Lt. Gen. Honoré Discusses Capitol Riot Probe Ahead Of Committee Hearing 1

Lt. Gen. Honoré Discusses Capitol Riot Probe Ahead Of Committee Hearing


Lt. General Russel L. Honoré, who led a review of Capitol security after the Jan. 6 riot, joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what he hopes to learn from tomorrow's first House select committee hearing examining the insurrection. He previews what Capitol police officers testifying Tuesday could share and explains what the government can do to prevent a future attack. "We want to hear the truth," he stressed.

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Lt. Gen. Honoré Discusses Capitol Riot Probe Ahead Of Committee Hearing


  1. As usual, Lt.Gen. Honoré doesn’t mince words … and the way he makes mincemeat of McConnell and McCarthy should be a lesson for the Dems.

    1. The Lt. General’s description of McCarthy and McConnell wanting not just to be outside the tent but throwing rocks at it too, perfectly sums up and condemns the GOP’s stance. Btw, I like your play on words.

  2. “There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day,”
    ~ Mitch Mc Connell.

    1. @Vicente Navejar Yeah, I may have missed something, who was Pelosi talking about when she made that comment?

    2. @Hold Burn Loot Murder Accountable The opinions of ignorant Trump traitors means absolutely .

    3. @Konrad Yearwood “Washington described how he was pulled out of retirement by an urgent risk to the United States. “Anarchy and confusion” were threatening the security of the American people and the rule of constitutional law. But this was only half the danger.

      The deeper risk, he wrote that early June, was that the political chaos created fertile ground for exploitation “by some aspiring demagogue who will not consult the interest of his country so much as his own ambitious views.”

      In a letter written three weeks later to David Stuart, a Virginia politician and distant family relation, Washington lamented that the widespread denigration of the Articles of Confederation, and the federal government it created, had rendered “the situation of this great country weak, inefficient and disgraceful.” He concluded the letter to Stuart by again stating that the political crisis made possible demagogues who pose a dire threat to the United States.”

  3. Maybe electing a narcissistic reality TV host
    who dodged the draft,
    is a compulsive liar,
    and cheats at golf
    was a bad idea.

    1. @raymondwise his golf score should be great after all the weekends he spent playing during his 4 years in the WH. He did EVERYTHING he condemned others of doing yet it was just fine by the stupid people who think he is a god (and he even said he was! But that didn’t bother the religious right who say they believe in The Bible).

    2. @kcyoganut
      The religious right has essentially forfeited the ability to serve as a moral example, or censuring force to anyone outside their existing congregations. They back a traitor. They are no longer a force for spiritual advisements.

    3. @Lynn Gilbert Posted the same thing before reading your comment, so deleted it. Just want to add his nickname was “Pele” as he kicked the ball so much.

    4. @Ann van de Kew, for a fake/ICU nurse/part-time model/ wannabe comedian, you certainly have a lot of time to repeat the same things over and over, and over, and over, ad infinitum on YouTube.

      Are you talking about Forcibly Assaulting Big Willie, or the orange? What you said applies to both parties and all their members.

  4. Republicans: “Why didn’t Pelosi force us to pass the bill to protect the Capitol? And you can’t say filibuster, that’s taboo because of the filibuster.”

    1. Yep. That’s the level of gaslighting BS they’ve sunk to. Pelosi totally plotted to let in wackos who want to off her. McConnell apparently had a death wish, too

    2. This isn’t new. Republicans have been saying and doing vile things for at least 30 years, yet when called out on it, they claim they’re the victims because the rest of us didn’t try harder to stop them.

    3. If Pelosi was the person to call during the insurrection for assistance (and to blame for it), why did Mccarthy call Trump?

    1. @Reality Check , just bleeping hilarious!

      The funniest part is Trump and Hilary are the same fascist. He used to donate to Killary and Forcible Assault Big Willie.

      They’re all in bed together, dear oblivious. They’re all frequent flyers to kiddy diddler island. Your government doesn’t give a about you, regardless if you’re a demoplican or republicrat. There aren’t two political parties. There’s one party, and they’re all out to enslave and destroy the masses.

    2. @Ann van de Kew, See what just happened there with the fake account @Reality Check? That’s how it’s going to be, until you delete this phony account, and start another. I’m not going anywhere, dear Google GESTAPO. Is being stalked as fun as stalking? Only you can answer this question.

    3. @raymondwise but soooo many of the people who helped his campaign or worked for him have gone to prison. Even if Trump pardoned them, they still did the crime. Who was it who said,”you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps”?

    4. @ArgentumEmperio , it’s the Senate that needed to vote to remove him, not the Congress. The Congress impeached him, but the Senate failed to convict him. The Senate is the party that matters in impeachment. It doesn’t matter how the Congress voted, if the Senate doesn’t convict.

    5. @raymondwise he hasn’t been charged yet, doofus! As far as the impeachments, Moscow Mitch wouldn’t allow testimony, so we’ll NEVER know the truth there. I feel so sorry for people like you. I hope you’re better soon.

