Looking back at Donald Trump’s biggest feuds with other world leaders

Looking back at Donald Trump's biggest feuds with other world leaders 1


From Canada to North Korea, many leaders across the globe had a tumultuous relationships with U.S. President Trump over his first term.


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18 Comments on "Looking back at Donald Trump’s biggest feuds with other world leaders"

  1. So tired of this anti trump propaganda..

  2. The only world leaders Trump hasn’t insulted are Netanyahu, Mohammed bin Salman and Putin.

  3. Hmmm, no mention of the recent brokering of the so called impossible peace deals.

    • Honestly I think He is the most Peaceful President ever, eased tensions with North Korea, Serbia and Kosovo peace deal Israel and UAE peace deal promised to bring Troops home from Afghanistan this year and He didn’t start any new wars with anyone. He also made a deal with the Saudi Prince and Russia to stabilize the oil market and He doesn’t get much credit for any of it.

  4. Trump Nation

  5. Wheres his noble piece prize lol 😆 😂 🤣

  6. Feuds? I couldn’t help but notice that Trump has helped negotiate peace deals and has calmed situations with formerly hostile nations ..

  7. Canada For Trump

  8. 3 Nobel Nominations
    4 Peace deals

    Trudeau = 3 corruption scandals

  9. best President ever TRUMP2020

  10. Are you kidding me he’s brought more peace than anyone before him and was nominated for three Nobel Peace prizes because of it. I guess you’re not really into investigating things and telling the truth are you.

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