Madison Cawthorn refuses Acosta’s questions on controversial comments

CNN's Jim Acosta tried to ask Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) about sparking uproar in the Republican Party after claiming on a podcast that people in Washington have invited him to participate in orgies and used cocaine in front of him. #CNN #News


    1. @ChiliO Dog Dude I’m an independent, hate both parties, but what you’re spitting is just pure propaganda.

    2. @Sara Johnson report him again. When you do, it’s it harder for them to post a comment

    1. @Brian Wurch what good is his billions doing you? Likely all you do is donate your few dollars when he tells you to

    2. The reason as to why he fights when asked about his taxes is that, you must remember that his taxes are still under “audit”. 😉

  1. I love Jim Acosta. Cawthorn is a disturbed person who unfortunately is another Republican who should not be in office.

    1. @Graymore Ghost Pretty sure a keybump is a reference to an actual key or small metal spoon type little rod that Coke users use to snort it. I don’t use it either but I think I’m right.

    2. @David Gonzalez That’s what I’m looking for, all I’ve heard is from some other sites, was wondering if the old adage “where there is smoke, there is fire” may be true?

  2. The whole human history has been full of powerful people and “orgies”, dubious behaviour.

    Nothing has not changed.

    1. The only change is now the public knows.🇺🇲. That’s why they fight so hard to stay in power.

    1. @dave mitchell if the laptop is real it doesnt matter it’s been is republicans hands for so long they can put whatever they want on the laptop the chain of command has been broken

  3. *Madison Cawthorn* says men are weak & not manly enough because that’s how he feels about himself and is only projecting. *150 former students signed a letter accusing him of being a sexual predator,* due to his behavior, prior to his car accident, which his friend said he also lied about.

  4. I had to look up “key bump” as I had never heard the term before (snorting cocaine off of a key) and I have to say that if you use that terminology so casually as Cawthorn does, you have first-hand experience with it. Although his entire life history is based on lie after lie, maybe he could redeem his reputation by providing names of his sex and drug party colleagues.

    1. It’s a very common term if you live in the city. I’m in Seattle and have heard it many many times. It basically means dipping your key in the end of a coke bag and snorting the edge. Just a quick hit without putting out a full line. Plus a lot of key bumps are done in areas where you don’t have a clean surface. Like you don’t want to do lines off the club’s toilet so a key bump is more sanitary.

    2. @lord byron self awareness is important as is situational awareness and stacking ammo,peter puffer!

  5. Not only lost his ability to walk, he lost his mind, and yet he was voted in. So how ignorant are the republicans in NC.

    1. @Barbie Gross they came out of the backwoods because we had our first black president and they didn’t like that one bit LOL

  6. I just love how these generic Republicans run away from reporters because they’ll ask questions they don’t like.

  7. They have absolutely no consideration for the job, and that he has an obligation to answer to the people he is supposed to serve.

    1. @blinky705 😂 did you? You can’t count with your fingers the number of times he mentioned him. But now luckily he can blame everything on Putin, so we moved to blaming Putin in every speech

  8. We have lots of questions about Trumps finances. What is he hiding? I think he needs to release his taxes. Why does he think he can hide everything, but everyone else’s stuff should be made public. WTF is wrong with that man, and the people who support him.

  9. All Cawthorn needed to win the Paralympics was a reporter asking him questions instead of the application to participate he has never filled out. That boy flies in his little wheelchair when he doesn’t want to answer questions.

  10. If, as McCarthy commented, Cawthorn exaggerates, then someone needs to remind McCarthy that there is a degree of truth in exaggeration. So what’s the truth?

    1. @Democrat Patriot From what I’ve read Falwell is “done with organized Christianity religion”.

    2. @Barbara Roberts but I notice he didn’t say anything like that until he managed to completely destroy his own lucrative career in the ministry.

    3. @Wally Kimball Very true. But Falwell junior was never a minister (like his father was) he just ran the Falwell college and made tons of money off of parents paying for their students entrance, etc. I think Falwell got caught and he is done with religion. I don’t think he ever was a Christian, he drank a lot and has some serious issues, along with poor judgement etc..”pool boy” etc.. I don’t trust what he says at all, but I always knew he was just in it for the money and being “buds” with trump.

    1. Most Sociopaths do not even realize how they sound, nor feel guilt or shame for some things they’ve said or done, that are morally reprehensible. There is no conscience, guilt, nor right or wrong in a sociopaths psyche.

    2. He also gets “beautiful letters” from another manchild that has members of his own family murdered. He got to have a playdate with that one.

  11. “He is a Genius!!” “He is Savvy” “He is Smart!!” “He declared the area as Independent how Wonderful is that!!” Famous Words of the Twice Impeached Insurrectionist.

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