MacKenzie Scott’s Amazon Wealth Grows Even As She Gives Away Billions

Rachel Maddow marvels at the fact that MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, is giving away billions of dollars to philanthropic causes, but her 4% stake in Amazon produces so much wealth that she still comes out ahead.
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  1. Mackenzie Scott is built different, she’s one of it kind, she understands she came to this world without anything she will leave this world without taking anything with her.

    1. @B K being married to jef b?!?!? i think she erned it. but its not that she has $$$, its how she is using it to help people that dont have enough. THAT is the cornerstone of DEMOCRACY itself. those that have , help those that dont. its called compassion. you should try it.

  2. And I’ve had to ration a can of Vienna Sausages over the past 2 days.

    People like her are so few & far between these days.

    1. @Kimberly Childs I’ve been there! I remember picking up pennies and any change I found on the street once ( still pick up change out of habit). I had $1.13 till payday-2 days. Bought a can of tuna .50 and rest for gas( over 40 years ago) also lived off of peanut butter and banana sandwiches. It does get better. There are food banks at some churches if things get too rough. They don’t ask for a lot of information. Helped a friend once who was going thru a rough spot.

    2. @Silverrob
      Even with those 3 exclamation points I have no idea what you are talking.

      So this is me giving you the attention you were looking for with your vague, nonsensical comment.
      This is all the time I have to spare for you so, moving on.

    3. @Kimberly Childs
      Oh, I apologize for being unclear. Those are three question marks. As in me questioning your integrity. In my own way I feel you are being disingenuous about your circumstances otherwise you would be somewhere trying to get some food instead of making comments on the board. Have a good day ma’am.

  3. The richest man in the world could pay his employees a huge hourly wage and not make them pee into a bottle or a diaper in order to not get written up!

    1. Amen to that Mary Rose. Jeff B has to be the most selfish, egotistical person in the world. No amount of money will ever make him the richest. 🤮😡

    2. @TeaEster Higgins That would be Donald. Jeff is not even close to Donald’s egotism and selfishness; he’s just a trillion times smarter than Donald and a billion times more successful.

    3. Are they force to work there? From what I recall they are not. To be honest his company needs to be unionized.

    4. @in ter Bezos actually struggled keeping Amazon afloat during the dotcom crash in the early ’00s as other ecommerces either died or got absorbed. Amazon didn’t make any profits for a long time.

  4. And the Earthling who will ride with him goes to the highest bidder who just paid the chump change of $28,000,000

  5. Liberals: “Tax the rich to help the poor!!”

    The GOP: “Nah.”

    MacKenzie Scott: “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

    1. @perry roberts
      You write that like she’ll have more money after taxes if she makes a charitable donation. Donations are deductible but it’s not like you end up with more money in your pocket. You are just reducing your taxable income.
      2 billion income × 40% tax bracket = 1.2 billion in your pocket after taxes.
      2 billion income – 1billion donation = 1billion taxable income. 1 billion × 40% tax bracket = 0.6 billion in your pocket.

      Obviously the examples are an oversimplification of the situation but the bottom line is she’s giving away a $#!+load of money and taxes are probably low on the list of why.

    2. By doing it herself, you mean, by all the money that the employees were underpaid and all the taxes she doesn’t pay.

  6. Jeff Bezos drove over a pothole and thought to himself: “I have so much money, I could fill all the potholes in the country and fix all the bridges with the tax money I never paid… Or I could climb aboard a spaceship and forget about the potholes. Let’s do that.”

    1. Or he could put his money to work like the Koch brothers who pay GOP politicians and Fox to obstruct democracy and spread lies. Jeff could instead pay politicians to vote for free healthcare for everyone over 50 and everyone under 18 within the next 5 years and for all ages by 2030. Get rid of private insurance companies that make huge profits while denying patients all kinds of treatments and medications that the monopolies don’t want to pay for because it drops their bottom line.

    2. Maybe fix all potholes, like a decade ago fixing our infrastructure was estimated to cost 5 trillion, can’t imagine what it is now lol. At the rate he’s going he probably will be rich enough.

    3. @in ter A few months ago I saw an article talking about how Amazon was trying to expand into the healthcare market. I think he’s looking for more $$$. Lol

    4. @in ter The Kochs aren’t even close to being the biggest donors. I doubt you even know who it is. You were just told that they were the bad guys.

  7. When every dollar in your financial portfolio is Monopoly money, it’s almost trivial. A million here, a billion there. This kind of wealth isn’t earned, it’s an accident.

  8. Take the Flynn brothers with you. By the way, I never heard about where those Chinese rocket parts landed.

  9. If Bezos dies in a failed space launch, there may still be hope for the survival of Civilized Humanity.

  10. we now wait patiently to hear cries from a certain (Right) wing: she’s transferring wealth from richer to poorer – SOCIALISM AAAGGGHHHHHH

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