Loyalty to Party Bad Governance | Tappa Whitmore Fired | TVJ Midday News - Dec 9 2021 1

Loyalty to Party Bad Governance | Tappa Whitmore Fired | TVJ Midday News – Dec 9 2021


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    1. Whenever we treat our contry with such disregard it’s like a when a person dismember his own body. We only hurt ourselves when we rob our community. It’s real shame.

  1. if these people were being seriously investigated arrested and charge without any comprise for them to stop dip their sticky finger in the cookie jar

  2. Jamaican government most of them working fishs 馃悷馃檮they love too much sweet .fishs fishs fishs 馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷big fish women fish man fish 馃悷

  3. Fact of the matter is many church administrations look down on musicians, and refuse to compensate them for their time! A lot of time it is out of desperation musicians take secular gigs. Musicians have families to feed too!

  4. Deplorable condition the person in charge of the fixing of the road should do the right thing and stepped down he/she is incompetent fit for no purpose

  5. It turns out Jamaican parliamentarians CAN pass laws, just not any targeted at violent and white collar criminals.

  6. 馃ぃ馃ぃ Jamaican no easy for so many years we a thief light now we start thief the post sad but me affi laugh

  7. It’s because you foxes pastors want all the church money for yourselves is the reason why the players of various musical instruments are staying away…afterall they need to be paid for their services and paid well too because playing music requires deep concentration,great focus and a lot of energy

  8. How can someone thief the light pole Jamaican stop the world is watching WOW people when the new pole come Drive spike all over in it so it Damage the chain saws that them use to cut it

  9. And to me I believe Jamaican politician every one of them are dirty that is the reason why I said all politician the US State department should revoke all their visa including their family politician cannot be trusted me do not trust politician

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