Lula da Silva condemns Congress riots in Brazil, Bolsonaro in Florida | USA TODAY


    1. @Harry Lippidardo In which, in both cases- Only legal votes were counted. The dictators lost in both instances

    2. @Devon Kennedy I can’t imagine any rational person thinking the way you do. The MSM never lies. Over 100% turnout in certain areas does not mean only legal votes were counted. Nice try.

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    1. Lula is a corrupt thief who instead of being a decent leader for the poor he became a servant of evil. Crook . Jailbird. Charlatan. Sellout . Backslider. Destroyer of freedom. Opressor of choice . Walking demon.

    1. @Mike Ehrcke It was the FBI….They not only opened the doors(multiple videos confirm this) but also lied about thier involvement. Now, we have the same situation we had a year ago..
      They found documents Biden is not supposed to even have..So why is the FBI or DOJ NOT raiding Biden??
      Because our country has been bought and sold, and the Bidens and democrats are the sellouts..
      I really hope we do have a nuclear war..Cause than if I don’t die, I can live my life with being surrounded by retards….

    2. @Island Wanderer right when the FBI finds that many people to keep a secret in 2023 I would completely believe you

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