1. @reality along with clean water, pay equity, unions, better and more affordable healthcare oh and I forgot to mention the rule of law and adherence to the Constitution which probably never crossed your soiled mind.

    2. @Angry Patriots
      *looks around

      Things are fine

      I remember 2020, when America was tearing apart at the seems and Trump was lighting a fire to burn us all down

    3. @Scott Krater
      “I’m interested in WWII… maybe that’s why he went to Hitler’s…”
      Do you also tweet swastikas, praise white nationalists, and call Hitler “The Fuhrer?”
      David Cawthorn does.

    4. @Acer Maximinus I said sight seeing is one thing, supporting the Nazis is not, but I’m not one of his constitutes. I think he should be disqualified for his violation of his oath. I’d visit Auschwitz to, for the victims, not the Nazis.

  1. Madison Cawthorn wants people to think he’s a heroic wounded vet when he’s really just a drunken frat boy who was paralyzed in a car wreck driving back from spring break with his bros.

    1. Drunken frat boy, demonstrated liar serial, serial school dropout, Nazi-worshipper, alleged sexual harasser. Serially unemployed before his sweet Congress grift – this is his first real job, other than interning in Mark Meadows’ NC office. Still a GQP hero.

    2. @Lazlo Hollyfeld 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Facts!

    3. @Rusty_Waggle Oh, my. Look everyone! Not a single piece of support to what Cawthorn has done, but an immediate shift to the classic “whataboutism.”
      Even then, the comment is not only lame, it’s lazy. Not even a glimmer of creativity, just the profanity.
      nrn eod
      ‘bye now

    1. Two thirds of the house can vote to expel him. Doubt it will happen but the constitution is very clear on what needs to happen to kick someone out.

  2. “I have never done anything sexually inappropriate in my life.” Comments like that are only said by those who definitely have crossed the line. Since he was a drunken frat boy in college, I can guarantee that he was either egged into or egged others into doing things that many people would find “sexually inappropriate”, given the state of fraternities since the dawn of time.

    1. @Brittany Jordan With no evidence to go on, and no real credibility outside of childish antics… I’m thinking of another person made of straw… “If you only had a brain…”

    1. Madison is not even his first name.
      His first name is David.
      And you should see his childlike signature.

    1. @So BelieverThe National Review, the most Conservative print media in the US, is completely at odds with Trump and Tucker Carlson.

  3. In a 2017 sworn deposition, Madison Cawthorn admitted his application to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis had been rejected because he failed to meet the academic requirements as well as other benchmarks before a fiery car wreck in 2014, when Cawthorn, then 18, a passenger, was left partially paralyzed. Cawthorn dropped out of college after a single semester of mostly D’s, he said in a deposition, which was taken as part of a court case regarding insurance. Later, more than 150 former students signed a letter accusing him of being a sexual predator, which Cawthorn has denied. Since then, Cawthorn has emerged as one of the most visible figures among newly arrived publicity-hungry House Republicans, including Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who have promoted baseless assertions and pushed a radicalized ideology that has become a driving force in the GOP. Hell, its easier money than actually working!

    1. @Death Cab For Q Anon as for ratios of scandals I think it’s current around 3 republican scandals for every Democrat one, might be a conservative estimate though but there’s clearly a trend.

    2. How could we expect anything else from ЯEPUBLICONS. They’re the despicable and depraved party of Satan these days.

  4. *”Vulnerable women, and even many men across the world breathed a huge sigh of relief the moment this S.O., Madison Cawthorn was deemed permanently unable to achieve an er ection.”*

    1. @Rebecca hold up….your own comment history shows you *LITERALLY* laughing at a joke about the fact that he can no longer walk. Yet you have a problem with others commenting on the relieving fact that he’s been stripped of the primary means he once used to sexually violate others??

      *Gurl, how self-righteous and hypocritical ARE you????*

    2. @Rebecca sooooo it’s not ok to point out the fact that he no longer has a certain physical attribute that he once used to harm others, buuuut it’s ok to straight up _laugh_ that he no longer has the ability to walk? Why, just bc it has nothing to do with his “genitals”? Makes sense, Becky.

