Loser: GOP Spends 2021 Recounting Trump’s Loss In Several States

The GOP is mounting another non-binding "recount" of Trump’s loss to Biden. MSNBC’s Ari Melber discusses the bizarre effort with The Nation’s Joan Walsh and Puck News’ Julia Ioffe. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @reality Nah, it’s the fascist far right Americans are sick of, which is why the Democrats have control of the Presidency, House and Senate. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  1. The definition of “insanity” is counting the same ballots over and over again and expecting Trump as president🤪

    1. @S McDonald D J TRUMP the clown who pretended to be president. There’s a special out of the way hall for his portrait in the White House

  2. Forget tired memes of a screaming woman in a pink hat, that’s nothing compared to this. Trump supporters are having the worst case of cope the world has ever seen.

    1. @LyingDogFace PonySoldier this is so cringe, everyone knows the rhetorical “silent majority” is clearly an obnoxious minority at this point, and it’s obvious by the rhetoric. Secure people do not try to argue with strangers on the internet about absurd conspiracies. If Trump won due to widespread fraud, why didn’t his lawyers claim there was fraud? Answer me that one simple question.

    2. @michael shultz lmao Trump lost badly, there’s a fact for you. Trump is literally the definition of a snowflake, he can’t admit failure, ever.

    3. @LyingDogFace PonySoldier *_On behalf of Barack Obama, George Soros, and all the deep state liberals who stole this election for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Beelzebub, I am authorized to inform all you butthurt MAGA crybabies that next we are coming to steal your household pets, appliances, possum rifles and pickup trucks. After that we will be stealing your cha-cha heels, wigs and zaftig foundation garments. Thank you for your cooperation._*

  3. “I’m just not sure who this theater is for…”. It’s for the Abominable Showman. There is clearly no end to what his sycophantic followers will do to feed his malignant narcissism.

    1. @NiNi J The popular vote is completely and utterly meaningless, since that is not how you win.

      You are one person. As such, you do not qualify as a, “we”.

    2. What is hysterical about the recounts is that the outcome is that he lost. Trump hates a loser which makes me think he must really hate himself.

    3. @Snickle Fritz The problem with your assessment is that he has been winning most of the time since the early 70’s. So your theory falls apart.

    1. ​@Billy Pardew One day Trump awoke to a terrible stench, and became concerned that the weasel that lived atop his head may have died. So he went to the doctor, and when he walked in, the doctor immediately exclaimed, _”Sweet sassy molassy, where did you get the pig?”_ Trump explained, _”But Doctor, it isn’t a pig, it’s a weasel.”_ The doctor replied, _”I was talking to the weasel.”_

    2. @Billy Pardew *BREAKING NEWS*
      The Trump Presidential Library has burned down. Tragically, the fire consumed both books, and Trump hadn’t even finished coloring the second one.

    3. @Billy Pardew *_Trump is highly skilled at the art of the con.  “Con” is short for confidence, and it is based on gaining confidence or trust from the potential victim.  The skilled con is an expert at “baiting” the rube; telling the target what he wants to hear (as the “bait”), inspiring trust or confidence.  Trump is truly a dedicated master baiter, spending a good part of each day master baiting his base._*

    1. @jones to use the word “Con” you’d first have to prove the deception. now if you wanted to apply the word Con to the Media that would be easy to prove.

    2. Didja hear the joke, where some his “Cult Following” subscribed to pay him some money, then from some naughtiness, they had multiple charges pulled until they were bankrupted?
      It’s a good (and FACT too!) one!

    3. @Eric Martin
      Trump’s phony healthcare plan, phony infrastructure, phony tariffs never put into law. You crack me up, nobody’s more phony than trump, now he’s flopped and recommended vaccines. What’s his next flop?

  4. It’s bad enough that Trump continues to perpetuate The Big Lie, but others in the GOP going along on this trip to Disney Land is frightening

    1. @Jeremy Saunders you do realize that you are threatening in a way that could put you behind bars like the other insurrectionist that did wrong on Jan.06…who’s a patriot, an ex military that served in the armed forces… or a 5 time draft dodger?

    1. @Satanic Microchip v5 After reading your “Opinions ” I have come to the conclusion that you are FOS.

    2. @Alexander Torro does he worship satan? 🤣😂 Christians are the only ones stupid enough to ask that. 🙄 why? Because Christians are the only ones dumb enough to believe in imaginary friends, as well as think your imaginary friend has a bully! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  5. Bluto gave Flounder some advice that trump needs to take very seriously; “Start drinking heavily…”.

    1. That’s a fine Popeye reference and much appreciated. “Don’t be a bullfighter cuz kindness is righter says Popeye the sailor man!”

