Longtime NBC News Employee Dies After Testing Positive For Coronavirus | MSNBC 1

Longtime NBC News Employee Dies After Testing Positive For Coronavirus | MSNBC


Longtime NBC News employee Larry Edgeworth died at age 61 after testing positive for the coronavirus. Edgeworth worked at NBC for over 25 years. Aired on 03/20/2020.
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Longtime NBC News Employee Dies After Testing Positive For Coronavirus | MSNBC


    1. @Crystal Giddens she’s like that; i’d normally never watch her … but for some reason the station gave it to her to tell. She doesn’t realize it’s about him, not her.

    2. Crystal Giddens I may be insensitive while you are utterly confused and scared about CV-19. If this is the case then I apologise in advance but to have written two dumbassed posts you must be mentally challenged. She was doing her job and naturally, emotional, while having to announce the passing of a long-term staffer and beloved colleague. Which part of your brains registers empathy and duping delight!? When one has nothing nice to say or contribute, one usually SsTFU. It is also a great barrier to spare the world from ignorance. Confirm to the public that you were raised with better morals AND that you are not raising or have raised other human being with your present mindset. Be safe!!

  1. I am emotional along with you all. I am so sorry for your great loss. Thank you for sharing. Hugs from a distant California to you and the rest of the staff.

    1. Only sorrow fills those who die without christ jesus. But fir the righteous there is joy enen in death. Get jesus.

    1. Frederick Wolter Yeah. That doesn’t bode well for us because at the stage we’re at, Italy had tested a much larger percentage of their population than the U.S. has. And doctor and nurses had the right protective gear and even so, many are infected. Just in the Lombardy region, 20% of them are infected.
      Now imagine here in the U.S. where we have doctors and nurses begging people on Facebook for masks and supplies. Making masks out of office supplies.
      Many of them said that staff had been working without any protection for weeks now. When a much larger percentage than in Italy get sick, who will take care of everyone infected.
      A doctor on news last night said that it will be tsunami of people going to ER.

    2. Frederick Wolter is And yes we need to flatten the curve but people aren’t listening. A lot of it is the fault of the govt and media who for weeks told young people that they’d only mild symptoms and only old and sick people were at risk. Finally they saying that young people are 40% of those hospitalized.
      But come on! They should know that most young people are selfish and careless. Of course telling them they were not in danger would make them not heed warnings. And there was plenty of evidence two weeks ago at least that young people were getting seriously sick and the media ignored this.

    3. @B.b. Gun And yet, you still have people saying it’s no worse than the flu, and the reason Italy has so many cases is because they have ‘socialized medicine.’ Wonder what it will take for reality to set in for these people.

    4. Frederick Wolter It’s unbelievable.
      They asked a doctor in Italy if he thought it was like the flu. And he said it was nothing like the flu. It wasn’t even a pneumonia. He said it was a severe pneumonia.

    1. @John Days someone you don’t know allegedly perished. But yet the everyday anchors, like the lady above, will continue to be on the tell-lie-vision everyday, healthy as can be. They will never catch this “virus” because they are immune to it. Tom hanks is going to be alright because he said it.
      Keep watching the tell-lie-vision because they know what is best for you. They know how you should live your own life. Trust them and believe.

    2. @Cool Beans Tom hankins? Who said he can not get it again? People get infected twice over and more, haven’t you known? I trust jesus and keep up with the practical knowledge as well. I owe all my understanding and life to jesus. So should you. Death is a terrible thing without him.

  2. Why do they always say underlying issues and not specify what they are.
    Revealing his issues might help other people with the same problems

    1. @Dale Kelly
      I am from California my husband is Canadian in Toronto May I ask where are u in? How are things there? Toronto just called a state of emergency today

    2. @Kayla Nguyen So, you’re being quarantined in Toronto? I’m in Detroit. Governor just did a full lockdown for the State, but we’ve essentially been locked down for the past week.

    3. @Dale Kelly
      Toronto just announced the non-essential businesses to be closed. Most people need to stay inside unless needed to go out, for food, doctor’s, or job. Yes, there is a mandatory self-quarantine of 2+ weeks for International travelers. But some people do not follow it. We heard of people going on cruises and coming back to Canada and going to the mall. The government cannot watch everyone, unless the military is sent in, or the police ticket or enforce. My friend’s sister in law got a $500 ticket for going out pass 10pm curfew in South California. My family was in Chicago. Detroit is a great city.

    4. @Dale Kelly
      Thanks Dale, for your well wishes. May your family and u stay healthy there too. If u all ever need a vacation, u are most welcomed to visit California or Toronto I have relatives, on both sides of the Canadian-USA border

  3. This is so, so sad when you see the person’s face and learn about who he was, a Gentle Giant… My condolences to his family and NBC Colegues. God Bless you all

  4. As someone who has worked behind the camera in news settings, I can’t tell you how hard people like him work to make the news flow seamlessly. Thank you Larry!

  5. I need to send this to all my friends who STILL believe Black people can’t die from Covid-19.

    1. Jennyfromdablock 17 ?…… what……. I’ve never heard this in my life ….WOW ….. its sad that a person dyes from some type of illness …. but to say this is shameful…..

    2. Jennyfromablock – Sad news and praying for everyone and God is in control. His wife stated he had other illnesses that contributed to this Coronavirus.

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