'Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President': Biden Speech Makes History | MSNBC 1

‘Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President’: Biden Speech Makes History | MSNBC


Biden's speech to a joint session of Congress was the first time in history a president spoke to the House Chamber with two women sharing the House dais, Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi. MSNBC's Alicia Menendez joined us to talk about that.
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    1. @aj Reyes WELL..THE DNC, ANYWAY…

    2. @Balto the Wolf right, where as if one person is starving, then EVERYONE ELSE IS? That makes sense to you? My point is, ignorance is generalized by saying everyone. Absolutely no sense in putting everyone in a group.

    3. JUST IN – Ratings are in: 11.6 million people watched Biden’s speech last night. 48 million people watched Trump’s first State Of The Union address. Trump’s lowest was at 37 million.

  1. Saw the best meme today that said, “Hey, sleepy Joe, just turn the teleprompter around so we can read it ourselves.”

    1. Come on. Let them relish the moment. They’re all tickled sh*tless that he made it through the speech. I bet the Doctor Jill was nervous as a dog crapping peach seeds.

    2. JUST IN – Ratings are in: 11.6 million people watched Biden’s speech last night. 48 million people watched Trump’s first State Of The Union address. Trump’s lowest was at 37 million.

    3. @DancesWithBears Why do we NEVER hear of a Republican leaving for the Dems? Nicole Wallface of course, but I mean living, breathing humans.

    1. @Sergio Blanco yup. All we’re left with now are the irresponsible creeps, jezebels, thieves and their racist, criminal, kid-sniffing leader, Biden.

    2. @Cassius Clay and there in lies the problem. It is not the Presidents role to take care of you. That’s your job first and foremost. This is what happens to a society that rejects Christ and his word. Eventually they want someone else to reign over them. Never works out well because you will find out that the secular ruler doesn’t care at all about his subjects. This includes Trump as well.

      Why do people assume that if you say something against Biden that means you must be Trump supporter? I respect neither the Dems or Repub party. They have all lost there way, ruling by dictates of sinful man. But the real King of kings is in charge over the affairs of men. Live and govern His way and be blessed, or live and govern according to the whims of men and be cursed.

    3. @Sergio Blanco Mmhm? They also told you Trump said to inject bleach.
      Talk to your doctor about olanzapine and Seroquel. Side effects may include coming back to reality.

    4. Something the JEDI said! Dont take credit. You all are the asslicking slaves of the Federation.

    1. @yavatmal 01 God forbid he holds up a bible after left wing terrorists burn down a church. The horror. I guess any politician wishing anyone a Merry Christmas is pandering too right?

    2. @FortNGrant 02 I’m glad you understand, albeit in a limited way, the absurdity of calling everything identity politics

    1. @Derrick Whittaker “democracy” LOL What took place in 2020 is a DISGRACE to democracy! A STOLEN ELECTION right in front of everyone faces! Like I said humanity will be cleansed of the filth.

    2. @Heidi Q I guarantee you he was pumped full of something.
      He’s gonna have a major blow out soon.

  2. It’s going to short circuit here soon, something is most definitely wrong with the wiring

    1. bobble heads, these vessels are hollow. NO SOUL, NO SPIRIT. Our nation will thrive when our nation’s spirit is renewed. THIS is NOT the man for that job.

    2. Vapid shells that dislike themselves but bring that to others as well. Lefty’s can’t provide for or entertain themselves, that why they don’t care about individual freedoms and accountability.

  3. If people actually read into these two women instead of just getting excited over identity politics…

    1. @Bill Billson “America” and the border surge that happens every March on that border is easily being handled by this expert humane administration. The surge has been massive because they know Trumps Nazi-like policies are gone and they are desperate to make lives for themselves in this nation of immigrants. THIS is the reality of the surge. Muted.

    2. @Dog Supremacy — there’s nothing humane or expert about your biden administration getting thousands of kids molested at the border.. very sick and disgusting set of values you have. They’re stacked shoulder to shoulder in the middle of your covid disaster as well. Where’s your social distancing?

    3. @greenliongirl07 Media didn’t focus on it. Biden was acknowledging a milestone in our history. You are coming at it the wrong way.

    1. @Alice Burkett you are a radical and don’t know what you are talking about and clearly there is no point..

    2. @UF1 Yep the man that crushed trump in the presidential election is weak. Go ahead and cite voter fraud, I dare you lmao

    3. @Derrick Whittaker clearly you are a senile voter and don’t understand reality…poor thing!!!

      Prayers for u!!!

  4. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, …”

    1. @Trinacria Nelcuore and you’re drinking the other flavor of Kool-Aid. You really are a simpleton if you think Fox News is the only propaganda

    2. @Trinacria Nelcuore FNC has straight news shows and opinion shows. On the opinion shows the hosts freely admit what their political leanings are. Contrast that with CNN, where every show spews left wing opinion, including their so called “straight” news shows! They try to pass off Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon as “neutral” anchors, but they are clearly and unabashedly liberal. Also, on FNC there are people such as Richard Fowler, Marie Harf, Mary Anne Marsh, and Austin Goolsbee. These are just a few of the many liberals who regularly appear on FNC and give the liberal side of the issues. I could name quite a few more. Now why don’t you give me a list of conservatives who regularly appear on CNN, MSNBC, etc.. I’ll save you some time. You can’t, because there are none! The main stream media is the propaganda arm of the DNC. It’s where never is heard a conservative word. If it doesn’t fit their left wing narrative, it doesn’t get on the air. Why, if they allowed opposing viewpoints their audience might actually start thinking for themselves! Can’t allow that!

    3. @Michael Schweigart how did that russia russia russia turn out lololol don’t believe everything you see on CNN like slow bidens 50% approval rating

    1. @Gary just because the majority of people don’t agree with you, and the systems that are inherent in capitalism actually work to self regulate, does not mean you’re being “canceled”. The level of hypocrisy from the GOP is enough to just choke a person

    2. @HiSomebody TrackingMuch? the level of hipocrisy from the GOP?.. to have access to a computer at your finger tips.. all the time.. and be this ignorant.. is “by choice”.

    3. @MrRaintile yes. Sadly tRump’s followers, and those who follow the types like him, are incredibly ignorant, ill-informed, and possibly lazy. It doesn’t take much to research what a credible news source is, and to disregard a bunch of high school dropouts that are simply making a lot of noise, in order to further their agenda.

    4. Tell that to SCOTUS who was seated by an illegitimate, impeached twice, lost the popular vote twice, fascist who is STILL facing more criminal charges that can never be removed.

  5. that chick in red has some serious vampire fangs going on…… I am waaaaay into that lol come on evil over lords make me immortal!

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