Louisiana Hospitals Are Packed With Covid-19 Patients As The State Braces for Hurricane Ida 1

Louisiana Hospitals Are Packed With Covid-19 Patients As The State Braces for Hurricane Ida


Dr. Kavita Patel joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss the latest on the covid-19 pandemic, and the difficulties Louisiana hospitals may face when Hurricane Ida makes landfall.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Louisiana Hospitals Are Packed With Covid-19 Patients As The State Braces for Hurricane Ida


    1. Expect many Republicans being held accountable for crimes against humanity. Watch them go full dangerous crazy on their way to court and, inevitably, prison.

    2. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid Can only hope for such accountability. Nice profile image, by the way.

  1. Thanks to the anti maskers or the RED HATS innocent people and the front line workers continue to be in danger.

    1. @jj welsh75 can just did a poll to see who actually was hesitant to take the vaccine,results ,it’s mostly highly educated people with PHDs ,these are people with a very high knowledge of science,what do they know we don’t ?

    1. @Monique Engleman I don’t know exact percentages, but people on ventilators tie up more resources, icu also, people after vaccine make hospital visits, I am in no position to diagnose their impact overall on hospitals

    2. @Sandi Harris I am absolutely impressed. Most patients who have been vaccinated are Not on ventilators. I work at a very busy hospital and we are so so so sick of the unvaccinated taking up resources. We had to turn away numerous patients with Cancer and intractable pain, not to mention the heat strokes and heart attacks have no where to go.
      Moral is VERY LOW amount us.

  2. Then give the covid patients some hydroxy and some NyQuil and send them home.
    Flu patients shouldn’t stay in the hospital

    1. @My Perspective Actually chickenpox causes shingles later and that’s two shots every five years after age 60 to avoid it.

    2. @Life is better when I do something. It’s funny when they think they made a point in their favor but it’s actually a point against their own propaganda. Cult45 sheep will eventually debunk themselves if you just let them continue to talk! 🐑 🤣

    3. @My Perspective that only depends on how severe your chicken pox was, but all in all, vaccines require boosters
      flu, covid, measles, polio and so on.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis healthy people don’t need it 🤡 it’s that simple. Smart Americans know this. You’re just NOT One of them.

    1. Biden is doing a great job. The media is trashing him because he had the guts to do what no president had the guts to do. Withdrawal from an endless war that Afghans won’t even try to fight on their own.

    2. @My Perspective Are you aware of how many Republican Trump supporters are about to go to prison for crimes against humanity? Stay tuned…. Where they go one, they go all….

    3. @Erica Espinosa Trump set a date to withdraw too, the cretic is not that we are leaving, its the stupid ill-planned execution of it.

  3. Vaccine resisters would likely also be liars about their immunization status. Her point about a data base is valid I hope the federal government responds with lightening speed to help the hurricane victims.

    1. Yeah, it did not stop Caleb Wallace from dying of covid. But the bed he hoarded as a patient for almost a month most likely cost a real person suffering a real emergency from receiving care.


  4. When it comes down to triage situations, voluntarily unvaccinated people with COVID should be given a lower priority. It makes no sense to allow vaccinated victims of disease or accidents die or suffer because of lack of treatment while those who have willingly chosen to live dangerous and selfish lives are being treated. They want freedom? They should accept the consequences. They are no different than the idiots climbing Mount Everest and that come back in box or a bag or simply stay there.

    1. Here’s the ginormous problem with your idea…it’s completely unethical. Triage should prioritize acuity, lest hospitals restart the abhorrent practice of giving the insured first crack on hospital beds. Your bias is clouding your judgement.

    2. @SuperThumpasaurus Perhaps. I am talking about a triage situation. That is a situation in which choices have to be made. It is the type of situation any medic abhors.

      I am talking specifically about people who refuse the vaccine for non-medical reasons. They have made the decision instead of the medics: they knowingly and willingly refuse a safety measure that is safe and that works. They (say that they) accept the consequences of that decision. That makes this situation very different from someone who is not insured.

      Health insurance is ridiculously expensive and many people can simply not afford it. These people are not selfish idiots, they are victims of a system that does not work. So, these situations cannot be compared.

      Don’t forget that a patient has the right to refuse treatment. It is the basic idea behind the DNR code (do not resuscitate) patients can decide upon before they get in trouble. Vaccine refusal is basically just that: it is a refusal to get treatment. That means (or could mean) that treating the patient is actually going against that patient’s wishes.

      It is why I compared with the people climbing Mount Everest. Nobody is being forced to undertake such an utterly stupid endeavour. That does not mean we should not help if we can, but if a choice has to be made, it should take them at least a step down the priority ladder.

    3. They stay there. It’s impossible to successfully complete a 29,000’ technical climb dragging a 180# cube of ice.

    4. @Josiah Brush It would certainly not amaze me if you were completely correct. I am indeed unaware of any that have been successfully repatriated, but the fact that I am unaware of it does not mean it has not happened ^_^.

  5. interesting that the people calling other people “sheep” are the ones taking horse dewormer. hmmmmmmm

  6. wow – sending mental support message to all those brave doctors, nurses, med techs, anesthesiologists and others who have to hunker down in place as Ida bears down.

  7. Hurricane hits a packed hospital full of sick anti vaxers with no where to move them and they die.
    Me : Will not batt an eyelash

  8. Tips I suggest during COVID
    -Vaccinated if you can
    -If you can’t vaccinated have everyone around then vaccinated that is eligible
    -wear a mask
    -social distance
    -limit but group gatherings
    -wash you hands
    -wait to travel (unless emergency ofc)
    -explain to kids (if you have them) why, they will follow your rules better (talk abt safety, protecting others etc)
    -look at the spread in ur community (high, low, sustainable etc)
    -use you judgement. If something seems fishy you don’t have to go or send your kid anywhere. Just way the benefits vs risks
    I hope this helped 🙂

  9. As a youth, I was taught that: “God helps those who help themselves!”
    Later, I learnt that: “Satan loves to trick you into his fiery pit.”
    Why believe me???
    Well, this summer, again, we have Fire and Brimstone in Forests.
    This fall, we have Hurricanes to Cleanse the Wicked.
    Last year, the First Plague that took the old folks.
    This year, the Second plague will take your first born.

    Belief does not keep you safe Nor alive. However, it may help to Open your eyes.
    Ask yourselves – In your heart of heats ARE YOU:
    Slothful in your inaction to save your fellow man.
    Believe that Greed is good.
    Feel wrath for those who compete against you.
    Live in Gluttony and Pride.

    Now, where is your final destination?

  10. Some states e.g. CA have fairly good digital respositories of vaccinations people have gotten and they are making the record available to the person with a few pieces of key information

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