1. @#YOUdon’thavetoreadthispost. NO, the scorched earth pull back originated with Czar Alexander I and the pullback would go as far as the Ural Mountains. Putin is not the genius, it’s an old Russian play.

  1. În România we have said for centuries: “To have Russia as a neighbour is like living in the same house with a rabid dog”.

  2. The USSR’s seat should be shared by the FSU states proportionally. It should not be hogged by Russia…. Arguably the Ukrainians, Belarus and the Baltic states suffered more and have a greater right than Russia.

  3. Not sure if it is a weapon of desperation, the switch blade drone that the Ukrainians use does the same thing. The V2 rockets of WWII were also did the same thing. The way the Russians use them is completely irresponsible.

    1. What an utterly disingenuous argument,Russia is targeting civilians apartment buildings,civil infrastructure and civilians.
      Ukraine is using switchblades drones to target Russians tanks.
      Can you spot the difference in those two things…?

  4. The UN Security Council has to be abolished. No more permanent members or veto power or preferential powers to be given to any nation, no matter who you are. All represented countries in the UN should have equal voting power. Don’t forget, China is also on the Security Council. If they should decide to take Taiwan by force, they will have the same veto power as Russia did to stop any UN resolutions aimed at compelling them to cease all military action against Taiwan.

    1. @Jarl S Russia has been ignoring anything out of the UN anyway.
      They should take a vote in the General Assembly to withdraw all cultural & business contacts and any non-essential diplomats from Russia for the duration of the war.
      Lazarov mocks & insults the UN with every lie out of his mouth.

    2. @Dragonman The UN would not have stopped Hitler or WWII. What we learned from 1945 onward, is that the Permanent Security Council members never should have included Russia or China. The Communist menace was always going to be a major sticking point and our values are not the same.

    3. @Michael Davison Which is why the US has not sought a new framework world order. We have dealt with Russia & China as is.

    4. @Sérgio Moura The Council will not be restructured anytime soon. It may be diplomatic, but the average US citizen totally distrusts world wide government enough to make it never happen. ,

    5. Giving veto powers to places that will veto anything good you try to accomplish seem pretty stupid. The council still have a function though and equal voting powers wouldn’t work.

  5. 143 nation freely and fairly ” technically, the five continents ” voted to strongly condemn and to firmly oppose the Russian illigetimate annexation of Ukrainian territory
    only four broken, unelected regimes decided to take the wrong side of history and to vote irresponsibly to disgracefully side with the dictator of Moscow within UN general assembly!

  6. At 2:42 “…tweaked them…”, You mean stenciling on RU markings and serial numbers, but some parts inside still have hand written Farsi.

  7. Russia was beginning to gain the trust of the west with open free trade. Hosting major sporting events and Putin would have been invited to the Queen’s funeral, now they have isolated themselves. Let’s have freedom cooperation and open boarders worldwide and see what happens naturally

  8. In pure legal terms, Russia is not entitled to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council. When the permanent membership of the UN Security Council was agreed and established the USSR was the country nominated so technically, Kazakhstan, as the last country to leave the USSR should be the current permanent member. On a more serious note the UN should vote, in general, on whether Russia should remain a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council, given their truly horrendous record of human rights abuses, war crimes, etc etc against not only the rest of the world but also against their own people.

    1. How about past abuses from other countries, you kick them out too? And Regardless….
      How about all other countries that are neutral and have to deal with Russia to stay alive.
      How you going to make peace when possible if you kicked them out indefinitely?
      What would even be the purpose of UN if you would not have all major powers within it?
      How that helps?! UN is made for peace, cooperation and consensus, it doesn’t have an army to force & dominate, if you cant fix the conflict with diplomacy then UN is absolutely Useless!

  9. If the drones are remote controlled can they be hacked and redirected back to their launch point to explode there?

    1. These cheap mopeds drones, are not RC controlled. They essentially go to a GPS location, with an inertial system in case GPS is jammed/lost. They are shoot and forget made with out of the shelf commercial parts. Russians have other Iranian drones, mainly for reconnaissance that are more expensive, have cameras, RC, etc and are not suicide drones. Those in principle could be jammed and even hijacked (I’d ask the Israelis abt that, but they would not reply hahahaha)

    2. They can but the time it takes to do that is less than their travel time to their target.
      When we say “kamikaze drone” what we really mean is “rocket with a brain.”

    3. @Rob H These drones have a max speed of 185Km/h, they use MADO MD550 engines which are one time use, a veeeery cheap copy of Limbach L550 so they are quite far from a “rocket”. And they may take quite some time to reach their target. They are made with composite materials and hence rather difficult to target, and they are dirt cheap, hence they are sent in waves of dozens in the hope that a fraction of them reach their target. BTW nothing from what I say is super secret, the Iranians were selling these and showing them in weapon expositions.

    4. I should add that the Limbach company was bought by a Chinese guy, and mysteriously less than 2 years after that, these identically casted/machined copies started appearing. They are literal copies, just “cheapefied”…

  10. Dear Russia:
    True, EVERYBODY knows Russian military failures are mounting in occupied Ukraine territory.
    But EVERYONE also knows that targeting civilian apartments in Kiev and children’s playgrounds do not make you stronger and more fearsome. Quite the opposite, actually. It makes Russia appear much more weak and pathetic, if anything.
    If you wish to regain respect for Russian military, accept your defeats on the battlefield like brave soldiers do instead of petulant sore losers and thugs and gopniks and Putin vatniks unleashing frustration on unarmed civilian targets.

    It is not the fault of Ukraine civilians. Or even Ukraine military.

    If you weren’t an invasionary occupying force in Ukraine, you wouldn’t have experienced the defeats you have recently.

    So, look in a Russian mirror for blame, Russia.

    Hope that helped you.

    Sincerely, But not Respectfully,
    All for one and one for all.

    PS. We still don’t care about Russia Mir referendums and Russia claims of annexation in Ukraine, or anywhere actually.

    BTW. We almost forgot….
    Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦
    Putin Huilo 😂
    Russia Mir = gavno 💩

  11. Putin has all the personality traits of the school yard bully who breaks the other kids toys when he can’t have them. And the only language bullies understand, is force.

    1. Long before that. They were doing it in the Russo-Turkish wars of the Catherinian Era. I suspect they did it earlier than that but that’s the earliest that my limited historical research can confirm it.

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