Maddow To Trump: "What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?" | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Maddow To Trump: “What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?” | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow addresses Donald Trump directly and asks if he actually thought it would work to send an angry mob to stop Congress from counting the electoral votes at the Capitol in order to preserve his power. Aired on 1/12/2021.
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Maddow To Trump: "What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?" | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. So who is behind of all this mess, the four R. senators who planned the attacks?We agreed Dump is not smart enough, he has a form of dementia.???? Putin?

  1. Rachel, he only thinks of himself. Every thought he has passes through a malignant narcissist filter. He does not know or believe there will be any bad consequences for himself because there hasn’t been any. Anything good that has happened has been because of him. Anything bad is always, always someone else fault. He’s been coddled and protected and feared since childhood and people dislike him but still do his bidding. Can you imagine the damage he could’ve done with this ability had he been able to hide his selfishness and pretend better?

    1. @Mihi lvl please educate yourself. Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That is not the same as just conceited or thinking too much of oneself. It goes waaay beyond that and is much more dangerous! But many people like yourself don’t seem to know that.

  2. He thinks they will attack his enemies and he will install himself as a dictator. And he still thinks that. He is not afraid of laws. He does not care about amendments. It should be taken more seriously. He is a dangerous psychopath when he says “in this tender time” you can see it in his freakin face.

    1. @Jackie Blue Not so dumb he could not sway..brainwash millions..beware.. evil has it”s own intelligence…..

    2. Why are the republican still backing him??? Could it be that the email of them republican that the russian got from the NRC servers has a lot of dirt that would sent them to prison for life!!!

    3. And the dumb and dumbers who support him mistakenly believe he’s going to be there for them, he will save them, he is going to their leader. He will turn on them like the ‘snake’ he is.

    4. @Tony Darbyshire @Pete Mitchell ….When given the chance….please listen to some of Mary Trumps, (his niece) interviews. His mother was physically ill…and emotionally hampered for most of trumps early childhood. Her husband, donald’s father really was not kind to her. (I’m kind of having a problem coherent on the subject) ***Please just Youtube Mary Trump interviews***

  3. Mister President thought he is in Belarus, not in USA! Wrong country, Mister President, to be a dictator!

    1. @Tessmage Tessera What took so long.? He was not even GOP. He changed his affiliation to many parties to get elected.. God’s grace, Democratic party rejected him.

    2. There are lots of free apartments in Czernobyl. A bit radiant, but Donald won´t believe that kind of scientific “crap” anyway. Run, Donald, run!

    3. @Prickly Pear “ Trump has been effectively neutered” Good one. It is also a relief, as Melania is still of child bearing age,

  4. “I don’t know what’s going through the president’s head right now.” Easy: People, Woman, Man, Camera, TV. Repeatedly.

  5. Trump is the non-versatile tool of the highest bidder, and his only effect is “add chaos to whatever he’s involved in”.

    The genocidal civil war desiring crowd LOVE him for that.

  6. prosecute the kushners, guiliani, ted cruz, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes and josh Hawley for sedition.

    1. @Bob OBrien Now you want proof! That’s big talk coming from some one who still believes that the election was stolen from Trump after 80 lost court cases!

  7. Everyone should of known that that Mad Man was gonna make a mess b4 he walked off, knowing the kind of Nut he is…smh..God bless America.

    1. @Bob OBrien You are probably one of those idiots that stormed the capitol. I hope they saw your face also.

    2. Funny, you would think he would have done that by now. I guess you guys are still living in fantasy land, where Orange man bad, and only the democrats are right.

    3. @KaseNash59 Well,the DEMS have control now,so take some of those sour lemons that you’re sucking on,and make some lemonade.

  8. Mad man don’t “think”, Rachel, they act instinctively, driven by their insane, vulgar, selfish, megalomaniac and criminal propensities.

    1. The Jim Jeffries’s and the Matt Gaetz’s of the Republitard right are for sure not listening.
      Gaetz was in rare form today on the House floor, delivering his boneheaded high school junior level tirade about lawless Democrats being a danger to Democracy. Cringeworthy.

    1. @BlondeGirlSez This Yes, many of them are already saying this. It makes no logical sense, but what do we expect? Rupert Murdoch is as guilty as Der Trumpenfuehrer & his stormtroopers.

    1. @Steve Jakubowski you sound anti trump but describing Biden?? I see your confusion now . Clean your tin foil hat and move out if mom’s basement. Nice chatting with you !!!

  9. He is megalomaniacal enough to believe that everyone would cower and let him win. I guess we can all stop guessing about the grades he’s kept hidden all these years:)

    1. I wrote a comment similar in context to yours. I like what you wrote better, so I deleted mine. Tr*mp can’t learn…

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