Looking Ahead To 2022: What Is The Democrats' Midterm Strategy? 1

Looking Ahead To 2022: What Is The Democrats’ Midterm Strategy?


Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, D-NY, Adrienne Elrod, Eugene Scott and Kurt Bardella discuss Democratic strategies for the 2022 midterm elections.

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Looking Ahead To 2022: What Is The Democrats' Midterm Strategy?


  1. Take the Stacey Abram’s strategy, scale it out, fine tune it for each state (or targeted states) and hit them hard, face to face. The message needs to be clear, consistent and constructive.

    1. @Whicker Power is a strange thing and it makes people do weird stuff. As an Independent, i do not say either party is the answer, and I mostly vote against people, not “for” the other. That said, what the GOP is doing now is intolerable. I have lived under dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, and I will resist allowing one to take over the USA, especially under the weakest of human beings that is Trump. How people do NOT see through this shallow creature of habit is beyond me. I didn’t vote “for” Biden, but “AGAINST” Trump and what he hopes to turn the GOP and whoever else into…. flying monkeys.

    2. @K Bone “a lot of the Black and Latino gains made by the GOp was due to Trump’s “strong man” facade”

      At least you did state that was your opinion. My opinion is the support was due to the low unemployment and their gains in net worth (+33% black and +66% Hispanic) and income. They just survived 8 years of Obama where their net worth shrunk while all gains went to the rich.


  2. If Biden pushes through legislation without Republicans, it will also bring out the Dem base in 2022!!!

    1. @Scientific Methodologist believe me yes or no but the map is still coming tomorrow no matter what because I heard it in the news yesterday on news

    2. Gotcha kinda like spending $6 trillion more dollars on nonsense programs. If you spend $1 million per day it would take almost 2378 years to spend a trillion dollars. Jackasses do not know the value if money. Congrats!! Guess that’s why they are the Demostupids mascot. So sad!!

  3. Simple, do the hard groundwork to bring out record numbers of democratic supporters to vote, and punish the GOP for their fascist tendencies. Put the GOP in the political wasteland where they belong.

    1. The American electorate is going to punish the Democrats something fierce in the 2022 midterms. Bigotry, hate, fascism and megalomania tends to turn off potential voters.

    2. @Jennifer Middleton your Facebook echo chamber is calling. You better agree with them or get cancelled

  4. How about actually passing some legislation instead of repeatedly falling into the same trap Republicans set for them? Probably a good way to keep their seats and maybe gain a few.

  5. That’s the problem . The voters aren’t going to decide this in Republican states. The outcome will be decided by trump state legislatures and courts in these states. Wakeup!

  6. Get registered. Help your friends and family get registered. Start now, so that you’re ready to vote!

    1. And don’t report family deaths so you can scam their ballot too. Or ask them to die just before elections.

    2. @Leo M Nice job on the registration!
      About your impeachment Hope’s, once he commits an impeachable office, go right ahead. Most likely he won’t commit any. The former guy was never able to help himself.

  7. Cornyn won his seat again by cheating again. Redistricting, and the state legislature overriding the voters. He goes right after Ted.

  8. Article I Section 4: “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.” The GOP’s states rights arguments are BS.

  9. I hope their strategy is to engage the GOP power grab and stop handing out jay walking tickets to each other. If we don’t play like them, we’re gonna give a florida citizen another 4 years to do whatever he wants as POTUS.

  10. Yes but, many people vote for the party – “R” or “D”- not the person. In fact many don’t care who the person is as long as they have the “R” or “D” next to their name. How do we change that?

  11. Gloves off and take a page out of the GQP playbook, Democrats NEED to play dirty. Block all GQP bills on the floor.

  12. It’s about being truthful honest and transparency …. A lot of trump voters didn’t hear the bad rhetoric of Trump because Fox News and other right wing media don’t broadcast the truth the facts.

    1. These are corporations that have interests like tech, energy, and transpiration corporations do. Wake up

  13. not true, we are fine with the federal government taking over the voting problem in the country, voting rights act was passed on a federal level, not an issue

  14. We are coming for all rebups and corporate Democrats. The world is changing and life will be better when you’re out. Finally things will get done for the people.

  15. Cornyn’s wrong, there definitely IS a widespread republican effort to stop Democratic voters from exercising their right to vote and Nullify them after they’re cast. I’m from Texas and he’s NOT my Senator.

  16. It’s the same thing states are doing that put in LEGISLATORS to CHANGE votes if they don’t like it

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