1. @Zebra 3 I support the process. In the last two federal elections, the Liberals received less of the popular vote than the Conservatives. The Liberals won more seats, making them the government and Mr. Trudeau Prime Minister. I do not question the legitimacy of the results. The Liberals are the legitimate party of government; Mr. Trudeau is our legitimate Prime Minister. And I respect that outcome regardless of voter turnout. Am I that clear enough and non-partisan enough for you?

    1. The opportunity to do that was less than a year ago and it didn’t happen. So as much as I wish you were right, it didn’t happen

  1. NDP and Liberals brand have been tarnished by the federal parties that affected their voter based.

  2. Once again the Liberals lost party status. Can we start holding them to the same standards as independents? You know same fundraising rules/laws. No longer invited to debates.
    I would absolutely love to see independents invited to debates. Especially the independents running in the area the debate is being held.

  3. What i would be really interested to know is, the rules regarding crypto currency donations to political party’s, and if there are any ? I’d love to know how much was raised if there are no limits to crypto contributions ? 0_o

  4. How was it possible to conscientiously vote with the options that were on the podium. Having to vote a political yahoo as the least worst for premier is sad.

  5. Ford makes me sick. He thinks this was a huge win for him but it just shows how bad politics is in Ontario.

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