Maddow Explains: What Is A Special Grand Jury? | MSNBC 1

Maddow Explains: What Is A Special Grand Jury? | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow explains the difference between a jury and a grand jury, and then takes a closer look at what it means that a "special grand jury" has been called by Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance in the investigation of Donald Trump.

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Maddow Explains: What Is A Special Grand Jury? | MSNBC


    1. @Tattooed White Trash last time I checked, you’re the one who started the insult. I wonder why you can’t take it back.

  1. In Canada, a Grand Jury is called a Preliminary Hearling. Feel free to borrow that term for the U.S..

    1. @Brooke B We are a free country and we get to choose our candidates with DOMINION machines, invented here. We don’t have RIGGED elections

    2. @Brooke B Well aren’t you the sour grapes of the Cheetos fan club or are you his gatekeeper

    3. @joyce roberts You’re just too ridiculous to take serious. I have no more time to waste on replying to your ignorance. You are the direct result of the corrupt MSM, but because you have been warned and choose to remain misinformed, there is no one to blame but yourself.

    1. I don’t think you want judge dredd going after Epstein and Hollywood, the left would collapse!

    1. @kingnicii I’m sorry, we were only looking for crimes in the real world. I’m sure they are both guilty in the tinfoil hat wearing delusion-o-sphere but that doesn’t count.

    1. Biggest grand jury like you’ve never seen. The best grand jury. Greatest grand jury in history. A very special grand jury. Make grand juries great again!

    1. @mike briganti We the people voted Trump out of office. That is fact, not Trumpian Reoublican denial of fact. The election was not stolen, sorry.

    2. @Nancy Ross It’s the same denial loop in their heads, that loops in Drump’s. They can’t figure out that DEMOCRACY was and still is on the brink of going over the cliff. They would rather live under Fascism

  2. Thank you Racheal for explaining this so eloquently. Six months for a grand jury is a long time for it to sit and for extra days per week. That tells me. there is enormous mounds of testimony and evidence to hear. Someone obviously is messing his diapers about now, and Cheetos can complain all he wants that it’s another “witch hunt” but I rather doubt it. Can’t wait to see what happens next

    1. @Peter Stoops Explain that to Cheetos because he put out a statement after they announced the grand jury. Read his statement where he insists it’s another “witch hunt”

    2. @joyce roberts I was being sarcastic, I actually agree with it being a witch hunt. its a group of prosecuters who don’t like trump decided to investigate in hopes of finding a crime. Thats not how it is suppose to work. Your suppose to start with a crime, then investigate the crime

    3. @Peter Stoops Oh I’m quite certain they have already found the crime and for a Grand Jury, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s multiple crimes against multiple people, that have had multiple investigations

    4. You either get charged or you don’t….They’re taking 6 months because trump has a lot to unload for the Grand Jury to better understand and YES it will take every bit of 6 months to put it all out there…. conspiracy no more

    1. The one Christmas gift Trump does not want. Maybe we can get him a musical card. Which Christmas carol can ‘we sing lock him up’ to.

    1. you mean Bezo’s, Gates, Soros? the top billionaires are all democrats, doing what they can to squash free speech

  3. Starbucks juries. They come in short, tall, grande, and venti sizes. And they stay awake

  4. MSM will soon be in front of a grand jury, so will election officials, poll workers, demacates, governor’s, and you know who, big pharma, and face book, Twitter, the cover up always gets you in the end.

  5. Rachael Maddow thank you for supporting the 2001 Georgia election audit . You are a true Patriot!

  6. if there is that much info to go over to have these folks there that much, you would think there would be enough to charge.

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