Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: ‘We’re Not Awake To These Threats Right Now’ 1

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: ‘We’re Not Awake To These Threats Right Now’

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman became a household name in late 2019 after he testified at a hearing for Donald Trump's first impeachment – an impeachment that wouldn’t have happened had Vindman not reported then-President Trump’s phone call to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky asking him to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Vindman did what needed to be done; he chose patriotism, he chose to tell the truth. Vindman says despite the “great personal cost…I still stick to the idea that it was worth it because I think I served my nation.” Vindman's new book, "Here, Right Matters: An American Story,” tells the story of his life in service, and the events and atmosphere that led to a U.S. President’s 2nd impeachment. “Frankly, there’s a deep complacency in America about the danger this country faces.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: ‘We’re Not Awake To These Threats Right Now’


  1. Dead democracy or dead fascists, which do we want? There is no compromise. Ask anyone who fought in WW 2.

    1. @Jao Bidan It’s never just one side, but it does seem to be way more on the Republican/conservative side. They have a willingness to follow an authoritarian regime. If Democracy is destroyed it will be a Christian ISIS/Taliban Theocracy that is installed to the delight of the Christian Dominionist/Nationalists who’ve been plotting this for sixty years.

  2. It’s beyond belief that a guy that wouldn’t qualify for the lowest army ranks, can work himself up to a position wherein he can fire a Colonel…

    1. @Ace Brockton I find the NY issues odd. Me Too was such a strong and vocal movement. But as NY gained Trump’s taxes, women started to claim sexual harassment. Something fishy there.
      A GOP gov can pardon and help Trump

  3. We don’t have guardrails against a Legislative branch completely corrupt and complacent to an corrupt Executive. Both impeachments and the lack of action on the Mueller Report is proof.

    Some of us are fully aware of the dangers of the fascist oligarchs and their henchmen. It’s just a shame we have so many still holding federal office.

    1. Throw the Mueller report away. We have to rely on these sworn testimony of Mueller. The only thing that counts is a sworn testimony of Mueller because his report cannot be crossed examined. Mueller testified that there was no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. This was sworn testimony before Congress. I read the report and it was usually concluded that the report contained what the investigators wanted to find but didn’t mind.
      If you’re looking for a criminal actions, two days ago President Biden by executive order violated the Constitution and supreme court orders and he reinstated the eviction moratorium. He admitted to this unlawful act stating that it was unlawful and very lightly against the supreme court mandate but he was going to do it anyway.
      Some Republicans in the House are beginning to draft articles of impeachment against your Biden because of this admitted illegal act. Trump never admitted your legal action but you just did. If you want to get your panties in a twist be upset with joe.

    2. @T. R. Campbell incorrect. Mueller stated that there was obstruction. He stated it in the report.

    3. @Jesse Watters Absolute power bestowed on the executive (president) is a dictatorship. Vindman’s duty and loyalty was to the constitution, not the president.

    4. @BJ Rosen this goes beyond losing an election. Trump was a test to every elected officials oath of office. Many, on both sides, have failed in maintaining the integrity and character required to honor such an oath.

  4. Donald Trump had no qualms pardoning his criminal friends, so why is Biden and the rest of the Democrats in government not even doing anything to restore Vindman to his position ? I just don’t understand these Dems, some times !

    1. @Deborah Freedman I said justice because he has such a strong sense of right and wrong. But yes, given his training and experience, State would probably love to have him.

    2. He does not want to return to my knowledge. He is writing books and doing countless interviews. That pays way better than going back into the service. What he did was what every American should have done. That we have a whole party pretty much that covered that up is the very sad thing.

  5. Lt. Col. Vindman should be giving a medal for what he did and a chance to be reinstate into service if so chosen on his part and be given a full promotion for what he did to help protect our country.

  6. Pretty cool that someone born in the Ukraine is a more dedicated American than most of the Republican Party. It’s not where your from but who you really are. I know more than one person born there and I trust them more than a lot of people who were born hear and call themselves Americans.

    1. Precisely, and that’s why immigrants are a valuable asset for modern countries. Being properly vetted to see who’s who maybe another Einstein

    2. I agree. Most of the Ukranians I know in the US are far more upstanding and patriotic than sleazy Democrat wokesters.

    3. Most refugees are, because they had suffered from the results of poor governance, directly experienced oppression and zero freedom. In America, they saw an opportunity to contribute and strengthen the country who gave them a second chance.

  7. Col. Vindman did what he took oath to do: protect and defend this country, his country by choice, more than default — even well over and beyond any duty.

    Listen, listen, listen up, all.

    1. not only the country but the constitution and the the laws of the U.S. Something that Donald Trump and the Republicans in congress will never understand.

  8. Vindman is a more patriotic American than any of the clowns who attacked the capital or majority of the GOP.

    1. Anybody even know how Ukraine was overthrown? Soros using the same divide and conquer race based tactics he used here just 5 years ago.

    2. Yep. He sums up what serving really means. Sacrifice. He was thinking of others, not himself, like they do.

    3. @Brandon West Ukraine was not overthrown; how can a nation be ‘overthrown’ by its own people? In support of a free, self-governed state, and not some corrupt extension of the Putin-led oligarchy? Why don’t you go ask some Ukrainians your incredibly stupid question?

    4. @River’s Teeth By an outside force funding an uprising. Not very well versed in 21century warfare are you? The Arab spring was the same thing, Hillary backing and funding uprisings. Sure they’d exist whether or not soros got involved, but he goes in and funds things like BLM who’s stated purpose is to end the nuclear family. Howany BLM supporters support ending families if you asked them? Very few but the movent has been hijacked by billionaires funding it, and blew it way out of proportion to the point where it almost destroyed the country, they do the same thing all over it’s called divide and conquer, no important country has an uprising or revolution or election the likes of soros doesn’t interfere with by funding and arming certain sides. And it’s all to replace the govt with one beholden to globalists like Ukraine is now , that’s the real reason we don’t like Russia, they don’t cooperate with globalist trade deals, isis and Al queda are both US creations, as proxy armies against Russia in the middle east, more of the same thing

  9. Some people step up when a challenge presents himself. Others, even those in power, shrink. Fortunately, there are enough people with character to keep this country rolling. But that margin has narrowed in recent years. It’s time for individual leaders and average citizens to take inventory of themselves to measure where they are versus where they should be.

    1. Calling a free and fair election rigged is textbook proof of fascism. So is demeaning the media whose job is to report corruption in society, especially elected officials.

    1. @Florida Man You may have never reached a crossroad in your life where you were forced to make a choice between doing the expedient thing vs the right thing at great personal and professional cost to yourself. If you did, you likely chose the path of least resistance. This is why you can’t recognize character when you see it. Your loss.

  10. This man was treated so unfairly. He deserves his position to be reinstated. He is a real patriot. Trump was the problem.

    1. @Alfred Nueman that’s what I thought, smack talker. You’re one of those beta males. I bet you look like a little nerd and your wife tells you what to do. LOL.

    1. Yup! Takes balls of steel to go up against your corrupt government, knowing you will pay one way or another for your patriotism.

  11. What happened to Vindman was a disgrace to his loyalty to the United States Of America Military. By a two time impeached insurectionist who tried to over throw the election and our democracy. Vindman deserves a medal. Thank you for you serve w/much honor and respect your an American hero.

  12. Democracy doesn’t fall overnight. It’s small steps we don’t even notice. Trump and his fans are a danger to us.

  13. This guy epitomizes the America I respect. He’s courageous and patriotic. Trump and Carlson represents the America I despise, money grubbing, corrupt and selfish.

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