Louisiana Doctor: 'Admitting One Covid Patient Per 45 Minutes' 1

Louisiana Doctor: ‘Admitting One Covid Patient Per 45 Minutes’

Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. Catherine O'Neal says that they are "out of beds" at her hospital as Louisiana Covid hospitalizations reach a record high. 
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    1. @Big Tex what, the variants are formed in other countries. Regardless of if we all get vaccinated, you will see this thing mutate, look up Lamba variant. It’s already vaccine immune. You only care about the 50 feet around you. There’s millions of more feet in this world, with Billions more people.

    2. @Phil Groves interesting concept. that is of assuming people want to be educated about science and implement useful scientific knowledge into routine daily practice. Well just look at our society, I might argue many actually have NO INTEREST in learning anything and simply look to our leaders for knowledge. Scary thought? we’re living it right now. What you propose may make sense for many but it also doesn’t for many. Hard truth. The crusade against science is alive and well in our country….unfortunately.

    1. @Jimi Hendrix Exactly. They need to read it with their tongue in their cheek. (The cheek closest to their tongue)

    2. @Dino They didn’t. They just made it easier for people to vote while living in it. Guess what Trumptwit, making it easier to vote doesn’t mean fraud. It just means more people vote.

    3. @Chicken Little Syndrome Yeah, that’s what it is. So apparently they were all overwhelmed even before the COVID, eh trumpwit?

    1. @Mutton Chops Russian vaccine… Oh I get it.. because I’m a Russian TROLL-BOT from Moscow

    2. @William H Music 2020 Good, Make sure you don’t wear a mask either. In fact get real close to the other Morons not getting vaccinated… Cheers

  1. Moral of the story dont live in a red state. Don’t travel to a red state. Don’t do business with red states.

    1. @Bob Jones Biden is the president, and he isn’t faking it, but you are faking a ph.d, where are you actually attending school? Trump elementary?

    2. @soltantio a wall won’t stop the spread of globalized evil. The variant will spread, America will spread “its working ways” and the world will crumble.

    3. @SR FH America will mandate business laws, that won’t allow those to sell goods, unless they make vaccine only mandated. People won’t be able to buy products, “unless vaccinated”. It will work…until we realize that other countries are creating variants. They will then take into consideration the effect of those policies, and then America will stop allowing other countries from getting banking help, until they mandate the same policies. Those
      Companies around the globe won’t be able to sell on the Dow Jones or Nasdaq. Thus creating a financial institution, that stops allowing paper currency to be allowed on the “black market”, and mandating a “currency” exchange that only allows those that follow suit to be able buy or sell on the
      Global economy.

      Thus creating, a global currency, that you need the mark of the beast to participate in.

      I’m years ahead of you…with that “fake” PhD. But, the only way America could spread these ideas, and make global business align, is to
      Do This!

      We will talk again, in 2 years, when variants are vaccine immune, and their is no other way.

    1. Pres Trump had the virus on the run, Biden & Harris are on the run, from lack of credibility they can’t even bribe Democrats to take the jab we need Trump back ASAP!

    2. @Chad Simmons trump did NOT have the virus on the run, trump let it spread, Biden was getting it under control but the idiots in the red states refused to take the vaccine and now you see where we are.

  2. There is No Doubt that the Delta Variant
    will Make the Conservatives Pay Dearly.

    Soon the Conservatives will Start to Shift
    the Blame for their Stupidity to us.

    1. There are no conservatives left in the Republican Party. The true conservatives are all Independents now. The only ones left in the Republican Party are traitors and ignoramuses.

    2. @ruth depew This is true. I grew up with old-school Republicans.
      Some I know sadly died during trump’s pathetic “presidency”. That hurts.

    3. News from India. They now have delta +, which is kinda the same except it spreads even faster.

  3. That’s 32 new COVID patients per day. The patients to feel sorry for are the heart attack cases and accident victims who also cannot get adequate care.

    1. @Donna Blair first of all the smallpox, polio, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella and flu vaccines don’t remap you mRNA. Secondly, this is the first ever vaccine given to humans that remap mRNA. So the hesitation is real for some and it’s understandable!!!

  4. Here’s an idea. Prioritize those with the vaccine over those without. They obviously don’t care about health and safety. Why waste resources on them

    1. @AbbersJ we have and these morons have had more than enough chances to get vaccinated yet choose ignorance, misinformation, and hatred. Its a crappy view on the matter but I simply lack remorse for those individuals who have called it fake news, fake virus, etc. They made their bed and they can sleep in it. Never has so many people been given so many chances but refuse to take them. You can lead a horse to water……

    2. If the stat’s are right, only a small percentage of admissions are vaccinated (1-3%) so prioritising them won’t make any difference.

