Loud Mouth Convicted | TVJ News - March 12 2021 1

Loud Mouth Convicted | TVJ News – March 12 2021


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    1. U seet to. These people that vote in this government in power is a disgrace. Look how much a dem dead since the election. Look how police a murder off the youth them. And this government breed crime. Poverty brings crime.

    1. Way more than that him should a get, that is why the virus spreading so because these nincompoop doing as they feel because them feel after them go as them please and them get caught them only going to get a slap on them risk, people wide money unknown time in prison, poor ppl pay the fine, 1 million dollars.

    2. This whole little country get sink cause see what u people focusing on and everyday you see viral videos with pure criminals a kill people and nothing you hear the government saying about that. Only a man who trying to make a point on this ediot virus.

  1. that’s nothing to him because he’s Rich, but something’s deffinatly wrong with the judicial system of Jamaica, at minimum he should be facing at least 6 to 8 months for every count he was charged with, this is why so many people break the law in Jamaica, no consequence, I taught they was going to make an example outta him, the signal is clear, do whatever you want as long as you can afford to pay, it’s all about money

    1. In the US, he would be jailed, then forced to go through several “continuances” while being held without bond. Then go through a bond hearing, then a pre trial, then the trial, all the while his lawyer bill goes up, court fees go up, the system gets bogged down, blah blah.
      In Jamaica justice is swift!

  2. Freedom of speech is a crime now in Jamaica? Bc I don’t see the crime he committed , only see the man talking loud and exposing the truth,wake up Jamaica most of you all commenting not from Jamaica who feels it you know the rest

  3. ” ha ha ha ha hasaaaaa ” .. … one thing I want to say to that stupid man who have the last laugh Now .. ” ke le ke ke keeeeeee ” .. … the judge should have charged him a million-dollar for his stupid out of timing unruly Behavior .. Jamaica “hmmmm” SMH .. are a big growing up man he should have been setting the proper example instead of doing ” Bull Shiiiiiii ” … thank you

  4. I strongly believes that the court is over doing it to pleased the dictator government, I am not saying that the man. That the man shouldn’t be charged for whatever, he whatever he does. But the fines is very cruel by the court,plus the man having a right to speak his mind too,as long as he doesn’t not threatened the police officers them. I strongly believes that the Jamaican court is becoming a mockery of the people’s constitutional rights, because what the government is doing. It is very much unlawful to the people of Jamaica , well you cannot blamed the government too much. It is what they have voted for, so is what they sow, is what they are now reaping. Because as I know that every charged comes with a fines,but these judges. Just going ahead and charging the people all these enormous fines. Jamaica becomes a fascism government, the court can just go ahead under this jlp dictator government ministers them and. Charging these people these enormous fines without a cost,I strongly believes that the police officers them is also over doing it too. Because the government does not even respect them at all, the government is treating them like a piece of shithouse. I don’t respect some of those labourites police officers them at all, I know that some of them is very jumpy.They must used their discretion and don’t follow, those stupid government ministers them at all. Because the jlp party government ministers them took money from Bill Gates to run the election, so he can used Jamaica as one of the coronavirus disease vaccines location. The money that Bill Gates gave the jlp party government ministers them, is only the jlp party supporters them got some of the money during the election campaign. The government cannot say it is lie,because I have several videos with the labourites supporters them lining up. Collecting money , so the government cannot say it is lie.I can circulate the videos them, also Bill Gates in Jamaica talking to Brogad Andrew Holness and some of his ministers them. The jlp party government ministers them is running the like a communist country, the government is also telling the court .Who to get bail from who not to, I have never seeing these kinds of slackness in all my time living in Jamaica. This is the worst government ministers them ever to rules Jamaica , I does not know what to call this group of labourites government. I already calling them Ali Barbers and the 40 thieves, and the nation of vipers.I have never seeing a group of people is behaving so erratic like this present jlp government, as Bustamante did. Tell Norman Washington Manley why are you building so many schools for, because if you make them can read and write too well. Then you cannot control them at all, Bustamante further said. You see I don’t build no schools for them at all, because after a while, him cannot talk to them at all, until the pnp really realizes it.The same people them that got free education under the pnp government, the same people them is saying. That the pnp party government ministers them does not, do nothing for them at all and. Common entrance came in 1957 by pnp party government ministers them, so that under privileges like Andrew Holness, Nigel Clarke, Green, all of those labourites ministers them. Could get a scholarship to enhanced their education and, now they are mashing up the education system. Especially the minister of education Williams, she is just a big time liar, without the common entrance, what would be those jlp party government ministers them lives today.

  5. 26000jmd is too affordable honestly they would have made it more difficult for him so others follow suit

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