1. those flags should be kept at half mast to show our shame of still having trudeau as our prime minister shame on ontario quebec and the atlantic provinces

  2. Imagine arguing over something as pointless as the height of a flag. The Chief is correct, there’s more important things.

  3. Not raising the flag on the day that commemorates veterans that fought for our freedoms and for this country is the biggest slap in the face ever! We lowered on Sept 30 now it’s time to raise it in tribute of those war hero’s and celebrate what Canada is and what is capable of end of story.

    1. I thought Canada always had the flag lowered on renembrance day to remember those that fought in the World Wars and marking the day 11 of 11 month that World War II ended. Shouldn’t that me honoured.

  4. reconciliation: the restoration of friendly relations
    the key word is “restoration.”
    we’ve never had friendly relations therefore we can’t reconcile. we didn’t buy this country, we took it with sword and musket.
    cannons beat tomahawks, it is what it is.

  5. Cancel remembrance day, cancel the poppy, cancel the poems. Clearly we don’t give a rats a$$ about the youths that made the ultimate sacrifice so why continue with this charade. I never thought i’d see this day shameful

  6. The arrogant, self-serving clown needs to step down and let Canada become a more unified country once again.

  7. Everyone has had access to affordable computers and the internet highway of information for two+ decades now. An ability to have internet access in the most remote places exists now.

  8. Doesn’t the flag go down just on Remembrance Day November 11th? You know this was a World War. Canada only had D-Day. So whats the commotion. Do it properly the way it has always been done on Remembrance Day.

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