Madame Wob Dwiyet and Ti Madaem Pageant – Toronto

Madame Wob Dwiyet

Madame Wob DwiyetToronto – Sunday, September 29, 2013, Madame Wob Dwiyet Canada Inc. (MWDC). Will present the second edition of the annual Madame Wob Dwiyet Cultural Pageant at the Sts. Peter & Paul Banquet Hall in Scarborough at 231 Milner Ave. (Markham Rd. & 401). The event commences at 1:30 p.m. A new addition to this year event is the Ti Madame component.

MWDC intent, is to dazzle the multicultural communities of Canada with an array of Dominican talent including a display of our cultural heritage, performances of traditional dances and showcasing of the event the National dress

“Wob Dwiyet”. This cultural extravaganza is in celebration of Dominica’s 35th Independence Celebrations.

The Wob Dwiyet Pageant will be the highlight of the evening and will feature eight (–) contestants of Dominican descent/origin. They will be judged on the promotion of their individual communities they represent, the Madame Wob Dwiyet traditional dress and cultural dance, public speaking and poise. The winner will be awarded a trip to Dominica for the Independence Celebration. The eight Ti Madames will make an introduction and Wob Dwiyet traditional dress and cultural dance appearances.

MWDC was established to raise Dominica’s cultural profile and is committed to working diligently to integrate Dominica’s unique and fabulous culture to the multicultural landscape of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). MWDC has enlisted a group of four dedicated and professional Dominican women who have collectively volunteered their talents, expertise, commitment to country and culture to promote and share the best of Dominica.   They will work tirelessly to ensure that this platform is used to make the Nature Island of the Caribbean “Dominica” so distinctive that we will stand above the rest.

The team leading this vision:     

Lorraine Delsol: A Fashion Designer with a track record of staging successful shows. Lorraine’s Designs are executed with great detail and are customized to suit all body types and shapes. She has an amazing talent and continuously gives of her time and resources freely, all in the spirit of promoting Dominica.

Glenora Joseph: A cultural industry Professional with over 15 years of experience. She is the creative visionary and founder of the Miss Canada Plus Pageant.

Vanessa Dupie: A former member of the Waitikubuli Dance Theatre in Dominica and choreographer, Ms. Dupie is regularly sought after to coach contestants for cultural pageants. She choreographed the Sari Sari Dancers and the 2009 Madame Wob Dwiyet pageant in Toronto.

Athenia Benjamin: A humanitarian who has devoted more than 20 years to community development and services by volunteering her time and expertise in the Dominican Community both in Toronto, Canada and Dominica.

After and extremely successful event in 2012, MWDC is confident that Dominicans living in Toronto and environs will come out to again support in large numbers. MWDC will make a significant contribution to the Miss Wob Dwiyet contestants during Dominica 35th Independence Celebrations in 2013 and will continue to work collectively and tirelessly with all Dominican groups and organizations to showcase the best of all our people. Your support is encouraged to ensure that every event promoting Dominica and Dominicans are successful.

click here and see the beautiful ladies

MWDC 2013 theme is: “Celebrating Dominica’s Indigenous People, the Kalinagos”

Contact: Athenia Benjamin – Media Relations Manager – or (647)762-2960

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