    3. Amen and Amen . It’s obvious that these antivaccers are superhuman so they can give up their spot in line

    4. @S F I can understand peoples unhappiness with all this. But literally when can the healing start? Let’s be frank for a moment, some find it easier to change than others, does that mean one gives up on them? My country (UK) is almost equally split due to the Brexit vote. In our case we will live with this disaster for decades. I feel really crap about it, it’s upset the futures of millions of young people (in my view), but it’s done now and even though it will cost every person probably between £1000 and £1500 a year what can we do? For how many years, I have no idea, but it won’t be small. I agree, some will never change, hopefully many will. Look on the bright side, you have president Biden. We have a …
      Please don’t laugh!
      (Old Saying..,
      “There is always someone worst off than you”.
      Take care, stay safe.

    5. Mr. Wilson, I was advocating all folks who required hospitalization, automobile accidents, elective surgeries , heart attacks , colonoscopies etc as well as folks who had the vaccines , be in the short line for admittance to a hospital. The sick vaccine deniers can wait on the long line

    1. It ll go away with the heat And kept doing rallies all over red states trying to stay in office and still trying to gather people again to spread it some more and they still hadn t caught on yet Wow

  5. *Australia*
    _Population:_ 25 million
    _Covid deaths:_ 927

    _Population:_ 3 million
    _Covid deaths:_ 3,600

  6. Maybe we misunderstood what Trump said last year …..maybe he actually said ” it would magically make people disappear “”’

    1. Just one of Trump’s magic tricks that actually worked.
      Now Ivanka is going to capitalize on the denier’s sad endings

  7. Business in my area of Louisiana are either open with skeleton crews or closed because employees are sick with COVID. This situation was preventable! Wearing a mask, hygiene, get fully vaccinated and respectful distancing wasn’t asking too much… had everyone complied these businesses would be open and fully staffed

    1. The public refuses to take responsibility. They want the government to take responsibility but not give guidance. It’s insane.

    2. To quote a few louisianian’s from tv interviews,” We don’t like being told what to do”…..
      Here is the result…. Completely avoidable except for a very stupid mindset.
      Way to go Louisiana ……


  8. ‘Over my dead body’ is supposed to be a euphemism. This is a high price to pay for freedumb.

    1. @Robert S you don’t see it. America will mandate a “vaccine only” to be able to have a business license, “to sell”. And they will mandate, “a vaccine to be able to go to be able
      buy”….America will realize that the rest of the
      Billions of people, will allow a new
      Variant that’s vaccine immune, to spread. And shut down the world,
      From participating in global economics.

      Those, the
      Book of
      Revelations begins.

      It’s not hard to see. Paper currency, won’t be accepted anymore, and an application that formulated to their idea will be built. A currency, surrounded by an app, that is
      Connnected with vaccine information, will become the way of doing business, globally. Will take effect. And now, America and its allies, will develop a way of doing business that side steps paper currency, and show proof of vaccinations, to stop variants from the rest of the world. The variants WILL DEVELOP, and America will implement new guide lines, that don’t allow businesses to benefit from banking.

      It’s NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND! They are already implementing these ideas.

      How don’t people realize!?!? They are going to mandate this America….but ONCE America realizes most variants COME
      FROM OTHER COUNTRIES….they are going to implement this to all other countries and their businesses,
      Until they fall into line

    2. @Robert S and then they will mandate IPOs, and any other institutions to be apart of those ideals, will not allow public trading of companies, that don’t follow global restrictions, and will take complete
      Control of all businesses, and not allow them to exist , if they don’t follow guidelines.

  9. Any guess on the % of Republicans who (as they are suffocating to death) are still on team TRUMP/FOX?

  10. Do not put your guard down. Sorry to say but we will be in a long haul. No quick comeback or remedy.

  11. I think at this point they should classify COVId as self-inflicted. Insurance should not cover it. You should not be able to get disability. Throw the book at them.

    1. But the variants come from other countries….even if we get 100% vaccinated. There are BILLIONS OF PEOPLE IT CAN MUTATE IN! All variants CAME FROM outside America! WITH TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS!

  12. Bad part is all the people who telling them all the crap , Majorie Greene, Jim Jordan , Graham, Giuliani Gaetz , the lil girl in leather trying to be Eddie Murphy (Boebert whatever her name is all been vaccinated

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