Lowe's Disallowed Goal in USA vs Jamaica Match | TVJ Sports Commentary - Nov 17 2021 1

Lowe’s Disallowed Goal in USA vs Jamaica Match | TVJ Sports Commentary – Nov 17 2021


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  1. That Win was so Important for Jamaica and the way forward and for that beautuful header by Damion Lowe to be disallowed that very unfortunately but hopefully Jamaica will be still be able to make that Final 4 over Costa Rico ..

  2. Although I agree that it seemed like a good goal. The same Damion Lowe could have been sent off for a rash tackle. So the referee made poor decisions but I don’t think there was any bias in them. Just poor officiating.

    1. @PimpThe478 if I am using your logic that it’s no big deal because Jamaica should have a player sent off then I can say the US got 2 critical calls from the referee and Jamaica only got 1. I am not going to just let it slide, the JFF needs to protest and turn the spotlight on this, so in the future FIFA don’t do crap like this again. It is criminal for FIFA to assign a Costa Rica Ref for that game. FIFA needs to apologize and promise not to do it again in the future. This is why we making noise.

    2. @Stewy 1156 Do you think referees should be chosen from out side our Federation or team who aren’t part of the Octagonal final round? I think that might be a good idea just not to have any appearance of bias on their behalf. They may not have any bias but when you put a referee whose country is actively competing against the country he is officiating in there is at least motivation to do something unseemly not that he would but there is incentive.

    3. @PimpThe478 I think FIFA should select referees outside our region. Get referees from Asia, Africa or Europe. I also would not use referees from south American countries like Colombia or Brazil to referee Concacaf games. The proximity is too close. The probability of a Colombian or Brazillian referee having a Costa Rican or Panamanian wife or girlfriend is high.

  3. Mexico takes teams to high altitude.
    Canada takes teams to North Pole
    Jamaica takes world cup football as a friendly sport. Joke .
    Dis a serious bizniz.

    1. Fifa took Mexico’s noon qualifier in high altitude . Playing at night as apposed to noon is a biggg difference.

  4. That referee is an embarrassment to the sport. If this had happened to England, Brasil etc, this ref would never get another assignment. Even the US television analysts admit this was a bad call

  5. Jff leadership is very poor captain burrel wasnt the best person but these things he will see n protest against

  6. FIFA should suspend that ref, as they have done to the ref that didn’t give a red card to the Argentinian defender, who elbowed and busted the mouth of a Brazilian player.

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