Loud Cries for Amendment to Jamaican Criminal Justice Act | Plea Bargaining - March 31 2021 1

Loud Cries for Amendment to Jamaican Criminal Justice Act | Plea Bargaining – March 31 2021


Calls are being made for amendments to be made to the Criminal Justice Act.

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  1. You hear dem 3 yah because dem is the one who is taking advantage of the loopholes because this is a loophole in the Justice systems these sentences is a shame to the victims dem families

    1. @Genchfa Manfunzi Exactly. Singapore also, is one of the most prosperous and most peaceful countries on earth. Jamaica is not. Their GDP is higher than The USA. Singaporean maids make more money on average than a Lawyer or Engineer in Jamaica and they have the resources for reforming prisoners because the society itself does not glorify or accept criminals. They are shunned. In Jamaica, in too many cases, it is the opposite. We have a social crisis as well that Singapore does not have. If it was the Jamaica that my parents lived in in their youth we could legitimately adopt Singapore’s model because we had a very different society and more people that were less inclined towards criminality and a society that would have helped people reform. However, we are no longer that Jamaica.

    2. @R QUBED The beneficiaries, the people who benefits from the existing state of affairs want nothing to change, but perhaps they can be reminded how maids are paid in Singapore the equivalent of what skilled professionals are paid in Jamaica, Singapore started with cheap labour and getting rid of trade unions, they even turned those trade unionist into business people.
      Those things was never popular in Jamaica, trade unions and unionist in Jamaica act as party henchmen for political parties.

    3. @Genchfa Manfunzi Things will never change. The majority of Jamaicans do not understand what happens beyond our shores nor are nation values inculcated into us. we have a very tribal mindset. We approve everything done by the political people we support and decry everything the other side does (good or bad). The Singaporean people chose to retain the same leader for decades because they understood he stood for nationhood and what would benefit the majority of Singaporeans. The truth is, we have the leaders we deserve, the education system we deserve and the broken society we deserve. We worked for it…and we are reaping what we sowed. Unfortunately. Some of our very own parents and grandparents are to blame.

    4. @Genchfa Manfunzi Trade Unions are fine when they are not use as political favours and as dispensers of benefits to certain people and organizations. I’ve seen cases of worker abuse in Singapore, terrible working conditions where a solid trade union that isn’t corrupt would have helped. Everything is tainted in Jamaica with political opportunism and favour. Hence why I left. I love my country but my life is better off elsewhere.

    1. The government lacks the guts to do it. It needs no postsocialist to tell you that in Jamaica execution will be a deterrent to homicides.
      Big time

    2. I agree with Mr Champagne mandatory minimums the the part he did not venture into because he’s a Lawyer but I can because I I’m just a man who believe in Equal rights. And Justice. Mandatory will and should. Include the law. Of. MOSES. U KNOW. €YE. FOR. EYE. YOU KILL. GUESS. WHAT…..??

  2. These attorneys looking out for themselves because the current criminal Act made their job easier, they are just an OK lawyers, the criminal justice system needs to revamp

  3. I am a nurse practitioner they can offer me a job. I live in the sates and willing to help my country

    1. @Living on Purpose !! you should start looking into it the year that you graduate nursing school. I am a surgical nurse practitioner.

  4. “Criminal” lawyers who know how to game the court system are Jamaica’s biggest crime problem

  5. Bring back retired doctors and nurses on contract, not just for covid but in areas where there is shortage for health care

  6. We create a self hating society that have no value for life and a special hate for womb-man which we all came from.
    We depart from our ancestral morals and value systems.We are now led by machine men,with machine mind and machine heart.We have to clean up our inner house reconnect to our spiritual God self.Running to the problem for solution is not achievable.

  7. We are awaiting for the the outcome. We, can see yet again the UWI HOSPTAL will not be held accountable. We are very concerned about this. Every institution in Jamaica whenever something major happens too many times they are never held to give account, and the individuals go free. It is a terrible and corrupt system. The Ministry of health needs to be reformed and administration of the hospitals held to give an account whenever anything goes wrong at the hospitals.

  8. Blessed thank you very much for the news but right now the lawyers are looking out for them self and my condolence to family’s of the police officer

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