Lytton residents get first look at charred remains of community destroyed by fire 1

Lytton residents get first look at charred remains of community destroyed by fire

Families from four evacuation centres boarded buses to tour what remains of Lytton, B.C. CTV’s Melanie Nagy reports.

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    1. @Sinister Minister More burned Churches, but let me guess, you’re going to talk about Trains when there’s been no evidence supporting it?

      Meanwhile there have been several burned Churches.

      How did all the trees nearby survive? Have you ever seen a wildfire? This is clearly arson.

  1. Funny how the aluminum rims on cars were melted….impossible to reach those temps in a natural fire. Weird huh? Trees still standing mere feet away from the melted rims…..

    1. so, there were some targets..and napalm..I cannot believe this hapenning in Canada-naturally…

  2. Mainstream NON-reporters are guilty of SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY.
    Do your job or suffer the consequences.

    1. @Defiance Funny how direct energy tech can target whatever it is pointed at, leaving other things oddly untouched.

  3. We watched and listened with dismay. You are all in our hearts these days. All the best in the coming months/years.

  4. Is it possible to rebuild so that all houses survive the next one? Because there will be a next one. Judging from the ending clip of houses that survived they seem to be built “lower” with a concrete surround.

  5. So, the fire was hot enough to melt cars and collapse buildings but somehow trees were untouched between collapsed buildings? Crazy times

  6. The wooded area around the town looks fine, where did the fire come from or who started better yet?

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