1. @Am Mi not if they had no knowledge of a crime being committed. This has already happened several times with Uber/Lyft drivers

    2. @Trigger The Left criminal trump has only been out of office a little over 7 months. He could not be charged, indicted as president Now he can be Multiple cases open and being investigated Once every “t”
      Is crossed and “I” is dotted leaving no room for a “not guilty” verdict, charges will come. Prefer this be done right and not quick

  1. The 1986 novel The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood was written as a cautionary tale, not as a how-to manual, but here we are.

  2. Imagine being an inadvertent taxi driver driving some women to an address unknown to you that its an abortion clinic and now being charged with accessory to murder!

    1. @Linda Scott There probably will be women who die from botched abortions. The solution is simple. Don’t get an abortion.

  3. I’m glad corporate America wants to be a voice against injustices, but they still need to act against the injustices they create by finally paying their worker decent wages, providing a good work environment and paying their taxes

  4. 🤠💭Teddy Cruz thinks the Capitol of Texas is Cancun. 🏖
    That’s why he stormed the beach ! 🌊🏄🏼‍♀️

  5. This law is the embodiment of social accountability. If abortion is so popular, why are you afraid of juries *voting* on it?

  6. “Do as we say because your actions offend _our_ religious beliefs ”
    That is what the Taliban does.
    Conservatives yap about “freedom” and don’t want anyone to get in trouble for _not_ wearing a mask while they are saying “my body, my choice” unironically.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman your a religious nutter there Is no practicality in your statement only religious xenophobia because the cult says so ,you dont take into account rape, incest,deformity to the detriment if the childs life ,I.e. if said child will die young and in pain along as your gods happy eh?

    2. @Stewart Douglas You are having a hard time with reading aren’t you?

      You can’t use cases that are in the vast minority of all cases to justify all abortion.

    3. You are the pot calling the kettle black…

      …if a woman is too stupid to have her man wrap it up she deserves a baby

  7. Audits are dropping on September. This are ALL distractions, they’re trying to pull your attention and they WILL shut down the internet. Be ready.

  8. Lets remember there is no true right or freedom of Transportation. Hence why if your not vaccinated by Oct 1, you’ll go to jail (home order).

  9. The right likes to accuse the left of wanting to implement a police state. Well, no. It’s the right who will beat them to it.

  10. The irony of the mask/vaxx mandate lovers suddenly screaming ‘my body my choice’ after not giving the rest of America a choice.

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