U.S. today.♡

  18. my father, a full-blood Northern Cheyenne, served in the Korean war on the front lines, my grandfather served in WW1 as a NON-CITIZEN…. I am the great great granddaughter of numerous warriors from the battle of little bighorn and the Sand creek massacre

  19. I am “Shis-Inday “(“People of the Mountain Forests”), Mescalero, Dine, Apache, Navajo, Athabaskan, my People has served as Brave and Honorable Warriors in the defense of our Mother Nation.
    This National Native American Veterans Memorial acknowledges the Fine Traditions our People have served and will serve.
    We are First Nation People, Native American’s, acknowledge that.
    We are not; indians, american indians or apaches, the names given to us by our enemies.
    We are First Nation People, Native American’s, we serve with Honor and Pride to Protect this Country’s Constitution and our own.

    • exactly! even when they marched us down the trail of tears to our deaths they couldnt see it in themselves to record us as humans. they gave us numbers in place of names and changed names out of disrespect knowing without proof of identity we would be denied basic comforts and any properties if we were at anytime able to ask for their return legally.

    • Thank you, sincerely.

    • Please serve in the U.S. Supreme court , if there a increase in justices. Native American Indians should be awarded a seat.

  20. It’s a start. How many tens of thousands of service members in WWII were saved by the “Navajo Code Talkers”

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