‘Lying And Stealing’: Brittany Cooper Condemns Trump’s High Crimes As Congress Impeached | MSNBC

'Lying And Stealing': Brittany Cooper Condemns Trump's High Crimes As Congress Impeached | MSNBC 1


Rutgers Professor Brittany Cooper joins MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber on the historic day Congress advanced articles of impeachment. Cooper argues the Trump era and impeachment probe have exposed how congressional Republicans are “really telling the American people that it’s okay” for Trump to “lie, cheat and steal” to hold on to power. Aired on 12/13/19.
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'Lying And Stealing': Brittany Cooper Condemns Trump's High Crimes As Congress Impeached | MSNBC

25 Comments on "‘Lying And Stealing’: Brittany Cooper Condemns Trump’s High Crimes As Congress Impeached | MSNBC"

  1. Lying, cheating and stealing = Republicans

  2. That’s exactly what they’re doing, asking Americans not to trust their own moral compass of what is right and what is wrong.

  3. OMG…more of this women! 👏🏾 The host is backpedaling because proper journalist, they have to be very careful letting someone on the show, say derogatory things. Why? They are actually held to a standard, and a rating…and if you let so much of this…your reputation and rating starts to sink. (So, some news outlets do not care; matter of fact, most are not even big enough to be rated. But MSNBC is.)

  4. Let the Republicans wear their shame for the world to see and history to judge. They don’t need to pretend to care about the constitution anymore, we can see EXACTLY who they are and what they are about. And it’s NOT Democracy!!

  5. I agree with her completely!

  6. America needs to be ready for a new King Trump.

  7. Uh oh, Trump is paying attention to Christian votes now.

  8. How many of your family and friends have lied stealer to get welfare

  9. Trump and his grifter family have been on a 3 year long crime spree since Trump took office.
    Jan, 2016
    Trump: “My whole life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy. I’ve grabbed all the money I could get. I’m so greedy.”

    Jan 9, 2016
    “Now, I’ll tell you, I’m good at that – so, you know, I’ve always taken in money,” he said at a rally in Iowa. “I like money. I’m very greedy. I’m a greedy person. I shouldn’t tell you that, I’m a greedy – I’ve always been greedy. I love money, right?

    Trump has grotesquely violated the Emolument Clause. He has clearly not divested from his businesses, and he has been caught red-handed using the Presidency to boost his own personal financial gains.

    Not only have the U.S. and foreign governments spent money at properties owned by Trump, but Trump’s own political campaign and affiliated political committees have also spent about $16.8 million at his businesses since he launched his 2016 bid, according to an analysis of federal election spending records. Trump is literally using his own campaign’s money to line his pockets with millions. It’s basically the same crime he committed with his fake charity foundation.

    Trump campaign events create a “two-fer” benefiting Trump. When he holds a fundraiser at one of his properties, not only do donors contribute to his campaign, his business collects funds from his campaign for space rental and catering, some of which ultimately ends up in his pocket. 

    48 Republican members of Congress also spent campaign money at Trump businesses through their campaign and affiliated committees, according to the center. Some of the top spenders for the 2020 cycle included campaigns for former Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin ($21,000), who resigned last month, Mike Pence’s brother, Indiana Rep. Greg Pence ($14,000), Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio ($12,000) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California ($8,000).

    The most recent example of Trump’s emoluments clause violations came last year in August when a visit from Saudi officials to Trump’s Trump International Hotel in NYC helped boost the hotel’s quarterly revenue by 13% in 2018’s first quarter. The bump came after two straight years of booking declines for the property.

    Since Trump took the oath of office, the Saudi government and lobbying groups for it have been lucrative customers for Trump’s hotels. A public relations firm working for the kingdom spent nearly $270,000 on lodging at his Washington hotel through March of last year, according to filings to the Justice Department. A spokesman for the firm told The Wall Street Journal that the Trump hotel payments came as part of a Saudi-backed lobbying campaign against a bill that allowed Americans to sue foreign governments for responsibility in the Sept. 11 terror attacks..

