Longtime TODAY Weatherman Willard Scott Dies At 87 1

Longtime TODAY Weatherman Willard Scott Dies At 87


Willard Scott forecast the weather on TODAY for more than three decades and spent 65 years at NBC. He died at 87. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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    1. @Carol Gaskill China Joe after arming them with $80B worth of military equipment now wants to continue to fund the Taliban by paying ransoms for the Americans he abandoned.

    2. @BlaQ Bay17 Why can’t you ❤️ and I have a moment of silence for the passing of a much loved weather man.

    3. @BlaQ Bay17 And dtrumpf left the kurds to be killed……now were is ur logic……..they was told months ago that United State was leaving…….why don’t u go there…….Puss….and give a con man hand?

    4. I thought 44 seconds was a short obit for a long time American culture figure. Ronald McDonald, I mean really…44 seconds?
      Then I watched…almost half was “promo”…
      Not good.

  1. That’s messed up, I remember meeting him while I was working NBC Wash DC affiliate during the 1990s.. Nice guy. I was just talking about Willard the other day. Always a smile, miss ya Willard.

  2. My condolences to Willard Scott’s Family and friends. Never met the man just watch his weather news for many years and he was a joy to watch.

    1. I’m Willard Scott’s uncle’s girlfriend’s cousin’s hairdresser’s plumber’s nephew’s teacher’s neighbor’s dog walker. And from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!. Your condolences mean so much!

  3. Believe it or not, while Willard was always entertaining on TV, he was even funnier on the radio, especially when he was working with his best friend and radio partner, Ed Walker. People loved him, both on and off the air

    1. Yes. And when NBC Nightly News anchor John Chancellor retired in 1993.
      RIP Mr. Chancellor ✝️🌎🌤️💕
      RIP Mr. Scott ✝️🌎🌤️💕

    1. And he was _just so_ beautifully charming when he introduced their photos and congratulated them on celebrating their birthdays.

      I’ll miss his wit and chivalry.
      RIP Mr. Scott ✝️🌎🌤️💕

  4. Watched him many years..made whether sound exciting an the Eldest Seniors Loved Him..R.I.P..may the whether be heavenly for you🙏

  5. Sometimes I’d think about him and wondered how he was doing. I grew up watching him and those older people’s birthdays he did. It was so sweet. Those were the days. RIP.

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