Louisiana Energy Company To Release Estimated Restoration Times For Customers

Rod West of Entergy joins Morning Joe to discuss power outages in Louisiana as a result of Ida and how the company is working to restore power to its customers.
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    1. Hey PRIVATE wrench,you more than likely never served,except maybe waiting on tables. You sound like you are 12yrs old with untreated bipolar disease.

  1. Why don’t the energy companies replace the existing grid with a system that doesn’t go out during a hurricane?

    1. @Angel Light Exactly, they could be burying those power lines now, as they bring power back, instead of replacing telephone poles! If they can put power lines across the ocean, they can do it here.

    2. The problem of burying power lines in an area that has a high water table, water and electricity don’t mix.

    3. We need cottage industries of people building home-scale alternative energy products. Forget solar panels and lithium batteries, keep it simple with wind, wet cell deep cycles, and passive solar systems – rain catchment for drinking water in times of disaster, and home gardens and small livestock –

    4. @Charles Oberdorf It’s very expensive and the expense is passed on to customers and they don’t want to pay for it. I live in Florida. When you renovate or build they give you an option to bury your utilities.

  2. I truly feel for those folks in Louisiana. I am in southwest Mississippi and it was rough for a few days without power but some of those folks have been devastated. Stay strong and don’t stop. You are still ‘here’ and have a chance for tomorrow. Take care and be safe.

    1. Bitter ’cause your man was twice impeached.
      Banned from Twitter, Snapchat, FB, Instagram & Banned from Whitehouse.
      LOL 😂😂😂

    2. If your president Trump isn’t in prison yet for being a conman crook less is our president going to jail for doing his job and he does care about the American people not for fraudulent crimes like Trump buckle up butter cup

  3. I wish other corporate representatives spoke as succinctly as he does
    Very direct and well detailed answers

  4. DEMENTIA JOE thinks that TRUMP is our president. He is waiting for TRUMP to go to New Orleans and bring help. Meanwhile DEMENTIA JOE is on vacation….

    1. @JKD Studio
      Mike has no life other than posting lies on social media.
      Biden is on the ground in LA right now.

  5. Good thing they don’t rely on wind energy. Hundreds more would have died from flying windmill blades, and no power for months.

  6. Even if it is home, it’s not worth having to start over every other year due to hurricanes, you can make a home elsewhere, where you wont be in jeopardy of losing everything.

    1. @Terri Morris the only thing to understand is that they are crazy to live there when they keep losing everything when they can live elsewhere without worry. That’s what smart people would do, long as they stay there they gone lose more than trump has.

  7. “We have decided to follow President Biden’s lead on green house gases, so we will forgo using fossil fuels any more”, Louisiana Energy Company representative.

  8. Having lived/worked abroad for > 25 yrs., find far too many American not interested in critical thinking and if you bring up a topic they interpret to be anti-American, you are ridiculously branded as a ‘traitor’.
    So, destruction from Sandy, Ida, getting lost in the 1/6 lies, electing bloviating gruff politicians are what you get when you fight so many senseless wars, do not invest in your nation’s infrastructure & its own people…Sad

  9. Louisiana Energy company ought to be investing huge money to mitigate climate change conditions since they no doubt have done very little with the scientific evidence they would know is causing these extreme events rather than greenwashing!

  10. President Biden is doing a good job as president but the people are never satisfied damages can’t be fix over never it takes months maybe years.

  11. I can’t believe the flooding in Louisiana. It must be so depressing for these poor folks, having to be evacuated from their homes. The only positive out of this tragedy, is that there is a Government who is actually helping them.

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