Los Angeles Closes Playgrounds, Outdoor Dining While Allowing Filming To Continue | All In | MSNBC

Los Angeles Closes Playgrounds, Outdoor Dining While Allowing Filming To Continue | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. Similar to the Romans. When a roman soldier went to war he came home to his property being owned by someone else. Listens learn!

    2. If it was a BLM protest it would be okay, if you keep voting blue you end up with this type of government. When you start trading liberty’s for security you end up with neither. Remember this when you go vote next time. Big government is never good for small business or the middle class or ever.

    3. @Amanda Reiche no, they should be sacrificed for being obsolete drains on our social security funds. we could use a good global culling. let God sort us out.

  1. If there is a LOCKDOWN, THEN THAT SHOULD MEAN FOR FILM MAKERS TOO!!! They should be ashamed for their actions!!! We are supposed to be in this together!😡😡😡🙈

    1. They have much stricter guidelines and the film industry employs about half of the city—millions. If you shut it down completely you’re cutting off funds for drivers, gaffers, editors, etc. There are tons of people in the film industry who don’t make much money.

    1. yea I know some leftists who aren’t taking the vaccine. The conspiracy theories on the vaccine exist on both sides.

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  3. There’s plenty of countries that have been quite successful so why don’t the leaders in America look at how they have dealt with this virus??

    1. Australians and New Zealanders generally have a love and respect for life and each other, we are managing the virus ……..with science, leadership and human understanding. the virus doesn’t manage us.

    2. @Sharren Colfax exactly. With good advice & fast action you have got control of the virus. Amazes me how so called leaders like BJ & trump can get it so very wrong! 😷 Stay safe 😊

  4. ‘The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interrèd with their bones.’
    Shakespeare. And good riddance.

  5. I used to think that Gavin Newsome was a good governor but the way he has behaved and the way he has neglected California, he is just a mini Trump in California. What is wrong with these people? The next time there is a gubernatorial election, kick Gavin Newsome out and replace him with someone better.

  6. most of these restrictions are arbitrary and asinine put out by weak state and city leaders trying to make a show of pandemic response.

  7. 😭 This passive aggressive “oh my God everything is so confusing” is so hilarious! Totally LA. There’s nothing confusing about it, it’s very obvious at this point the government has an agenda

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