  5. CULT 45 has to be held to account for January 6 2021,make all these traitors testify,let the chips fall where they lay,these traitors better lawyer up

    1. @Jock Young , no they’re not. All indictments have been dropped. Don’t you understand that there’s a different set of rules for the ruling class? They can literally get away with murder. Just ask John Podesta.

    1. Yes. Civilian leaders are supposed to make the political decisions, to let the military stay apolitical & their leadership roles like president & Sec Def are supposed to shield us from military dictatorship. It’s bad when the military has to protect us from a civilian-led coup, instead.

    2. As a Military Veteran, I worries me when the Military are repeatedly called upon to sort out non-military challenges. Civilians, get your act together! As true here in South Africa as in the USA or anywhere.

    3. @Liz Ledbitter Roger that however I am also former military and never forgot that my mission was to protect my country from all enemies, foreign and domestic which includes our disgraced former president.

  6. Trump followers like McCarthy, McConnell, and all the rest, have made the worst choice of the century for pivoting back to Trump after 1/6

    1. @Hankakah I agree with the first part of your statement. However, allowing yourself to state the the current Republican party is a Nazi party demonstrates a unfortunate and lying bias. It demonstrates your ignorance of history. And it just goes to show how lazy you people behave, in your ignorant and incompetent grasp of matters where they stand. With this bias, you insult the victims of the Nazi crimes, and showing a grave disrespect towards all those, who died, and all those who sought refuge in the US. Please, Mister or Miss, refrain from that kind of hyperbolism. This is exactly the kind of disinformation that trump and his avatars want. KeepAnd dem real, if you can. Anything else is manipulative. And self-destructive

    2. @Jeremy Backup I AGREE 100 % go drumph go split that party , Then one of the two, would have to start eating the other one , so that would be nice and we would have that going for us . Be safe J.B.

  7. Lt. General Honore is a leader who speaks honestly and clearly about the insurrection on January 6.

    1. He’s a gun-grabbing TYRANT y’all. Look what he did to law abiding gun owners after Katrina.

    2. @Beach Bum Apocalypse
      Looking into it and I now have to ask;
      Why do you think that threatening people with guns whilst protesting over first amendment rights is oh-kay?

      Because that’s what you are saying by saying what you just said

  8. Republicans should remember the old joke, if don’t play the game you don’t make the rules. You took your bat and ball and went home, don’t cry when the truth gets put out there and you can’t rebut it!

    1. @raymondwise
      Acquitted of what, Skippy? He hasn’t been indicted of a crime yet. (Though I strongly suspect one is heading his way) Oh, you’re talking about impeachment. Here’s a reality check. Impeachment IS NOT a criminal charge. The founders even said that repeatedly in their papers. You DO read, right?

  9. Mitch & the gop’s loyalist knows Jan 6 is real riot by their x45 support, they just
    closed their eyes and ignore it for his sake, even this x45 lead them into the pit hole
    they still follow!

    1. Exactly! All republican politicians are horrible, evil people! Guess what? So are all politicians on the left. You’re doing exactly what you accuse the right of: closing your eyes to the truth. The left did the same thing with the BL+M and Antfarta riots over the last year. How come you have nothing to say about that, dear PROJECTION and HYPOCRISY?

      Wake up, dear oblivious. There aren’t two parties. Demoplicans and republicrats are the same party: just two sides of the same coin. There’s one party: the uni-party. Your government doesn’t give a about you, regardless if you’re a demoplican or republicrat. They’re all in bed together, and they all are working to enslave and destroy the masses.

  10. Thank God for people like the Lt. General for his dedicated service and realistic views on what really happened. He stands for the truth, and that is refreshing.

    1. This host isn’t. She made excuses as to why GOP blocked bill. It’s not about what their voters want it’s what dark money lobbyists groups and Trump. This lady makes me sick. She attacks progressives and makes excuses for republicans constantly. She should be on Fox. Joy Reid is better

    2. @Amberlee Sibley You need to learn how it works LOL. In any form of Entertainment, News, sports, they have writers. The people reporting on TV are script readers like actors and actresses. If you’re upset with something they’re saying, you need to be upset with the network.

    1. What’s the point? He’ll just lie and then walk away and nobody will have the courage to stop him. That’s assuming he complies with the subpoena in the first place.

  11. The answers I’m interested in are which Republicans were in direct contact with the insurrectionists? Who was behind organizing their travel and lodging? The important stuff.

    1. IC…i heard clarence thomas wife helped organize the buses to the capitol. i know she did for many of trumps rallies. a supreme court justices wife should be neutral…follow the money…

    2. FBI has all phone records & texts…they just won’t release them till forced to by a committee

    3. @Donna Dayle
      I’ve also heard that Alex Jones chartered, or paid for about 55 busses. But there may be other factors.

  12. Years ago Woody Guthrie wrote , “if Jesus preached today what he preached in Galilee, we would lay Jesus Christ in his grave”!
    While calling him a communist!

    1. Thomas Kline
      Great to see Woody Guthrie mentioned. And he was right about what he said in your text.

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