Lt.-Gen. Rouleau resigns after going golfing with Jonathan Vance 1

Lt.-Gen. Rouleau resigns after going golfing with Jonathan Vance


Michel Boyer has the latest on the resignation of another senior member of the Canadian military after he went golfing with Jonathan Vance.

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    1. Why would they? Rouleau isn’t the person leading the investigations, he is solely in the position that is in charge of the military police way up the line. Those doing the investigation are at least 5+ officers below him. You clearly like to make bold assumptions on topics you don’t understand.

  1. I always wanted to join the military for many years.. I am 25 now and have been opening my mind more and more about everything and I feel like there’s a lot of corruption in the military, law enforcement, government, etc there is one thing I learned.. don’t get involved in politics and don’t give your life away.

    1. A solider warned me in an indirect way that there are some strange personalities in this army right now. Be careful if you go.

    2. i loved my time in. i was no decision maker i went where i was pointed and did it as well as i could and that was all they asked. i learned a lot and had great adventures. politics was never a factor and no one ever onve brought it up. if you want to join then do it and just have fun doing it. leave your bad habits behind tho.

    1. The big deal is that he’s up on sexual misconduct charges and Vance is supposed to be investigating it…. Not knocking back some beers and pretending crimes didn’t happen.

  2. Wow. I guess we no longer live in a free country. You can’t choose who you can be friends with, you can’t use pronouns someone doesn’t like, you can’t have an opinion unless it is supported by the government. Glad I am closer to the end than the beginning.

    1. @Dev M No it does not. NO ONE if the CAF gives two shits about who he went golfing with. What we care about is if he is fixing procurement of junk equipment and not cowering to stupid liberal agendas

  3. We have told all other countries that Canada’s military isn’t ready for ANY sort of conflict. I love it, It shows how strong we are 🙂

    1. If they were in a war they wouldn’t have free time to sexually harass. Let’s keep ‘em busy.

  4. The Canadian Forces has gone from training hardened battle ready soldiers, to a division of social justice snowflakes. I don’t blame him for wanting nothing to do with this gong show.

    1. Imagine the ineptitude of his decision. If he makes poor decisions like this what does he do in his military job?

    2. @Winston what conflict of interest? what you are hiding Winston? Lt. Gen should never resign because playing a golf with his superiors! …. this is a joke?

  5. Next is Sajjan, the boss of so many here that have strayed. The poor examples and leadership so prevalent in the CAF these last few years is directly attributable to the political leadership that has ignored and deferred any and all accountability from themselves…Sajjan resign.

  6. Playing golf led to resignation? this is very confusing. I wonder what would have happened if he had played some basket-ball or started weight-lifting.

  7. What is inappropriate behaviour nowadays in Canada. . ..we have no absolutes, so what does inappropriate mean?

  8. There must be some big scandle brewing for the to all resign or be fired one by one something tells me this is the liberals going out of there way to protect them self

  9. If only our politicians would resign when they do minor mess ups like this. Instead Dougy Ford makes Ontario a police state (or tried) and Trudeau gives a billion to friends and vacations at other private islands. We need a serious toss up. CdN citizens and our armed forces deserve better.

  10. Perhaps there are a number of high ranking officers who are shaking in their boots having been possibly involved in illicit behavior that they don’t want exposed and brought out into the light.

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