    2. @gehlen52 I’m not much of a drinker. If I remember correctly, those are both crappy beers. ☺️

  6. So they are sore losers and really just don’t want to face reality.

    This is what we knew when 45 first ran for office. Many of us saw this outcome even then.

    1. @Jim Munro Now, now… If your gunna use epitaphs and vulgarities, you at least should use the proper ones. Such as: Cult/Cult-followers and Cult-master and insurrectionists.
      Y’know, just for clarification sake.
      Just saying

    1. @Sergeant Hulka well let’s see how that works out for you I don’t think Joe is going anywhere but forward if they couldn’t pull t-rump out they will never get Joe out think about it before you reply with something stupid

    1. @Jew Dy your sorta missing the point. It still has nothing to do with COVID, yet the money to do that is coming from aCovid spending bill. That is as wrong as wrong can be. And she’s thumbing her nose at all of us.

    2. Why do You think, with all the soliciting Trump
      Is doing is to pay these Mo Fockers to
      As He would say: FIND the irregularities
      So that He could dodge like the draft
      Bullet he’s ducking. Numbers 32:23

    3. @Tanya Nguyen evidence of what voter fraud??. Its all over the usa.
      Let me know if u would like evidence for that. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👌👌☝️☝️☝️

  7. Homie lost “multiple” election recounts, lawsuits, coups, insurrection…..Wikipedia needs to put trumps pic along side the meaning of loser!!

    1. @TX Rick biden did not win election and anyone that voted for him she go live with bidens Taliban..👉👳‍♂️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️👌✌✌🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    1. @Sylvia Morgan Oh, it’s not going to put Trump back in office. It’s going to put Trump in prison.

  8. Garland. Enough of those criminaks wasting Sane Americans hard earned tax dollars! Put a Stop to this and make them reimburse those states!! WTH?

    1. @T Boned omg. The truth HAS ALREADY been found, SEVERAL times. You just continue to refuse to accept it. If any election need to re-counted. It was in 2016.

  9. Trust us, if there was a way to remove a sitting president without impeaching him, we would have done it in 2017.

    1. @Smokey Mafia Actually I have benefitted. I get free Covid testing and I got free vaccines. My health insurance is also way lower than it was when Trump was president. It went up a hundred dollars between 2018 and 2019 and we barely even used it! After Biden became president, it went down 150 bucks.
      Also, every time you cultists bring up Trump’s acquittal, I really can’t help but laugh because you act like it was some unanimous decision of the whole Senate, when the only people who were unanimous in acquitting him were the bootlicking Republicans. But he was still impeached, TWICE, and he is the only president in history to be so, that is how corrupt and sad he is.

    2. @Sergeant Hulka Lindsey Graham says a lot of things. Bit of a drama queen, that one. The trick is to cling for political expediency but not fall into the trap of actually building your expectations around their words. Lindsey will disappoint you. His rubbery neck can withstand the whiplash of a complete 180 degree turn, to him that’s just a Tuesday. To those tying their identities to his fantasy though it’s just sad.

    3. @Smokey Mafia just because he was “acquitted” by the aid of the imbedded cult-followers (*Cough*GOP*Cough*) doesn’t mean he wasn’t guilty. A rigged trial is still a rigged trial.

    1. So you’re saying the cost from the 4 year investigation into Trump should be paid for by the democrats and Hillary too or are you just a nazi hypocrite with no brain?

    2. @michael shultz just gunna ignore that little tidbit where he hustled down to the shelter under the WH?
      Alrighty than… 🤭

  10. These are specially designated GQP “Loser Squads” … they get a free Chinese made MAGA hat after wasting time and money.

    1. @Willy Bones I have this “fear” of being mistaken for a dumocrat so my Trumpy bear rides along with me.
      Problem solved, worth every penny.

  11. Counting isn’t their forte, they believed that Trump had more people at his inauguration than Obama, they believe Covid deaths wasn’t too high, and Trump had more votes than Biden.

    1. @Heather Kingston at least Trump loves someone, did you watch biden speech? Basically if you’re suffering cause of his bad decisions tuff, he’s good.

    2. @jayteadesigns the recount in Arizona, Wisconsin, and other states.. Why do the they call themselves woke if they’re always asleep in current events?

    3. @neb I didn’t ask about your opinion about the election, I asked about the good news regarding the Trumps ninja audit recount.

    1. @T Boned I’ll tell you a secret…. I have known what was going to happen today since the day dOnald the clown announced he was going to run for president. Literally. And you are so behind its hilarious

    2. Don’t you get it??? Every time these Republicans do a recount, they follow up with mass emails to there base asking for money. And these stupid people give it to them, thinking it will bring Trump back.

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