    Attorneys general for Maryland and the District of Columbia cited the payments by the Saudi lobbying firm as an example of foreign gifts to Trump that could violate the Constitution’s ban on such “emoluments” from foreign interests.

    Fun fact: The emoluments clauses, Article I, Section 9, Clause 8, and Article II, Section 1, Clause 7, are our country’s original anti-corruption laws. They are written into the document that created our government and defined our system of laws.

    At a Cabinet meeting, Trump blamed the backlash and outrage over his attempt to profit from holding the G7 Summit at his Doral resort on “you people with this phony emoluments clause.”😲😲

    A perfect example of the utter contempt that Trump has for our Constitution, and the rule of law.

  10. For decades, Trump has laundered billions of dollars for Russian organized crime figures and other oligarchs.  Ultimately Trump’s involvement with Russia’s criminal underworld created an opening for Putin and his agents to manipulate and control him.

    Trump has had contacts with the Russian mafia for 35 years. His properties have laundered money for them. The Russian mafia is connected to Russian intelligence. They were and still are, living and working in Trump’s buildings. Trump has even partnered with them. There are many ways in which Trump has been compromised.

    After the fall of the Soviet Union, you suddenly had Russians who became wealthy Oligarchs overnight, with billions of dollars that have to be laundered out of Russia. It opened the floodgates for the Russian mafia and for the oligarchs. A good way to launder that money is through real estate. Trump made it clear he was ready, willing and able to do that without asking any questions. Trump was $4 billion in debt after his casinos failed in Atlantic City. He came back thanks to the Russians.

    The Republicans are also implicated. The Russians didn’t just go after Trump: They went after the entire Republican Party. There is Russian money going into the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, the NRA, and then to Republican officials and candidates directly.

    When Trump first visited Russia in 1987, he immediately came back and took outt full page ads in the New York Times, the Boston Globe and Washington Post. These ads were very anti-NATO, anti-Western alliance, and that was exactly what the Russians wanted, even today.

    Back in 1984, Trump had started laundering money for the Russian mafia. In ‘92, the Russian mafia had people like Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov, who was one of the key figures under the mob boss Mogilevich. The FBI was looking all over for him, and then they discovered that he was actually living in Trump Tower. A lot of the Russian mobsters were going to Trump Tower to launder money as well. Trump was completely overextended in Atlantic City. He ended up $4 billion in debt. He had no future at all until the Russians came to his aid..

    Russian Oligarchs made Trump an offer that he could not refuse. Suddenly Trump started dealing with cash, because he couldn’t get loans from American banks anymore. The only bank that would loan him money was Deutsche Bank, which is the preferred bank for Russian Oligarchs and the Russian mafia..

    There were ways of laundering money that Trump had. The financing of building projects that involved $400 million or $500 million to build a skyscraper. Once the building was constructed, they could sell the condos through the shell companies, and limited liability corporations. This was done anonymously in all cash transactions with Russian oligarchs and other people affiliated with the Russian mafia. They owned Trump before he ever met Putin. Trump became close with the oligarchs who were in turn close to Putin..

  11. HAIL TRUMP!!!



  14. MAGA 2020!!!

  15. Johnny Johnstone | December 13, 2019 at 10:22 PM | Reply

    Nationalistic Patriots everywhere let’s join together by the millions upon millions and Slaughter the left-wing throughout the United States !!!

  16. Mitch Mcconnell how is it ok to allow trump to limit officials on trump call w foreign leaders a good thing !! His favorite official to talk with is putin ! Mitch how is it ok to make it easier for trump to turn the presidency into a dictatorship by discrediting the powers of congress !!

  17. The Grim Reefer, Moscow Mitch, Cocaine Mitch aka The Turtle!

  18. It’s time to take off the kid’s gloves and talk some real stuff to the people. I love her message. So what’s it gonna be? Cut the dumb crap and treating people like they’re a bunch of minions. That’s only for Trump’s base. Clock is ticking people. Tick tock, tick tock!

  19. The GOP are the perfect embodiment of a “Rat King”

    (Use Google to look it up)

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