'Maddening': The GOP Quest To Ban Abortion—And Their Lies Along The Way 1

‘Maddening’: The GOP Quest To Ban Abortion—And Their Lies Along The Way


Chris Hayes: “All the people who warned about this court trying to overturn Roe—they were right. And the people who said, ‘Don't worry,’ were wrong. Catastrophically so.”
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  1. People who say the court should not be expanded should carefully consider the consequences of inaction at this point.

    1. @Jimmy Child The court has had it’s membership expanded several times, if fact in the court hasn’t been expanded in relationship to the size of the country since 1869.

    2. @Bruh well I don’t know about you, but well over half of the public think abortions should be unrestricted, and only a small minority think they should be banned completely with the rest believing that there should be some restrictions.

    3. @NoneOfYour Beeswax, writes _”Your hypocrisy is, as ever, astounding.”_

      He’s a republican, massive hypocrisy is par for the course.

    4. @Bruh Ah @Bruh – Nah @Bruh – But You Were Fine With The Orange Trunt Steady Doing Just That The Whole Time He Was In Office – So Sit TF Down & Shut TF Up Son

    5. @michael shultz This ruling is unconstitutional Roe V Wade the government courts should not be involved with what a woman does with her body which it’s something fascist country do like in your country Comrade.

    1. @Gustavo Deugarte They make me sick..Even uttering words about something they themselves will never have to live through..

    2. And, with an interest granted by the state, hardly removes the state to act in violation of the constitution. It is legal malfeasance to present an argument as to the legality of a bill where the state writes: I assign the powers I reserve to these xxx, and enable their actions as legal, but I in know way am involved in a person being denied due process because of my actions. What creep, and I being generous here, openly defends such a position? I need names.

    3. @Sue Howie so what you are saying is that only women should have a say in matters that concern women? Should I assume that women will stay quiet when it comes to matters that affect men? Like that would ever happen. Think about the nonsense you spread before doing it.

    4. @michael shultz but that same crowd is against school masks, vaccines, is pro death penalty….
      They aren’t pro life, they are anti-choice

    1. Joe is working with the Taliban. Or “tollybon” as he says. Why would you put so much energy into killing unborn children ? U prob like kids

    1. the far right are now openly admiring Taliban.
      … bc (as everyone has known for years) they want the same objectives.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr

      Actually, it would be easier to just take a weekend trip to “li earl California” Would love to see the GOPer SC twist itself in knots
      defending the rights of some bible-thumping busy body to sue an abortion provider for doing legal business in LA.

      Would laugh even harder when the SC doesn’t have an answer when California authorities tell Texas to GFYS.

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr because, ding ding, it’s a slippery slope. If it can happen there it can happen here.

    1. The Taliban dictates most aspects of a woman’s life. How is this different? Are the republicans going make sure there is money available

    2. Money available to care and educate the children or are they going to let them fall through the cracks and become cheap uneducated unhealthy

    1. I NEVER felt like visiting that State. Too much violence and crazy talk. They LOVE their executions down there. And they mix that with saying they love God… Weird bunch of folks… Putting things that are totally opposed morally side by side and finding no difference… Like a lot if Americans… They got lost in their quest for personal greatness. They actually believe that everyone can be number 1, and they treat everyone that isn’t like a loser. Why do you think the USA is the largest user of antidepressants on the planet??? They are groomed for personal failure. If its not FIRST, its last. That is just plain soul crunching. And it makes a bunch of delusional ignorant ranters REALLY P’ed off. They look for targets because NOTHING could possibly be their fault and then they become Republicans, because they are the ones with a the hate that like blame shifting and appropriating success. A custom built party for people that see themselves as losers that deserve more, even though LIFE and their own bad decisions got them.

    2. This can’t be blamed on Muslims. This is fundamentalist Christianity on display. Christians, all of them, need to recognize this and fight back.

  2. Bearded, armed, extremist religious right-wing, anti-womens rights group.. Taliban or Republican Party? Same thing.

    1. Actually, Republicans tend to be clean shaven. Very few of them are extremist. The Taliban are religious rather than political. Republicans have never been anti-women. In fact, Republicans have been pushing for the rights of women since the party was founded. Republicans pushed to grant women the right to vote. Democrats opposed that. The Republicans and the Taliban have nothing in common. Have you ever seen a member of the Taliban?

    2. @Adrien Petryka you are so right.
      Unbelievable.. he is having multiple 0rg4sms a day since 2016
      Too much Ignorance and arrogance in muriKKKa

    3. @LardGreystoke Joe talibiden lied for months about the Taliban not being a threat to take Afghanistan up until the fall. Are those the lies you are talking about? He even told Ghani to Give the perception that things were fine.Then he causes Americans to die and leaves hundreds of Americans behind!!!! Glad I didn’t serve under an anti American cowardly POS like Joe Talibiden.

  3. Everyone knew ACB’s stance on Roe v Wade, especially the dark money funded groups like the federalist society that picked her. She was picked exactly for that reason.

    1. @michael shultz she couldn’t even name all of the protected forms of free speech in the constitution which she’s supposed to know by memory if she’s going to be on the highest court of the land.

    2. She and Kavanaugh need to be removed. Their confirmations were rushed through without thorough investigation by the tRump controlled congress.

    3. Barrett Lied to Congress in regards to her stance on Roe vs Wade, she is not qualified to be a Justice even her colleagues warned Congress about her ideology it’s pretty screwed.

  4. Surely that makes every pregnant woman a ward of the state, and therefore the state would be responsible for all expenses including the medical costs.

    1. Yes, you are right. The only way to protect the rights of a fetus is to give each one a legal guardian. Very expensive for taxpayers.

  5. Just another bunch of good ole boys telling women what they can and can’t do, again. They only seem to care about the unborn until they are born, then they can deny them: decent child care, food stamps, heck decent food, a decent education, a decent standard of living, a decent health care system, decent housing, etc.

    1. @michael shultz Yeah, and Ketchup is a vegetable, just like, Dj Trumbolina was an Adult in the WH!
      I guess it all depends on how elastic your reality is and how low your standards go.

    2. I guarantee if men got pregnant every bar would have an abortion clinic next door, regardless of a Republican government.

    3. @michael shultz Typical Republican argument. I don’t know how you know what all Democrats believe or want? The fact are that every working American pays social security and medicare taxes their entire life but many can’t affored healthcare. It’s not about a nanny state it’s about affordable healthcare for your family; affordable housing , affordable daycare, and “good” public schools.

    4. You seem to want a lot for nothing. Did you ever do anything for your country? You should probably stay in mommys basement and play with your computer. Let me guess,you not a Marine?

    1. @michael shultz You don’t know how fascism works. A majority of the country are not pro-life and don’t subscribe to conservative Republican ideology in today’s form but they enact laws that affect everyone in not a good way.

    1. @michael shultz
      The point is, the religious zealots have an entire worldview built on sand, depending on how fundamental you are about your religious text directly attributes to how much actual reality you are fully attached to, in short, I don’t trust anyone that actually believes ANY religious text actually contains the word of an imagined creator, if you do, you can be convinced of absolutely anything

    2. @michael shultz a tiny fraction of voters agree with abortion bans and letting women die from ectopic pregnancy, but here we are.

  6. And this is the party that whines about how being required to wear a mask is an affront to their personal freedom.

  7. I think some justices need to be removed for corruption, being anti-ConstItution, accepting bribes, whatever corruption they are tsinted with.

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