  5. I’ve been following politics for decades. Every time I think Republicans can’t come up with a stupider person to elect to Congress, they surpass my expectations.

    1. @Joaquín Escoto Alemán person woman man camera TV oh, that’s right I’m a genius good luck with mango Mussolini

  6. I will be heartened when politicians like Cawthorn and who actually believe in propaganda rather than truth, …start being thrown out of office by Republicans as well as the public as a whole.

    1. @Millie Marbrey  I didn’t vote Biden because I became a republican in 2020 shortly after the BLM riots. You can keep calling us Russians, though. You’re gonna be in for a rude awakening when all of us Russians wreck you liberals in the midterms. Just watch. I’ll save this thread so I can come back here and laugh at you. For losing to a bunch of Russians… 🤡🤡🤡

    2. While you’re at it, Throw him out of office and then down a flight of stairs! These evil meat puppets have done enough damage to our nation. We’re sick of it.

    3. @Ke He You do know the yachts will be the last to sink, right?
      First, it’ll be those without anything.
      Than those with only a life jacket.
      Than those that may have been able to secure a raft.
      You’ll be drowned and sitting at the bottom of the ocean before those yachts even start taking on water.

    1. @Bier ist Leben
      Do you have a comprehension issue? I said I didn’t condone any violence regardless who does it but you sure seem to put limits on what you’re willing to condone and not condone. Tf with your consistency…

    2. @Bier ist Leben over 14,000 and counting have been arrested/charged and/or incarcerated for the riots. What else do you want? You think everyone just got away with that? Will you condemn Jan 6th?

    3. @T dude……most of the people arrested had charges dropped or charged with summary offenses (basically a traffic ticket) even Hollywood scum bags, and your VP bailed out these rioters. There was NO DOUT it was totally biased. “Mostly peaceful protest”…….if that was the riots of 2020, then same with Jan 6. Can’t have it both ways. Equal justice…….or none at all

    4. @Bier ist Leben do you have a link saying that most people had their charges dropped? I’d like to see that. Being out on bail doesn’t mean you’re innocent. How has justice been unequal? There’s also a huge difference between riots and an attempt to interfere with a democratic process and a peaceful transition of power. Context, man.

  7. Driving on a revoked license is NOT a traffic citation. It is a criminal violation, subject to immediate arrest.

    1. Thing is he’s IN the wheelchair because of reckless driving on the part of his friend. Which makes HIS reckless driving even MORE horrible

    2. People can’t be arrested for smash and grab robberies but we’re supposed to care about someone driving on a suspended license?

  8. These people who don’t seem to get the concept that if you continue to do things to get media attention then the media is going to start paying very close attention to you. And then surprise – they notice when you do something wrong.

    1. But you don’t seem to get it. Any publicity is better than none. That’s been true forever. If he were “forgotten” by the media, he’d have already been a washed-up nobody. But being on the news all the time gives him the exposure he needs to get his deplorable base someone to vote for. How often has a right-wing person ever faced the consequences of bad publicity? It’s so small as to be counted on one (maybe two) hand. That’s especially true of elected right-wing officials.

  9. The first time I’ve ever been ashamed to be in a wheelchair…..I don’t want to have ANYTHING in common with someone like Madison Cawthorn

  10. My parents and brother live in Cawthorn’s district, and they are justifiably disgusted and profoundly embarrassed that he represents them in Congress.

  11. The irony of Cawthorn accusing Zelensky of pushing misinformation on America is otherworldy heavy. 😆

    1. Hawthorne, MTG, and the rest of frat Trumptards are turning government into Animal House. The right is just as bad as Putler.

  12. It’s not Cawthorn’s right to denigrate another countries policies and leader. He is not doing any work in Congress, just becoming a Republican celebrity.
    For being 26, he is showing his true colors. An oath breaker who stands for nothing except anti Democratic speech.

  13. Yes. Like it or not, these people we allow to be our “voices” in the government & represent us on the world stage should comport themselves with at least a bit of class & civility. His actions do not show that he has the intelligence & self control to hold such an important position.

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