Luciano and Mikey General Call for Redemption | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Luciano and Mikey General Call for Redemption | TVJ Smile Jamaica


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  1. Yes Jamaica need to be . Jamaican we need to, we have made culture of other countries blocking we culture in so many way .Most of all with our spiritual believe . If we don’t stand up for what is right ,for this is the right .we allow what’s wrong and keep allowing it to be . And it will us the right path . Jamaica have certain standard .And we can’t allow it to be Wipeout by people and their culture they are trying to force on us and we allow them We on the road in homes on our television .This is our country not theirs . Read Psalms 62 the year we got independence .6+ 2 is 8 new beginning . This mean something new .These other cultures want to take us from our place of excellence with God .The eternal God and Father of our country .Who we ask to be with us to bless and keep us . Jamaica we are different .Mean we don’t follow people and their culture that pull us away from the God who created us .We pull to people who have sound foundation .That if we fall we have some one to catch us I remind you again Jamaican pray our national anthem .,And listen as you pray those word Read Psalms 62 and listen the words of prayer as you say it out aloud .God have given Jamaica and Jamaican a standard to protect and keep us .We need let nothing take us off this track . Especially who have no respect for our God .Who is invisible but visible for we see is creation and feel is touch .And it will be an insult be to him if we made a image and bow before it before him to worship it as God.This is madness that Jamaican must run from .To stay standing strong with our God and his word of Psalms 27 :1 -2. .The Lord is my light and my salvation .who and what shall we be afraid of .The Lord is the strength of our strength life of whom shall we be afraid of ,When the wicked even our enemies came upon us to eat up our flesh they stumble and fall ,when host of all wickedness shall rise against we will have confidence that this Jesus is for us and nothing and no one shall be against us that’s we not going no where either the left nor no right ,we only stay in God and with our God of his Spirit and body Jesus Christ . . Rightousnes is our God in him we stand we never fall Jamaican .So let us stay in God and with God .Whose boat never sink .For he made the sea . Thank you Father God .The Lord God of our country who is Lord . That will continue to Blessed and keep us ,As a father does , for we wait on you Lord .Keep us grounded in you at all times Father .The God and Lord of our a beautiful country Jamaica . Savior ,protector and provider what more do we need this God covers all .Thank you Jesus. Jamaican join with me ,with your Amen if you still believe God our Jesus got us .And will never leave us to the defeat of the enemies of life , if we stay in him and with him to follow his instructions and principles he set for daily not as slaves but free people who know God truly care for us . . . God is the medicine of our souls and bodies that he created in love to live by his love .Praise be the God of our country Jamaica of his people Jamaican This Jesus is not far he right beside those who have not say yes Lord be my Lord and savior. But those who say yes his Spirit dwells in us .Even though he is the one lead and we follow . . It’s good he let you carry him even he is the one carrying us .God sure is awesome .He is God all by himself looking for our help to be his Co partners .If we could just say yes to this and not trying to be God away from him and against him this world will a better place for you and me Amen .

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