Lt. General Honore Pushes For Security Changes After Vehicle Attack | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Lt. General Honore Pushes For Security Changes After Vehicle Attack | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Lt. General Honore, who led review of security at the U.S. Capitol in the wake of the January 6 riot, discusses whether he believes Congress is moving quick enough in the wake of insurrection to implement new security recommendations made after the recent attack at the Capitol barricade. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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Lt. General Honore Pushes For Security Changes After Vehicle Attack | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Mikka Linka they also had their guns takin away on that one day for this dude is a political fixer not a truth teller TRAITOR

    2. The ex-president talked about January 6 being a date our country will never forget. I think he first mentioned that date in December 2020 when the deadline to challenge the election legally in the courts was up. (It was on the news and is where I heard him say it.) Also, on January 6, the streets near the Capitol were blocked off so no one could enter. I am certain the authorities thought the rally goers were far enough away and the government was safe. That was a mistake but understandable. The problem happened after people breached the street barriers and walked to the Capitol. It must have taken a long time to walk there. Why immediate help by the administration was not there a lot quicker should definitely be looked into.

  1. Republicans not wanting to protect the Capital tells me they would welcome another insurrection with open arms! How could anyone not see that?

    1. @Godfrey Daniel you own a trailer. You’re an old man. I saw your YouTube videos lol. You got called out and are hiding now lolololol. Coward

    2. There are good Republicans. We have to give good ones credit when they do the right thing — like VP Pence!

    3. @Judy – Pence is NOT a good man or good Republican – he’s just not a treasonous gangster. Nuance, dear – nuance…

  2. Good News Translation
    What are the angels, then? They are spirits who serve God and are sent by him to help those who are to receive salvation. Hebrews 1:14

    1. @CasinoVa Beach lmao – funny how all you so-called Jesus believers never follow what he said. You worship him like a god which is the exact opposite of his teachings.

  3. One of the worst things that he mentioned was how Congress is deliberating these measures and there may be or may not be architects of January 6th inside that Congress that are now going to deliberate how to best protect the capital.
    The doj has went after the soldiers but now it’s time to go after those that orchestrated that attempted insurrection.

    1. @Tsubadai Khan Wow. A 2 you’re old troll with a channel that has absolutely no content . I’m really getting impressed .

    2. The problem with going after political opponents is, it looks like you are arresting them for their opposition, not their actions. Unless you can prove that politicians wanted an insurrection, it will feed into the narrative, that their rights are being denied.

    3. @Deborah Freedman that is why you bring clear and concise charges once you’ve gathered the necessary information. If you want to talk about rights yes they do have rights but as members of Congress they also have a lot of responsibilities to the American people as a whole because if they did not have those responsibilities and we did not have a government it would simply be anarchy.

    1. @Trenell President Trump was never my president. I thought he was a bit weak actually, I would have dealt with the rioting BLM supporters and Antifa terrorists far more aggressively, and brought to justice all of the Democrats who enabled the violence and destruction.

  4. Could probably put up some more bollards along the sidewalks. i would think they’re relatively low cost, and with the right design would blend in well. Not sure you can do a whole lot more to stop a vehicle attack like that without making the area seem more like a fortress.

  5. Idiots: “They did nothing wrong on Jan 6. They were just looking around.”
    Everyone: “Including the guys with a stun gun, bear spray, dozens of zip-ties, and a 6-foot spear?”
    Idiots: “Maybe they thought a bear was going to be there?”

    1. Ron Johnson said, “They weren’t ‘armed’ “…Seriously? Bats, crutches, hockey sticks, steel bars, bear spray, flag poles…etc. You can do some serious ‘hurt’ w/ those items. They just weren’t “FIRE-ARMED”.

    2. @Mikka Linka Yup, and that’s why ol’ Qanon Ron was hiding in his office, instead of out there with these “patriots.”

  6. This man is 1 of the most effective leaders in the United states. Hey General what do you think about running for the top spot in 2024? I’m sure you’ll do a much job than an incompetent racist reality tv personality

  7. Seeing how cops murder civilians all the time and get away with it, I think it is justice, when they die as well. I am not going to shed a tear for these tyrants!

  8. As crazy as some people in the world are. We need to have tougher security.we have the Republicans to thank for this.

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