Louis DeJoy Finance Entanglements Raise Ethics Questions | MSNBC 1

Louis DeJoy Finance Entanglements Raise Ethics Questions | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow shares new reporting by the Washington Post that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy bought up to $305,000 worth of bonds from the company where the U.S. Postal Service board chair works.

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    1. My understanding is it works like this.
      Trump appointed the board , the board decides whether these people stay or go.
      So indeed , they need the board that was appointed by Trump , to remove the nut job that was installed by Trump.

  1. Saddens me to say, but… the most corrupt, most racked with nepotism, most politically badly skewed democratic state of the western hemisphere. How can so much brazenly open graft and corruption go unaddressed for so long… SMH…

    1. @Mega Fauna America got rid of Trump. We are not broken. We are not doomed(you are not a very original troll).

    2. @Karen De Rosier You’ve done nothing. You didn’t get rid of Trump, you’ve already acquiesced to fascism and you want more.

    3. Each and every Trump appointee, any official in any way connected to him, is a bad apple rotten to the core. Even with Trump not president anymore, they obviously think they are untouchable, and the corruption and grift go on merrily.

    4. @Gerry Regan A little column A, a little column B. Mainly we’re in a recurring state of winner take all politics/grifting.

  2. Man Trump is shining in the construction world. No builder has built a deeper swamp in all of known history!

    1. @Stone Men The usual Repub deflection – these other guys are bad (without naming any) so therefore these scummy Republican officials are…..fine?

    1. He is get away with it ! The high society protect one and another . There is NO justice AT all folks to these thugs .

    2. I been working at the St. Louis Main Post Office since 1995. If you blantly slow down the mail in any capacity, the Postal Inspectors will deal with you promptly and swiftly!!!! These clown came and visited or facility last fall right before the election. I didn’t see him im grateful i didn’t,ironically he was surrounded by the Postal Inspectors for protection. THE GALL OF THE CLOWNS IN THE TRUMP CIRCUS IS ENDLESS!!!!!

  3. So many criminals from the previous government are exposed and face prosecution. Except for the Capo dei Capi, who is collecting money and playing golf, living his best life.

    1. Soo true but something tells me Trumpty Dumpty is miserable his daughter ran away, his wife won’t even show up for his birthday, he has sooo many investigations and lawsuits going on he has to keep hiring more lawyers……I doubt he could even pay anyone to screw him anymore wish now I hadn’t had that thought and he keeps losing! Every day he wakes up knowing he lost and then immediately convincing himself he didn’t and those loans are coming due while his company has been indicted and don’t forget he can’t toilet tweet anymore which must infuriate him every time he sits on his golden throne

    1. Jails are not for the rich but for people under them. (Just-Us)
      Justice will never come unless it is out of court. Hint: Tree of Liberty.!!

    1. @espy Yep he and the others are selling out our United States of America and I, along with many others are trying to expose these creeps for the greedy people they are.

  4. I work for the USPS in the Atlanta area. We’re terrified of what is coming down the pike. Word is that DeJoy is going to send some of his XPO people in to run the show at specific facilities, perhaps the one I work at. The whole point behind this fiasco is to destroy the union. The postal union is one of the strongest in the country. The GOP has hated the USPS for years. The continued success of the Post Office, despite every effort at hamstringing it by the Republicans and the libertarians, is a source of great irritation to them. To the GOP, EVERYTHING would be so much better off if it was privatized. The GOP thinks that every single aspect of human existence should have a dollar amount attached to it. DeJoy is crooked. Why do you think Dolt45 put him there in the first place?

    1. Republicans absolutely hate the USPS. They have been trying to get rid of it for years. You are correct when you state that they want to privatize everything. The bad part is they will still take our tax dollars. They may give a little one time rebate, or reduction for a short while, to get support. But they expect to still take our money for less and less programs, protections, or investment in the average citizen. The only time they want to cut taxes, it’s for their richest donors / corporations.

    2. The USPS sponsored and supported Lance Armstrong getting his Meds to France. I”m not surprise, anything goes. It’s the Wild Wild West. YeeeHaaaaa.

    3. @Tele Bubba Agree 100%. “Getting Rid Of” needs to translate into hard jail time for Dejoy and his kind, who were put in place to intentionally sabotage our election process – not to mention all the businesses that suffered due to their malicious tactics.

  5. I think by this point it is safe to assume that if Donald Trump likes you, you’re probably a criminal.

    1. @Robert Irvine if you’re not shady or will not break the law for him, or “ do the dirty” on someone for him, if he can’t use a person in some horrendous way then he attacks them and gets his sycophants to do the same.

    2. GOOD ONE!
      So true! If you’re not a criminal when you meet him, you’ll probably be one by the time your relationship ends.

    1. I mean ask a slew of Senators that got richer last year by using classified briefings to buy and sell stocks, also known as a form of insider trading information. For guys like Burr, he publicly downplayed covid massively. Underneath the facade was him rapidly moving stocks. They used covid briefings for financial gain. I’m shocked that somehow it was okay for them to do that kind of stock movement, and alsowhile the Senate was approving the original 3T stock market bailout that it seems many forgot about already.

    2. The SEC is in charge of market manipulation. It’s not their job to police corruption like this. This would fall on the lap of the ethics committee which would then make a referral to federal prosecutors. It’s a slow moving machine.

    3. That doesn’t seem to happen in America if you have money and power you get away with anything until you leave your position then only then they may get punished in some way but America doesn’t seem to want to convict the rich

    1. We don’t arrest rich white men often no matter the offense and when we do, it’s agonizingly slower than the rest of the citizens

  6. DeJoy should have been investigated by the FBI the day after he started removing the sorting machines and banning overtime to blatantly help trump’s election campaign.
    His obvious conflict of interest is not in the best interest of the Postal service. His only thought about his position, is his thoughts about his shareholder status in competing companies.

  7. The corruption that Trump brought to his 4 year reign is only now being exposed, more will come, count on it… Presidential Immunity no longer applies… How many more of his corrupt cronies like De Joy are going to be arrested?

  8. Any Postal Board that allows DeJoy to remain is a guilty as he is and deserves to be held accountable alongside of him.

  9. So how do you fire the Board of Directors at USPS?
    Who determins what is Ethical or not? Those bounderies are clearly not tight enough.

  10. What a GREAT morale booster this must be for the people diligently working at the USPS, when they know their boss is as corrupt as Mr DeJoy.

  11. Surely he has a conflict of interests, can’t that be investigated. Is he due in front of a committee?

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