1. @Nanker Phelge
      That’s not a nice thing to say, Hurricane’s r an act of God not anyone’s fault for staying where their homes are.


    1. @sup guys Derek MorePlatesMoreDatesdotcom
      Well actually he does in the cases where people have respect unto him such as the case of the three Hebrew children in the fire and Daniel in the Lion’s Den however you’re also right in that he won’t because Proverbs chapter one says that because people refuse his correction he will also laugh at their calamities.

      -examine yourself.. from your comment
      I get the impression that you’re a sinner who’s unrepented or maybe one of these non-believing ingrates and you also will not Escape at your appointed time.
      Today the day of salvation

    2. @Expect The Bow oh im no atheist my friend but im just saying. I’ve prayed for many terrible things to be avoided, miracles if you will, and I haven’t been able to get God to help those whom needed helping in that moment

    3. We are in different times than we have known. People have been saying that for ever. Don’t think in your lifetime it will be the end days. It probably won’t. Be good. Help. Pray. We are here because it’s heard!

    4. @sup guys Derek MorePlatesMoreDatesdotcom misery loves misery. We aren’t a blob on the side of the road because we have a spirit giving us life for a quick minute. Like a trip to the DMV. Are you worthy to drive a car or just to stupid? That’s their test.

    5. Well JESUS Christ is still LORD GOD rebuke them all INVOLVED in the real insurrection against humanity and United States of America which is the Fraud Election Planndemic used to muzzle truth and destroy grandma and grandpa! Children are exposing the treasonous in the video from John McAfee on Telegram app! 👀👀👀 see yourself! Hurry

  2. From suburban Chicago I hope for your safety, security , and future your well being. You are not forgotten because of miles.

  3. “Orange man….global warming…..orange man…Russia Russia…global warming…orange man…russia…fault……”

    1. Glad to see there’s no shortage of re re’s in a comment section about the massive damage this hurricane will cause. But yah by gold!

  4. My daughter traveled all night by car to Texas from New Orleans. The highways are full. All flights were booked or canceled. They were told to evacuate. I was so glad when she walked through the door. Praying for everyone in the storm’s path. 🙏

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  6. Every One needs to stop joking about this, Hurricane’s are nothing to play with, I went through Katrina plus 2 more right after Katrina!

  7. Did they tell the people of LA this was going to happen sooner? Because this is the day before… I’ve been reading about this going to happen for 6 days. Are they really only telling people about it one day before it happens?

  8. May Louisiana not lose one life due to this Hurricane and may all family members be accounted for once the storm ends.

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