Maddow: Trump Grand Jury Not Surprising But Still Shocking | MSNBC 1

Maddow: Trump Grand Jury Not Surprising But Still Shocking | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow points out public reporting that has followed the long build-up of the New York County D.A.'s investigation of Donald Trump and his business, making it not unexpected that a grand jury would eventually be called. But in the scope of history, no former U.S. president has been charged with a crime, so the prospect of that happening is still shocking.

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Maddow: Trump Grand Jury Not Surprising But Still Shocking | MSNBC


    1. Nope..dumb liberals try sooo hard for 5 years to get president Trump that they actually look like Elmer fudd or keystones cops

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr well we wouldn’t have a “George Floyd” cult if it wasn’t for people like you trying to make it seem like his life didn’t matter..

      I’m not saying it’s racism but u would rather see a druggie get murdered than a murderer get locked up sparks a very valid question

    1. Wayne and eastwood were racist. No quote from this federalists for me. Watch gran torino too. The fool is a racist

    2. @A Theed I can’t… My wealth is set up to be illiquid until my investments mature. Although, I did give his 2020 campaign almost $1k

  1. “No former president have ever been charged, with a crime” Well, it’s high time to change that! Lock him up!

    1. @Matthew Martin In total agreement Matthew..All patents should be released for all vaccines

    2. @Bryan Perez Vaquero he’s not wrong. Just because Trump pardoned them doesn’t get rid of there crimes. Also btw he’s the only president to pardon war criminals who killed entire families in Afghanistan. They were supposed to be in jail for life. He let them out.

    3. @A Theed Also, where is your evidence? Seems to me that you acting like the news media that try everything to make us believe

    4. @A Theed Finally, where is your evidence? Seems to me that you acting like the news media that try everything to make us believe

    1. That goes without saying at this point. The question is whether NY state or GA will indict him first before the feds.

    2. I have posted that he is a narcissist, can’t admit defeat, will never back down or go away quietly..

  2. We all knew this was going to happen. It’s just a matter of time before the Trump’s go to prison or try to flee the Country.

    1. I’d enjoy agreeing with you but the Congressional Repugnicans and Faux news will do everything they can to turn this into another “witch hunt”.

    2. @Suzanne Berry But they keep finding witches! This could be fun! There will come a time the GQP will have to either shut up or go down with him…

    3. @JamesAllmond WTF have the found? In search of a crime is ILLEGAL! You nimrods just don’t see it.. Lol TDS is still alive and kickin i see.

    4. I always thought he would flee to Russia, and his best friend Putin, but Putin has no use for him anymore..

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH bank fraud. Loan fraud. Properties fraud. Lying to a financial institution. Money laundering. Oh and trying to intimidate an election official into committing voter fraud.Those are the charges.

    2. @Mike Cooper I agree! Trump was never a real president. He is a deranged self-serving sociopath that doesn’t truly care about America or it’s people!

    3. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH you are obviously unaware of trump’s behind the scenes dealings while he pretended to be president. There were numerous scandals and blatant corruption throughout his reign of terror in the oval.

    4. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH mmmm like trump used to say. Just wait.

      I will enjoy justice. Trump was a criminal and had terrible reputation way before being POTUS. I have no doubt about his criminal activities.

    5. @Dolphin Ride trump never had the mental capacity of being diplomatic in any sense or level of the word. And he was so easily played by the likes of putin, kju and erdogan mainly because he admired them and wanted to be in their ‘club’. When he lost the election in 2020 he became somewhat marginalized in the eyes of putin and is desperately trying to claw his way back to the oval to regain his standing with the dictators. It can not be allowed to happen.

    1. She must take some gnarly dumps when she comes back from work after spewing all that garbage out on t.v.

  3. Well, it’s unsurprising but not shocking. What would be surprising and shocking is the day the GQP grows a spine and stops protecting trump and goes back to being the conservative political alternative instead of the party of no, obstruction, conspiracy theories, and crazy.

    1. fred smith
      I have a question for you. Now if the conservative political alternative party thinks the democrats bills, agenda, views on any issues you can think of is crap, how exactly can it be a party of yes? You remember the “Russian collusion conspiracy theory of the Democrats? You missed it by 2 Presidents.Obama and nor Biden. except there is no conspiracy only fact. Obama bent over for Putin in Crimea and Syria. Biden bent over for Putin in Germany. and their pipe line. As for crazy, I am waiting for your reply to my question.

    2. @Darren Engels repubs bailed him out many MANY times. Not just in impeachment. More details will come.

  4. “no former us president has ever been charged with a crime…”

    it’s clear that we are in brand new territory… so the old rules and precedents don’t really apply…

    1. “no former us president has ever been charged with a crime…’”
      Well, no former president has ever committed crimes like Crooked Trump has committed either! Just sayin’!

  5. Justice must be served. He has escaped accountability his entire life. It’s time to finally have him held accountable. He tried to stage a coup against America as well as being a Russian asset and traitor to America. Please charge him and send him to jail where he belongs.

  6. “No other US president have been charged with a crime” Well never before have a criminal and malicious psychopath been elected either.

  7. Republicans overwhelm average citizens with huge piles of crap… it’s in the right-wing playbook.

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