Louisville City Council Passes ‘Breonna’s Law’ To Ban No-Knock Warrants | MSNBC


    1. She wasn’t lynched, she was having a warrant served. They knocked. That gave her the time to get a gun and got shot for it.

    2. That law is meaningless. It’s like 100 years too late. Do you want change or symbolic gestures? I’ll take the Breona’s law over symbolism!

    1. @Juan Ph3 She was an EMT. Regular drugs tests are mandatory. Anything else you want to make up?

    2. #j G Gee I didn’t know all those pale meth heads and opioid lovers in your community are Democrats!

    3. 98LowDown A dope head EMT tested regularly and no sign of drugs after the autopsy? You must be referencing the pale meth heard in your community!

    4. Juan Ph3 She didn’t even shoot at the cops stupid. Going against black people won’t stop your family from being deported. Are you here legally Juan?

  1. lol, more of these dumb laws. ain’t that suppose be illegal to do that in first place?

    1. No, I think if they found a judge to sign it then it was legal….. Insane and incredibly stupid but legal.

    2. @john emeigh nobody’s above dying when a few bullets are pumped into their chest…. Neck or head

    3. @Trisha Ann Right. Tragic circumstances occur; there’s miscommunication. No one is immune to others making mistakes. That’s the nature of things. What are we do to, give up? What else do have, water is wet?

    4. @john emeigh Water is wet and they’re stupid to go into a residence where the occupants are within there rights to stop invaders by any means necessary….. Cops could have waited until they left to stop them. …. Are you actually saying you think it’s wise to break down a door and rush in because they think the people are selling drugs. Btw, they were both adults with no criminal record. Not to mention they were at the wrong place… Was going to the wrong apartment smart too?

  2. And not a word about the three murders (Myles Cosgrove, Jonathan Mattingly & Brett Hankison) that showed up to this young woman’s house in an unmarked vehicle and without identifying themselves- like the true gangsters they are to totally destroy this young woman’s body with bullets. I guess we should just forget about them and instead say thank you? Thank you for the Breonna Law? How come murders like these don’t happen to White American women?, I wonder why.

    1. @Juan Ph3 Neither Taylor nor her boyfriend had a criminal history or drug convictions, and no illegal drugs were ever found in the apartment. The police did not knock on the door and four witnesses support the claim they did not identify themselves as police officers. Nor were they wearing uniforms. Officer Hankison has been accused of, and alledgedly recorded on video planting drugs and bragging about it. He has harrassed and arrested the boyfriend of a woman he was dating multiple times. These cases are still before the court

    2. @Juan Ph3 The ex-officer throws a lot of conjecture and crap “once you’re in a gunfight you’re gonna shoot until you figure it’s over” there ya go.
      That video is nothing but blue code in action

      Boyfriend – One shot fired, hits first man through the door in the leg. Charges were dropped, self-defense. Non-uniformed officer burst through the door after midnight

      Police – 19 shots fired, 8 of them hit her

      Incident report filed nearly 90 days late includes only the time, date, case number and the victim’s name.
      Incident report virtually blank
      Incident report lisedt Breonna’s injuries as “none”-
      Incident report said “no” under forced entry
      No drugs or paraphenalia found in the house

    3. I love the “we knocked and announced ourselves” crap. A) They went out of their way to GET A NO-KNOCK WARRANT. B) They used a battering ram. Not rocket science.

  3. I don’t care which candidate beats McConnell. It’s time to have at least one human being for a Kentucky Senator.

    1. Breona? The one DEEP up to her a** dealing drugs? Did not tell her BF and he almost died? You all need to CHECK yourselves. SJW pieces of shi*

    2. None Given Lol pale meth head babble. She was not dealing drugs and there is no evidence her or boyfriend was involved in drugs. They didn’t even have the right house and the guy they were looking for was in custody.

    3. @Sirius B Oh boy. okeedokee call BLM another saint like George Freud. Move along, nothing to see here.

    4. @None Given Are you dense? The facts – provided by the POLICE themselves – are they already had the SUSPECT they were looking for in custody. So explain why they were even busting into her house in the first place? They were looking for her old boyfriend or whatever. So you want to pay the price for some old girlfriend (or boyfriend) you used to have? That is completely ridiculous. Every conservatives understands that’s an infringement on her rights.

    5. @None Given You have a problem with people who fight for social justice? That makes you the oppressor bubba
      K-9 didn’t find any drugs in the house by the way. Boyfriend fired once hitting the first man through the door in the leg -plain clothes, 12:43am

  4. She was the 40th fatality due to ‘ no knock’ warrants gone wrong – I wouldn’t care for anyone I know or myself to be #41

    1. Then don’t hang out with violent criminals. She might as well have been a human shield with a boyfriend that shoots at cops. Just duh! From where do you people seriously derive your logic?

    2. Easy enough for the police to transpose a number on an address or not be up to date with former tenants and enter your residence and shoot you dead, as was the case with #40, smarty-pants.

    3. Sean Phillips but forget updating voter rolls right? You just posed the perfect case for purging the incorrect voter data. You must be seeing RED

    4. @Sean Phillips But they claimed they had been watching the apartment to get a judge to sign the warrant. They said a lot of people were coming and going quickly. I sold jewelry and if that’s a crime I’d be in jail.

    5. @15k DOW 2022 Her bf was NOT shooting at police. He was shooting at unknown people trying to break into his house. Neither one of them had criminal record and he owned the gun legally. If someone is trying to break down your door what would you do?

  5. They do realize that a city ordinance holds no real weight in regards to a judge signing off on one.

  6. That’s so awesome.

    I do wish they would stop making more laws than people though. Can you think of a single truly criminal act that wouldn’t fit into one law?

    It shall be a crime to deprive aother person of their dignity, liberty, or property

  7. So…when are the race soldiers who murdered Breonna Taylor going to be arrested and PUNISHED?!? Miss me with the bills. Why aren’t those THUGS from the Louisville Gestapo units in a cell?

  8. ban the police the cops out of work will be hired by rich liberals like sleepy chuck, whiny celebrities, politicians ect… while the rest of us suffer..protection for me but not for thee

  9. I’m suprised a lot of cops don’t get killed going in people’s houses without announcing themselves. No knock warrants are friggin insanely dangerous for EVERYONE involved.

  10. Exactly. Say her name. Say all of the names of those who have lost their lives for nothing. We can say it never should have happened but it did. And look at who we lost. Someone with so much potential, but also just an innocent. Wake up, America.

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